Oct 7, 2019

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Coherence: Out of Chaos Comes Order in Resonance Repatterning

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. ~Carl Jung

Coherence Continuum

Resonance Repatterning® works with this creating coherence and order related to patterns in your life that drive chaos. The integrity of your personal health, relationships, work and interaction with the world depends on internal choices. The interaction of your habits, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and beliefs create your experience of life. Creating coherence allows you to choose how you respond to life with greater resilience, harmony and balance.

Coherence is a state of order or harmony where things hold together and form a unified whole. Non-coherence is defined by chaos. A higher state of coherence is always preceded by chaos. In chaos theory, the new coherent pattern is present, and ready to emerge.”~Chloe Faith Wordsworth, Quantum Change Made Easy

Identifying Chaos Within

The Chinese Five Element and Meridian System is one of the many healing disciplines in Resonance Repatterning® sessions that illustrates how the aspects of chaos or disorder can transform your entire system by working directly where energy is disrupted or blocked. Each element has an aspect of Yin or receptive, and Yang or assertive aspect. This relationship requires harmony and balance between partners. If there is disorder, this particular element and organ system will not function optimally.

In addition, each element relies on the rest of the Five Element and Meridian System for nourishing and tempering aspects to create overall order and harmony in your body-mind system. Coherence depends on communication and work with the rest of the elements and meridians. This means that when Resonance Repatterning sessions identify a particular location, time and level of disorder or chaos in the system and updates the function to greater coherence, the entire body-mind system benefits.

As an example, Water Element is related to your kidneys and bladder. On the physical level, the relationship between these two organs illustrate how the process within an element functions. The Yin organ, Kidney, holds and cultivates chi while detoxifying your body. The Yang organ, bladder, then expels these toxins from the body. Creating coherence between this pair allows for greater coherence or vital energy for your entire body-mind system. Kidneys store ancestral energy, and also delivers and interacts directly with your brain, lungs, liver, spleen and heart. In fact, each element is present in the energy flows of all of the meridians with the body-mind system.

Out of Chaos Comes Order

On the emotional level, Water Element coherence also contributes to your feeling like you can go with the flow of life. When there is a disruption or blockage of energy, you might experience non-coherent feelings of resentment or victimization by relationships and situations surrounding you. Creating order allows you to resonate with greater adaptability, healthy boundaries, courage, and perseverance with the ability to pace yourself as you go.

Impact on System
Coherent Function
Impact on Non-Coherent
Function Issues
Kidney Qi (Chi)
or vital essence
eczema, issues with focus,
memory issues,
negative emotions
Kidney is root of the
Lungs, helps with coordination of respiration
Pneumonia, allergies,
asthma, grief,
lack of inspiration
stores blood, metabolism,
digestion of fat,
process nutrients
absorbed from
small intestine
Liver blood deficient
insomnia, hot flashes,
Yin Deficiency,
anger, frustration,
feeling hopeless
Purifies blood Immune function issues, issues with feeling unsupported, unable to handle transitions
Harmonizes heart
Blood pressure issues,
rhythm of heart,
pace, lack of joy,
tolerance, or safe
connection with

Creating Systemic Coherence

Let’s take a look at how the relationship between Metal Element and Water Element interact. The season of fall corresponds with Metal Element. The season of winter corresponds with Water Element. Creating nourishing coherence between these two elements benefits your physical, emotional, mental and core essence experiences. Metal Element depends on the function of your lungs and large intestines. This means that inspiration with the ability to let go of physical and emotional toxins is vital to the coherence of this element. Congested energy can show up physically in your body as a cold, flu or breathing difficulties. It can also show up in feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs that hold you in survival mode. This can lead to exhaustion and depression over time.

However, resonating with your value and life purpose through resolution of memory imprints from the past can lead you to greater coherence so you can be more in the present, in the flow of life where Water Element’s coherent gifts benefit your health, resilience and vitality through the fall, winter and your life.

It is important to note that Fire Element related to the heart has a tempering coherent effect on Metal Element. Adding joy, connection, discernment, safety and trust to your life journey goes a long way to create greater harmony and balance. This creates an update in specific and systemic coherence in the Metal Element Meridian flow.

In working with the coherence muscle-checking system in Resonance Repatterning sessions, it is possible to identify where chaos, congestion or blocked energy is located in your body-mind system. Through harmonizing and balancing to create greater order systemically, sessions build greater coherence overall. This means that where your vital life energy is depleted or feels in chaos, sessions get to the heart of what you need to experience positive, sustainable and tangible change. This happens as you re-pattern your life to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

Kimberly Rex

I’d like to invite you to explore how Resonance Repatterning can make a difference in your life.  Experience a session by phone, Skype or in-person with Windows to the Heart Repatterning.  Set up a session with Kimberly Rex here: Contact Page

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Aug 31, 2019

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It’s All About Connection

From internal cellular communication to family systems to global ecosystems, it’s all about connection. Knowing this will create greater health within your body-mind system, more coherent relationships and healthy environments for all aspects of life on this planet.


It’s all about connection. Your life relies on the connection between all of the information within your body-mind system . You are designed for success and self-healing. Your body-mind system accesses information from your environment which translates into communication within. Your system monitors stress and the need for calm through your Nervous System that is connected to every muscle, tissue, and gland of your body. You breathe, blink, digest on your own. Your heart functions without your instruction. Your system is just that, an organization of many parts speaking to one another at the cellular and biochemical levels. This information can be read through EEGs and EKGs. Heart rate, hormone levels, enzymes, neurotransmitters, hormones, and circulation can all be measured.

The Chinese Five Element and Meridian System works with the connections between your organ systems. Creating harmony and balance between them depends on communication between all of them. Access to information within your system has both a historic as well current flow based on stress, trauma and emotional impact of pain or violence from the past. This translates into energy flows throughout your system related to the information you took in through the DNA of your parents and ancestors along with the information from the stress of life you experience that is influenced by the quality of communication, energy flow, vitality, emotion, thought, attitude and beliefs.

Information from your family system can impact your sense of wellness and well-being. This means that the impact of war past or present, loss, grief, accidents, etc. has an effect on your development, how you express yourself in the world and the way you interpret life itself. In fact, your prenatal and birth process, as well as the unconscious material from your Family System, become the template for how you experience the world around you. This includes inclusion and exclusion of groups, quality of life, feelings, and all your relationships.


It’s all about connection. There is a direct relationship between your family of origin’s patterns and the effect it has on your choices in relationships. It impacts the people and groups you choose or do not choose whether that be conscious or unconscious. Your family of origin culture and history contribute to the conflict style you inherit and continue to attract. This gets translated into current-day interactions at the office, in your personal relationships and community.

The importance of this information is that it creates tribal resonance with unresolved victim and perpetrator cycles which have not been acknowledged for their long-standing depth of influence. This, then creates larger conflict across various groups when underlying unmet needs are not acknowledged on both sides. Unresolved perpetrator -victim responses from the past in any previous experience creates continuing struggle. From this perspective, communities, countries, and continents across the globe are tied together in these energetic tangles of the violence cycle.

The Resonance Repatterning® process works with clients in-person, by phone and proxy. In New Physics, at the quantum level, everything is energy and energy is everything. We are all connected. This happens through the energetics of electromagnetic frequency that communicates information in your body-mind system. Case in point, when I start group workshops, I often demonstrate the group connection with a single battery-operated ball in the hand of one person who then connects to another person in a circle where everyone has joined hands. The ball lights up. Yet if only one person takes their hand away from the circle, no matter the size of the circle, the light goes out. The implications for this amazing possibility means that what we do individually has an effect on the greater common good of humanity and the world.


It’s all about connection. We live in a larger community of which we are all a part. The disconnect comes when we do not recognize that we are part of this same community of nature. The idea that humans are superior to nature, and the Cartesian idea that nature can be separated into parts like a machine creates the go-ahead for mining, cutting, burning, and resourcing without regard for the long term effects on the larger connected community, ecosystems and all of the sentient beings who live here.

The connection between air and water currents create weather systems that travel across the globe. The imbalance and depletion of elements that contribute to these systems impact the world globally with drought, flooding, storms, and heat. Even the movement of tectonic plates impact shifts in water currents that create ripple effects for communities around the world with tsunamis and volcanic activity.

We are experiencing increased global heating, severe weather patterns, refugee migration, loss of habitats and contributors to overall systemic health with depletion of overall systemic connections across the planet. There is no question that our individual and collective choices impact unseen diverse populations deep within the oceans with plastic ingestion, cutting of forests and destruction of ecosystems. Our ability to work with the fact that we are all connected benefits everyone. Together we can heal.

I’d like to invite you to explore how Resonance Repatterning can make a difference in your life.  Experience a session by phone, Skype or in-person with Windows to the Heart Repatterning.  Set up a session with Kimberly Rex here: Contact Page

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Aug 1, 2019

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Bringing Your Inner Essence into the Outer World

Bringing your inner essence into the outer world on a daily basis has its challenges. Your thoughts and beliefs about your inner world and the meaning you give your experience impact on how you navigate day-to-day living with your communication, relationships and sense of overall well-being. When you are aligned with your inner essence you are better able to orient to what is life-enhancing for your choices, decisions, and actions.

Inner World

Your inner world consists of thoughts and images you have about yourself and the world based on attitudes and beliefs from your family, stress factors, memory imprints, and earlier experiences. Bringing light to unconscious material creates the opportunity to choose between feeling overwhelmed, stressed, afraid and reactive, or sense of calm, compassion for self and others, and inner peace. Knowing that you have a choice allows your core essence to access your inner compass to create greater freedom.

“It is precisely because we resist the darkness in ourselves that we miss the depths of the loveliness, beauty, brilliance, creativity, and joy that lie at our core.” ~Thomas Moore

Outer World

When you are disconnected from your inner compass, self-judgment, self-doubt and fear can keep you from taking action. This can also limit your ability to express your inner truth and values. This can lead to the feeling that you have to change how you interact with others to reduce possible judgment or conflict with them.

This can also lead to making choices that keep your truth from being seen or heard. In fact, this can contribute to compensating for or giving up your truth to receive acceptance, love, and validation from others.

Either way, by protecting or managing possible hurt or creating false hope for getting needs met, you limit access to the wisdom of your inner essence and its potential to radiate into the world.

“Healing is the rediscovery of who we are and who we have always been.” ~Joan Borysenko


Finding your inner compass allows you to benefit from wisdom and discernment so you can respond to what is happening in front of you. When you are aligned with the insight, inspiration, and affirmation of your inner compass you are better able to respond to life from a place of true author-ship. You do so by consciously aligning with your gold standard for living and action.

This happens by giving meaning to your past experiences to unveil the messages, unmet needs and limiting patterns from your past experience, family system and groups. Taking the lessons from your experience creates the opportunity for new possibilities and positive choice. By doing so, you become more oriented to your own essence and direction of your spiritual and life journey.

“The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation.” ~Unknown

This is your personal invitation to working with the lessons of the past so you can experience greater choice in the present to create the future you’d like to experience.

Kimberly Rex, MS

I’d like to invite you to explore how Resonance Repatterning can make a difference in your life.  Experience a session by phone, Skype or in-person with Windows to the Heart Repatterning.  Set up a session with Kimberly Rex here: Contact Page

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Jul 12, 2019

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What is Your Relationship Energy Exchange?

Relationship energy exchanges describe the quality and quantity of energy streaming between you and another person. When the stream of energy between two people or people in a group is coherent, your energy fields are amplified in a way that enhances your endeavors and partnerships. Coherent energy streams create a greater sense of harmony, joy, love, trust, pleasure, and creativity.

Whether your relationship is with an acquaintance, colleague, physical or mental friendship, spiritual interaction, therapeutic relationship, mothering or fathering relationship, or sexual interaction, your relationship energy exchange impacts your sense of feeling nurtured, trust, support, respect, protection, boundaries, and sense of ease.

According to Valerie Hunt, a research scientist who studied energy fields, there are three primary relationship energy field exchanges. Everything is energy and energy is everything. What you nourish yourself with through food, relationship, nature and thought make a difference in the integrity of your wellness and well-being. If you find yourself stuck in non-coherent relationship patterns related to any of these, you deplete your energy and your ability to experience choice, vitality, and connection.

1. Reaction Exchange involves too much force or intensity which is a response to survival responses from your past. This non-coherent energy stream does not create growth.

2. Transaction Exchange involves selectively choosing frequencies into your field from an interaction with another person. It is based on the need to protect your field from absorbing what you do not want by filtering. This exchange does not support full expansion, and growth is limited.

3. Interaction Exchange is a coherent energy stream and expansion with another person’s field who is also streaming coherent and streaming. In this energy exchange, there is maximum potential for growth, learning, and transformation.

According to Dr. Viscott, author of Emotional Resilience, when children do not experience their father valuing or showing love to their mother through gesture, word and actions, it becomes increasingly difficult to take the lesson of the fathering aspect in a relationship for a partner or project. When a mother does not nourish, is unavailable or there is neglect, this can lead to unresolved issues that keep a part of you stuck inside dependent, control or competitive/performing stages of child development that interferes with your ability to create discerning, nourishing and coherent interactions in your relationships today.

Many times, based on earlier experiences when trust and safety were violated, or your family experience was one where you did not see or hear your mother or father demonstrate these qualities, you take the non-coherent energy pattern into your own template of relationship patterns. Drs. John and Julie Gottman have studied children and families for several decades and found that it is not conflict in a family that diminishes the ability to practice interacting with others, but the lack of experiencing coherent resolution of the conflict in families. If a child witnesses a particular non-coherent conflict style in a parent that was volatile, avoidant, or that of negotiator, these styles become the lens through which you see and experience the world. These patterns are reactivated in relationships when memory imprints, family patterns or conflict arises.

Resonance Repatterning®works with identifying and transforming your response triggers from earlier experiences in your life through working with non-coherent experiences related to how you relate, perceive relationships, and handle conflict today. This process updates and allows greater balance, harmony, and love by healing these experiences in your body-mind system. This increases your repertoire for more coherent beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and positive action in your relationship energy exchanges.

I’d like to invite you to explore how Resonance Repatterning can make a difference in your life.  Experience a session by phone, Skype or in-person with Windows to the Heart Repatterning.  Set up a session with Kimberly Rex here: Contact Page

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Jun 2, 2019

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The Bridge between Your Heart and Body-Mind System

In Chinese Medicine, the heart is the emperor of the body-mind system. This is why when considering the empire and domain of the heart, it is important to look at the bridge between your heart, your emotions, and your overall health. When considering your heart, it is vital to include the impact of stress, your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and interactions with the world, and their effect on your health.

Creating harmony with your relationship between your natural environment, personal and inter-personal life is essential. Dis-ease can arise from blocked circulation, lack of moderation or loss of balance in any of these areas.

Lack of harmony in your body can relate to the extent of the tenseness or quality of relationships between your inner and outer world. Excessive or moderate eating or drinking affects the quality of the health of your physical heart.

Excess negative thinking can impact the function of your spleen and your heart. This can show up in emotional extremes such as worry, fear, anger, sadness, and fright. The physiological response to these mental or emotional states create changes in blood pressure, muscle tenseness, pulse rate, change in your flow of blood and breath cycles, and excess nervous system response. Over time automatic response to stress can shut down cellular and systemic communication impacting the overall function of your body-mind system.

Anxiety, Depression and Heart Disease

Emotions and cardiovascular symptoms can be linked together. How you physically and emotionally cope with life-related to stress is directly related to how you meet the challenge of modulating your emotions in these situations. There is always a choice. Your response to life can create mental or emotional states that either expand or restrict your ability to be open to life or to open your heart. Internal conflict creates nervousness and palpitation of your heart.

However, experiencing a sense of entrainment, trust and safety can also increase your sense of inner peace. The ability to choose your response to life literally expands your view and creates greater optimism and possibilities for wellness and well-being!

Resonance Repatterning® sessions enable you to identify stress, create stress-reducing behaviors, and build greater integrity in your wellness and well-being. This happens through matching specific natural healing ways to your needs based on the resonance muscle-checking system that accesses your autonomic nervous system. By doing so, it is possible to get to the root of internal unconscious states that keep you in excess mode physically, mentally, or emotionally. Creating internal harmony and balance benefits your health, relationships, and well-being.

I’d like to invite you to explore how Resonance Repatterning can make a difference in your life.  Experience a session by phone, Skype or in-person with Windows to the Heart Repatterning.  Set up a session with Kimberly Rex here: Contact Page

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May 15, 2019

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How Resonance Repatterning Gets to the Heart of What You Need

Resonance Repatterning® gets to the heart of what you need to experience positive change in your life by working with the information within your body-mind system. Because your Nervous System is connected to every muscle, tissue, gland, and organ in your body, the resonance muscle-check is a way to access both conscious and unconscious material within your life.

The Resonance Muscle-Checking process can be done in-person, by Skye, phone or proxy .

Through the process, it is possible to record where your current life energy is dedicated through your resonance with the frequency of limiting beliefs, thoughts, attitudes or focus based on your experiences, family patterns, and responses to stress in your system. This is done by identifying the area, specific time and location of levels.

Identifying Area

In a session, the resonance muscle-check reveals three levels: general, specific and umbilical for where specific life energy is stored. A general muscle-check refers to accessing your body-mind system globally. A specific muscle-check refers to accessing a particular place in your body-mind field such as an organ, system (ie. Meridian or Chakra, respiratory, digestive, etc., gland, vertebrae, senses, eyes, neurotransmitter, or a specific place in your energy field).

Establishing Time

When working with a specific check, it is important to check for the root or heart of the information for when it originated. By doing so, your system has the opportunity to address the issue from the source where the energy was constricted or interrupted. The disruption in your life energy has had an impact on how you think and respond to life. Through muscle-checking it is possible to identify pre-natal information, birth process, post-natal, or any time within your life where the information related to the work you have brought to the session is related. Family Systems is part of the work in Resonance Repatterning, and, in these specific repatternings, the process identifies specific generational origins of patterns that impact your life based on the muscle-checking process with genogram charts (Example: 4 generations back on Father’s side related to a sibling. You do not need to know the name of an ancestor, however, the relationship to patterns in your life is stored in the DNA that came through them. When this information is included in the session, it works with the root of the material needed for transforming your life in the present.

Locating Specific Level

When working with a specific muscle-check, disrupted energy is addressed at the following levels.

1. Physical Level: In Chinese Medicine, Jing and Chi are the most important aspects of your health. Primary jing is inherited from your parents, while acquired jing is acquired from the energy derived from nutrition, exercise, sleep, and healthy habits. Jing is experienced through its function and effect. It can be observed through the physical health of your muscles, hair, brain function, fertility, skin, eyes, function of your organs and system, strength, resistance, vitality, and energy levels.

Jing is concentrated energy, and chi is dispersed energy through air, breath and vital energy throughout your body-mind system.

2. Mental Level: Thought patterns create neurotransmitter responses. Reinforcing limiting beliefs and carrying negative attitudes about life embed pathways in your brain-heart-gut pathways that reinforce your perception of how life is playing out in front of you. The neurotransmitters created between what you think, what you feel, and how you respond are communicated throughout your body. Your Brain allows you to observe, problem-solve, make decisions, memory input, association, and meaning to your experience; response to stress with the fight, flight, freeze or rest.

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. refers to the energetic process, Holographic Repatterning, in this video. Resonance Repatterning is the updated name of this process. They are one and the same.

3. Emotional Level: Each of your organs is associated with emotion. The kidney, home of Jing essence is negatively impacted by your resonance with excessive fear. Your liver is impacted by anger. Your heart is impacted by hate or overexcitement. Your stomach is impacted by worry. Your lungs are impacted by grief. Your large intestines by congested emotion of feeling stuck, and so on.

This is the OFF position for the muscle checking process. When you are OFF for a statement, you are either not dedicating life energy to that belief, thought, or issue, or not resonating with it.

4. Spirit Level: In Chinese Medicine, the word, Shen, refers to the core essence of your being. Shen is the manifestation of your life and related to your emotional and mental activity. In sessions, this shows up as working with what motivates you in your life influencing the direction and actions you take. This relates to your life purpose and sense of interaction with your inner world, relationships, and the outer world. So whether you are inspired to work with animals, advocate for the environment, write a book or wish to live mindfully, this is directly related to this level.

Umbilical muscle-checking gives a read-out on core life energy. When checking at his level, it taps into where there is no information or toleration. This can often be due to generational patterns, prenatal or family patterns, or in response to trauma, shock or abuse that created difficulty in embodying the information for healing. When working with generational or family patterns, it is often material that belongs to a parent that was internalized by the client. In order to bring this information into coherent and loving conscious awareness, it is vital to building core life energy to work with the process of creating discernment and support for updating your body-mind system.

This is your personal invitation to allow the information stored within your body-mind system to create new possibilities in your life. You are wired for success and wellness. Your system reports to you wherever you feel pain whether that be on the emotional or physical level. Resonance Repatterning sessions get to the heart of what you need to build and restore your vital life energy so you can dedicate more life energy to your positive intentions for your life.

Schedule a personal Resonance Repatterning session to experience a tangible and sustainable change in your life by phone, Skype or in-person with Kimberly Rex, MS here: http://www.windowstotheheart.net/contact/

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