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Resonance Repatterning® draws on the fact that in new physics, everything in the Universe has a frequency. Your body is a map of your life’s experiences. Using resonance muscle-checking in-person, by phone, on Skype, or by proxy, specific details can be accessed in every organ, tissue, and gland reporting information, and this is reported through your Nervous System on the physical, emotional, mental, and spirit level (core essence of Self). 

Every intention that you do not resonate with has a frequency. Every problem that you do resonate with has a frequency. Working with energetic modalities of sound, color, movement, fragrance, breath, consciousness science, and energetic balancing, a Resonance Repatterning session updates your resonance frequency shift to create more optimal life energy and inner peace in your life.

This process works with issues and intentions for your health, relationships, business, your attitudes, and sense of purpose in life. When you have experienced grief, loss or depression, or have unresolved trauma from your past, this process benefits you in updating your body-mind system so you can be more present to new possibilities in your life today by resolving and creating new patterns for more love, joy, ease, and empowerment.

Transforming with Resonance Repatterning The process of Resonance Repatterning changes how you interact and experience life today no matter what has transpired in the past allowing you to experience greater freedom, love, and ease in your life.

A Resonance Repatterning® session with Kimberly Rex, MS quickly gets to the heart of what you need to experience positive change and new possibilities in your life. The Resonance Repatterning process gets below the surface of resistance and blocks accessing unconscious patterns at the core of the issues you are experiencing.

Working with natural and gentle healing modalities you need to shift your resonance (where your life energy is dedicated), the process re-patterns your body-mind system so you resonate with your positive intentions for wellness and well-being.

Whether you need support with communication with another person, improving your relationships, starting a new phase in your life, losing weight, or creating a greater sense of abundance or wellness, this process gives you insight and transformative positive change that creates extraordinary sustainable outcomes.

A Resonance Repatterning session takes between 60-90 minutes, and in that time the process identifies the underlying structure of the unconscious material that blocks or disrupts the flow of life energy for your positive intentions.

Sessions work to shift frequencies through a number of modalities that are tailored to your energy field. We access information from the client’s energy field through a muscle-checking system which is directly reporting what every muscle, tissue, organ, and gland is communicating at the frequency level.

 The process is equally as powerful in person or by phone. Kimberly has worked with people and animals 6000 miles away with astounding and life-enhancing results. She has even stood in for others in sessions as a PROXY with the same results!

At the energetic level, there is a connection in the Unified Field, and this work supports you in making tangible and positive changes in your life. Resonance Repatterning® assists you with getting on with your life and ON for more life energy. Change your life patterns with a Resonance Repatterning® session that gets results for your positive intentions. Get more details here.

Change your resonance, change your life!


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