Oct 7, 2018

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Making Medicine from Poison

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.                                                            ~Buddha

This week was the first week of the pen and ink challenge for #Inktober. It was also an emotional challenge to watch the Supreme Court hearings. I found myself feeling peeled open to the core, and felt unprotected in the overwhelm of the abuse, pain, power and non-coherence. I was spiraling down. I needed to take a break from the chaos, and found solace in these drawings. For this reason, after looking at the word prompts for the first week, I decided to make medicine from poison.

My drawings started on Day 2 with the word, #Tranquil as Day 1 was #Poisonous, and needed to create medicine from the start. To add stillness in the midst of all of this material that derailed my energy, my breath and my sense of well-being was the healing template for gathering all the words together to create wholeness. The Chinese characters in the upper left hand corner with the protection mudra means, “Peace, Safety.” The protection mudra has within it a beam of light with a flame and heart. Protection and a sense of peace create a calm heart, and is home to the hearth of safety and trust.

I decided to make medicine through the week from the image of #tranquil to transform the #poison. This pen and ink, in its current iteration is the result of navigating these waters.

The other drawing cues were #Roasted, #Chicken, #Drooling, #Spell. #Venom and #Exhausted. The symbols are all interpreted from the beginning with Buddha in tranquility offering the protection mudra. Safety is a harbor in the midst of poisonous material whose venom can affect us at our core if we allow it. The rooster in Buddhism is a reference to “desire.” Whether it is desire for a particular personal outcome, or the desire on the big screen of our world, staying in touch with your breath to support your well-being is key to sustain your health and energy reserves. Self-care allows you to pace yourself over time.

The moon is a reference to emotion, and a reference to the spell emotions can cast when attached to an outcome or overwrought with emotions. Mindfulness through meditation, coming into a still place and accessing the bigger picture creates the opportunity to regulate our emotions. The venom and “drooling” related to force without heart or compassion create imbalance. This imbalance immobilizes and restricts your ability to feel centered, connected to love,

However, tuning into the messages from inside your breath and your heart, makes it easier to relax, feel more calm, hear the messages, receive the guidance and the balance that is needed to respond to feelings in the present, take action, or ask for help in the process.  For more information on how to use breath patterns to create calm in your body-mind system and create natural endorphin-stress responses, read more here: http://www.windowstotheheart.net/remembering-to-breathe-on-the-emotional-roller-coaster/

It is a process, and the road seems long, even if it is opening in ways we do not yet know or understand. But, I do know that as I look at this Medicine Buddha, there are options, and through breathing and pacing ourselves we can all deepen and expand our heart connections to create positive change even if it is one step at a time.

I now have this Medicine Buddha on a music stand in my living room to take in all of the images. Please use this Medicine Buddha, if you feel called, as a reminder that you, too, are protected. You, too, are safe. You, too, are loved.

Much love,


Personal Note: This ink drawing is made with a technique called Pointillism with stippling. I am still wanting to add more detail with color or brush. I love multi-media so I could not resist adding the glass shapes over the images that were drawn underneath. Next week I am looking forward to creating a new possibility with ink and brush.

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Sep 17, 2018

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How the Observer Effect Impacts Your Life


In New Physics the Observer Effect is as much about the quantum world as it is about your consciousness that impacts what your perception of the life creates in the world.

 “Our observation has a direct effect on our world.”~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

The ability to observe your feelings, thoughts and sensations is vital for wellness and well-being. The ability to observe ourselves acknowledging our emotions and feelings as part of a bigger picture allows us to realize that we are more than any of these parts.

The information that comes from your body-mind system can come in many ways or forms. Information emerges from your mind, your heart, your gut, your breath, tension and relaxation states, and even from your bones. Being in touch with your thoughts, sensations and feelings allows you to be more in tune with what your filter is reporting in the present.

This awareness invites you to a deeper quality of attention. When this is so, there is neither an observer or quality of judgment of being observed. By changing the lens of your perception “camera”  you get the opportunity to witness from 20,000 feet while at the same time going more in-depth. By doing so you move out of the unconscious imprints of the past more consciously into what is happening in the present. This allows you greater freedom and choice instead of boomerang reactions from limiting beliefs, attitudes and perceptions. 

All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter. ~Sai Baba

Being able to observe your perception of what you are feeling or thinking builds the bridge between the inner world and the outer experience of your life. For example, if by observing that you feel tension in a particular experience, your body is letting you know a number of things. From your brain’s perspective, it could be that you are resonating with a signal of fear from the past that activates a belief about what is happening now. Looking at life through the lens of fear creates the condition of attachment to conflicting desires and reactions related to your fear. Even when your mind is confused, it is choosing a particular perception based on conflict. The attachment is to what your thoughts tell you. In response, your body might register a change in breathing pattern, an increase in blood pressure, or a sense of urgency for a defense response.

However, it is also possible to observe this perception by using your body-mind system’s inner technology to bring calm. By observing the tension, allowing it to be what it is, giving it a place in your awareness, you give an expanded view of the message from tension, and all of its pathways of communication in the present. Being in touch with your breath specifically, you can begin to experience listening with intention. You can slow down. In this way, you begin to make space for attention to the underlying needs that your thoughts and body sensations are giving you. Listening to your body and your mind is key to participate in creating integrity in your wellness and well-being.  It is your relationship with this perception, thought, feeling and sensation that creates consciousness.

Taking action based on the input your own body-mind system gives you allows you to experience greater “author-ship” and sovereignty with informed choices based on expanding. The question is: “How do I make this a practice in my life?” Make space for registering your breath patterns, take time to rest, take a brief walk, journal, get a good night of sleep, eat nourishing foods to feed your organs, stretch, look out over an expanse like the ocean, across a hill or mountain area, or read a book can all be activities to begin the process of shifting your perception from near to far, inner to outer, from tension to calm.

There are many ways to improve your ability to tune into your inner perceptions, and as unique as you are, there are always signals that will always give you feedback if you listen.

Sometimes your body-mind system signals need for change in small ways and specifically as in when you are hungry or tired. Other times your body-mind system lets you know that you need to process emotions and stored feelings through tears, a need for solitude or friendship, or the need to sleep. Your food choices can also report in on what you need for energy in life. Do you need more sweetness? Are you dehydrated? Do you feel ungrounded?

Your muscles and bones can give you a sense of structural feedback. Do you feel heavy? Do you feel numb in some areas of your body? Are you able to tense and then relax? Do you have what you need to move you through life?  Being more in-tune with your inner sensations allows you to take actions to create positive change.


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Aug 21, 2018

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Earth Element: It’s About Nurture and Support


At this time of year Earth Element from the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System emerges as a time of harvesting the nurture and support of the Earth with berries, fruit, and vegetables. In order to get to this harvest, these plants needed nurture and support. They needed sunlight, rain, watering, fertilizer, pollinators, stakes (support), and protection.

As a human being, you need nurture and support. For this reason, this element focuses on your Stomach and Spleen. How you receive nurture through whole foods, clean water, self-care, exercise, being in nature and the sunlight makes a  positive difference in how you experience support in your life.


As an analogy, consider the sunflower. This heliotrope turns its flower-head atop its tall stalk towards the sun as it crosses the sky each day. It is oriented to taking nurture and support. The same concept for resonating with orienting with what allows you to take what is beneficial for you with nurture and support holds true. Once you resonate with this implicitly, you build greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.


Nurture and Support for Self

Stomach: First things first, it is important to nurture your body-mind system. When you eat food it is vital to feed the hunger of your organs. When you eat food nurture and drink water for hydration and energy flow, you are taking care of more than just your physical body. This nurture creates greater ability to start projects, sustain your attention, respond to life with a sense of center. The term, “HANGRY” points to the reactive response that comes when you are extremely hungry, are eating foods of little nutritional value, or have not nourished yourself for a significant period of time.

Becoming irritable, tired, and unfocused is a result of not getting enough nourishment or hydration. Taking nourishment for your wellness and well-being allows you to feel more at home within your body. When you nourish your body, you also need to digest what you have eaten. Taking a  short walk after eating enhances this process as you have Stomach and Spleen acupressure points on the bottom of your feet.

Take a walk of 100 steps after a meal to stimulate digestion.

Digesting food and ideas can be similar. This is why it is important to give yourself the time to create the energy flow to access the wisdom from your body-mind system. Know that in the same way, you can only eat one bite at a time, digesting new information or resolving issues in your life need time to register, digest,  to create new insight or resolution.

When you embody and create sustenance within your own body, your home, this creates the potential for interacting with others in a reciprocal way. To the degree that you are connected to your own body equals your ability to see and experience the whole of another person. This means that being able to care, access inner observation and wisdom from within. At the same time, you become better able to listen and experience your interaction with other people.

For more on Self-Care: http://www.windowstotheheart.net/creating-harmony-and-balance-in-your-giving-and-receiving-in-relationships/

Spleen: On the physical level, spleen serves many purposes that support your body.  It recycles red blood cells, filters blood, stores white bloods cells and platelets, and fights bacteria that can cause pneumonia and meningitis. On the emotional and mental level, you can see how Spleen Official is associated with your ability to support or hold yourself up during a process, project or situation over time. When you feel that you are a victim of circumstances, can’t take a step forward, or feel disoriented in your own body, this could be a signal from an unresolved earlier experience where you experienced shock, pain or an empty feeling.  If there was no support for you moving through that experience you might still be responding to that memory imprint. Spleen points to your need to evaluate internal and external resources for support. This could mean talking to someone, delegating, getting more rest, or breaking up a project into parts. It might also mean that you are not yet resonating with taking support for your life, not asking for help, and essentially toughing it out.

It is important to look at how you move through life daily while creating inner support and nurture for your time, energy and well-being. Taking the message is essential while balancing how much you give to a situation, relationship or project is directly related to the quality and quantity of life energy you have in your physical and emotional bank account at the time.

Offering Nurture and Support to Others

Family Systems is one of the interdisciplinary healing disciplines in Resonance Repatterning®. This work speaks to the  need for balance in the process of giving and receiving in relationship.*

With empathy, I’m fully with them, and not full of them – that’s sympathy.~ Marshall Rosenberg

From the perspective of Family Systems, offering help to another person (adult) has some guidelines to enhance this balance while respecting, nourishing and benefiting another person in the process.

  1. Give only what you have and take only what you need.
  2. Accept circumstances as they are and intervene only when it is possible.
  3. Consider others as adults or peers. Relate to them as equals. Avoid putting yourself in the position of being their “parent.”
  4. When you interact with others, know that they have their own parents, family and ancestors. This has influenced them, and also is a link to their vital life energy which is their birth right.

The degree to which I can create relationships, which facilitate the growth of others as separate persons, is a measure of the growth I have achieved in myself.~ Carl R. Rogers

With that said, being present with others by focusing your attention, facing them, listening, and affirming what you hear them say are powerful ways to help. By doing so, you are creating the capacity for the other person to experience themselves more deeply. This allows the other person to call upon their inner capacity of support and nurture without taking away their sovereignty.

For more on Giving and Receiving: http://www.windowstotheheart.net/making-space-in-your-life-for-self-care/

When you resonate with being more at home within your own body, this creates the potential for feeling at home in new situations and places, and on the planet. This is because you take your home with you, and experiencing others with their own sovereignty allows you to feel more at peace within. Earth Element has a lot to give and teach us about nurture and support.

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*Resonance Repatterning® acknowledges the work of Magui Block who brought Bert Hellinger’s Family Systems process to this body of work.

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Aug 19, 2018

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Harvesting Summer: Gratitude and Appreciation are Part of the Recipe

This time of year the berries are plentiful. These are from my backyard. I love this time of year! One of my favorite memories of my childhood of late summer is  how my grandmother always made blackberry or fruit cobbler. She won state fair prizes for her baking, and we were greatly appreciative of her skills!  I remember that the house would smell of berries and such sweetness. It was the love in her cooking that made all the difference.Today. my mother and I continue this tradition by making cobbler every summer. Although, we make a simple recipe version of what she made, it’s always remembered with such love, gratitude and appreciation. It fills the need.On the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System Wheel, late summer is related to Earth Element. It is associated with sweetness and the bounty of the Earth itself. Physically, it is related to your stomach and spleen associated with digestion, support and nurture. Emotionally, Earth Element speaks of taking inventory of what you feel in appreciation and gratitude.  By doing so you energize your system to work harmoniously, and this also strengthens your relationships with nurture in your life.

Finding ways to build your emotional reserves through appreciation and gratitude helps you when times are challenging and feel difficult. Calling upon the memory of joyful and nourishing times with your family, friends and relationships is a way of preserving the good in your heart and mind to harvest when you are worried, stressed, depressed or confused.

How many times do you say things to yourself or another that is critical? In what ways do you blame yourself or others?  John Gottman’s work speak to the need for at least a 5:1 ratio of positive to challenging communication  for there to be a strong emotional bank account within and between you and your relationships.

  To begin this process, get in touch with what you appreciate about yourself and others around you: your strengths, your positive qualities, what you or another have accomplished, your gifts and the other’s gifts. When you do this, you realize how much you are truly supported and loved.  Saying, ” I appreciate when….” or ” I appreciate how….” goes a long way to building good relationship, health and positive communication. It builds inner strength, understanding and also communicates your needs.

  Gratitude helps you feel connected to nurture and support.  Even working with a simple reference image or word helps your body-mind system move into more harmony, calm and ease by creating positive neurotransmitters of endorphin and dopamine. Appreciation energizes the giver and the receiver. Simply saying the words, “Love, Thank You, Trust, Courage, Faith, and Gratitude” boosts your immune system by strengthening the thymus.

Earth Element is about feeling at home in your own body wherever you are on the planet or universe. When you are under stress, take a moment to come into center by getting in touch with your breath and visualizing a beautiful image or place that brings you peace and joy and inspiration. Step into it with your mind, your thoughts and feelings.  This will help you in transitions and stressful situations. Sharing your image with someone else is also energizing for them!

So it’s my turn to share something that inspires gratitude and joy from my life stemming from my memories. Here’s a simple version of what my grandmother made in her kitchen. Adapt this recipe for your needs. It can be made with any fruit like peaches, blackberries, raspberries or blackberries with raspberries.

Crazy Crust Fruit Cobbler (in this case, crazy means easy)

Preheat oven to 375 degree

¼ c. Butter or margarine

4 c. Frozen or fresh fruit ( peaches, berries, plums, apples)

1 ½ -1 ¾ c. Sugar (adjust according to tartness or sweetness of fruit)

1 c. Self rising flour

1 c. Milk

In 9x 13” glass baking dish melt butter in preheating oven. While butter is melting,

In a medium pan over moderate heat, stir to combine fruit and ¾-1 cup sugar. Bring

To boil.

While fruit is heating, combine ¾ cup sugar, flour and milk in small bowl. Pour

Over melted butter in the baking dish. Do NOT stir. When fruit has come to a boil,

Pour evenly over batter mixture. Do NOT stir.

Bake until crust is a deep golden brown, 30 minutes.


With Love and Gratitude,


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Aug 9, 2018

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Information Within the Webs of Life

On a day-to-day basis you are receiving and experiencing life based on the influences that have informed your body, mind and core essence of self from conception. Your attitudes, beliefs, culture and family structure weave a tapestry of connecting these informational webs of life.

These webs serve a purpose. They allow you to receive nurture, to understand the way the world works, and give structure and meaning beginning even at the most formative stages of development, in your mother’s womb.

This information is passed through the embryonic fluid, through the vibration of sound and tone of your mother’s voice, her stress levels, her preferences for food. and her hormonal responses to the world around her. In Annie Murphy Paul‘s book, Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives, she details the research evidence that proves that learning begins earlier than you might think.

  In addition to this information, you are also accessing the generational line of culture, beliefs and health paradigms of your ancestral line in the womb. Your mother developed in your grandmother’s womb. Both your father and mother were fertilized eggs joined by the spark of life created by the union of the egg and sperm of their parents, and so on.

For this reason, it is vital to acknowledge the influence of generational as well as pre-natal information in your experience of life today.

Making Change in Your Time

a The world is rapidly changing with significant requirements for flexibility, resilience and co-creation culturally, economically and environmentally. It is a different life than that of your grandparents, or even your parents. Yet there are lessons to be learned from your ancestral line and your life experiences. This information is stored within your bio-energetic field. By taking the learning from the events, history and belief systems, it is possible to build new paradigms and awaken to new possibilities for a life of greater freedom, self-awareness and understanding.

You are connected to your ancestral line that goes back for many thousand years. In the film Genetic Rivers written by Janus Roze, he speaks of DNA research that looks at ancestral ties across centuries. Within these webs of connection, your ancestors were likely from many places on the planet through trade, shifts in government, slavery, wars, and need for geographical movement for the sake of continuing life. If you were to look back far enough, perhaps you would find that you are indeed joined to many other parts of the planet., languages, religions and belief systems.

The research of Franz Popp details that DNA emits light and can be influenced by shifts in consciousness. These changes have the capacity to create greater wellness and well-being not only for self, but for others through healing in the webs of connection. Your contribution to the web of life is essential. In his film, Genetic Rivers, Janis Roze speaks to both the river of DNA and consciousness that makes you unique in this moment.

The light that you radiate through your choices, actions, words and interactions with others makes a difference on the cellular, personal, relationship and global levels. Know that you are an important link in the web, and you are in the process of awakening to consciousness. “You are the cutting edge of human consciousness that creates the future.” ~Janis Roze    What will your impact be?

For case studies in how sessions with Resonance Repatterning® works with  generational belief systems, please read more here: Honoring the Messages from All Your Relations

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Jul 12, 2018

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Harmonizing the Heart and Home of Your Body-Mind System


The Chinese Five Element and Meridian System acknowledges the relationship between systems in your body as well as the layers of interacting emotions, mental attitudes and quality of life energy available based on the quality of these interactions.

This means that during the summer when the sun, the major solar fire source for the Earth is prominent, the Fire Element,the heart and home of the Emperor in Chinese Medicine of your body-mind system relies on the other elements in your system, and how you interact with all the other parts of your body-mind system.. This is related to your heart, your connection with others, level of life energy, and the value you give to your experiences. All of these factors affect how you use your energy each day of your life.

Inner World

Fire Element plays a prominent role in all the other element’s attributes based on the balanced flow of energy between all within the larger body-mind system. In this article, we will explore two primary relationships with Fire Element: Wood Element that directly nourishes Fire Element and Water Element that limits Fire Element to create greater balance between the organ and meridian system.

Imbalance between these elements can show up with persistently becoming agitated or depressed. This would be related to your Wood-Fire Element relationship. You might also become resentful and withdrawn in your relationships, feeling stuck and victimized. The impact might be an overall sense of sadness, lack of energy, or an increase of feeling emotionally flooded. This would indicate a Fire and Water imbalance.


For this purpose, let’s talk about two primary relationships with Fire Element that affect expansive and limiting qualities. The sun is your major connection to your body-mind system. You need Vitamin D3 from the sun for heart health. Yet, the amount of time you spend in the sun is important to get a daily dose within boundaries of what is healthy for you.

If you have ever built a fire, you know that wood feeds fire. In the Chinese Medicine System, Wood nourishes Fire Element. Wood Element deals with your liver and gall bladder/ Processing toxins and fats are primary roles. And, it is important to look at harmonizing your system for the emotional and mental impact of stress on your heart based on this relationship. Wood Element influences how you see the world as it is associated with your vision.

This depends on your resonance with Wood Element’s coherent qualities of seeing the world through the lens of hope and optimism, or, Wood Element’s non-coherent qualities of toxic anger and depression. This impacts the energy you have for new projects, how much or how little you wish to be connected with others, and how you discern or set boundaries with your own life energy and your own time.

Fire Element is essential to setting boundaries in a loving way. This resonance is different than cutting yourself off from another person or cutting yourself off from nourishing care for self.

When you resonate with setting boundaries in a loving way, it is essential to realize that this extends in both directions. Loving boundaries for you and the other person. There is a large spectrum in practicing this skill and to the extent you need to set boundaries based on your own energy level and energy exchange with the other person or situation. In some cases it is simply taking a brief pause with another person. In other cases, it can mean that you need to look at your inner needs in setting boundaries by prioritizing what is most needed. It might also need that you need to delegate some responsibilities or look at places where you feel long-standing issues have dealt a blow to your self-esteem, or disrupted your sense of direction.

Self-regulation is a balance between fire, water and wood. Inspiration over time, using your time wisely, and making space for self-care all contribute to greater harmony and balance within so that you are better able to take part in life in ways that creates nourishment from joy, love and connection.


There are different ways to set boundaries. It is sometimes beneficial to expand your boundaries while at the same time pacing yourself with self-care in mind. For this purpose, let’s talk about the primary role of Water Element on Fire Element.

Back to the analogy of building a fire, think about the result of dumping water on a flame. If there is too much fire, you need water to regulate the flame. While a wildfire would require more water, and a small fire less water, the internal emotional response for using water as a remedy could be a result of caution, need for calm, resentment or fear.

Too much fear based on resentment or feeling victimized seriously limits your ability to experience love, joy and connection. Water Element’s coherent aspect though, is a remedy for creating greater balance through resonating with your need to go with the flow instead of being in the fight-flight or freeze mode. Water Element affects your hearing, and how you listen to others, an essential for relationship, feeling understood and communication.

In this case, non-coherent Wood Element would show up as emotional flooding without the ability to set boundaries with self and others based on the disconnect from Earth Element nurture and support. Look at any body of water, and you will see Earth Element creating boundaries on shores and banks. When there are no boundaries, space on land is invaded and made unlivable. On the other hand, when water is frozen, there is an inability to move or take action. In this case, it is difficult to resonate with hope or possibility. Lastly, when Water Element has no capacity for adaptability, perseverance or ability to contain energy reserves, this leads to exhaustion.

The importance of Water Element’s role in the Chinese Five Element System points to the power of resilience through making space. Water carves canyons over time, and creates space in moving with the flow in streams, rivers and oceans. Water needs movement to be able to sustain life. This very movement is what makes it possible for all life and ecosystems to thrive.

Wellness and well-being thrive when there is communication between all of the five elements physically, emotionally, mentally and life/spirit purpose levels. This is your invitation to take part in harmonizing you Fire Element. Resonance Repatterning® works with your capacity to do just this based on how much energy you dedicate to different aspects of your life. Take part in a virtual group repatterning session or experience a personal repatterning session to create greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.


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