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3 Ways to Empower Your Self-Talk

Loving Self TalkDon Miguel Ruiz, in his book, The Four Agreements, starts with “Be impeccable with your word.” Your self-talk and what you do your words have the power to create something outside, but also inside. Our words can build or tear apart. According to Carolyn Myss,“Dis-empowering language keeps us sick and weak.” Negative self-talk messages such as “I can’t do it,” “ It won’t work,” or “ I’m not good enough,” often speak to material from long ago, and do not allow the “true self” to shine.

Here are three ways to empower your self-talk:

1. Working with the energy center for hearing and speech, the Ether Chakra (throat) allows for feeling and serves as the bridge between the Air (heart and lungs) and Brow Chakra (pineal gland) creating the opportunity for expression from both the heart and mind. To access these three centers, notice with loving awareness of how your communication feels. Become aware of your breath and focus in your heart before speaking. This then expands the electromagnetic fields of the heart and brain for more clarity, problem-solving, connection to love, courage, compassion, and intuition. This results in creating greater opportunity for the harvest of response overreaction in your expression.
2. Clarity, truth, and respectful wording create greater empowerment. To experiment with this idea, read paired sentences with small changes, noting how you feel as you read both.

Indecision to Clarity
“Maybe, I’ll call you to tomorrow.” /“I’ll call you tomorrow.”
“Yeah, I think that song is great.” / “ Yes, that song is great.”
“Nah, I don’t think it’s a wise decision.” / “No, it’s not a wise decision”
Extreme to Moderate 
“I never eat after 5 PM.” / “ I seldom eat after 5 PM.”
“I always meditate for an hour.” / “I often meditate for an hour,” or “I sometimes meditate for an hour.”
Should to Choice“ I should call my mother on Sunday.”/ “I choose to call my mother on Sunday,” or “I want to call my mother on Sunday.”
Try to Aim
“I will try to do my best on my homework.” / “ I aim to do my best on my homework” or “I intend to do my best on my homework.”
Diminishment to Value
“ I’m just a student.” / “ I am a student.”
“ I can’t exercise for 30 minutes.” / “I choose not to exercise for thirty minutes.”
or “I am not willing to exercise for thirty minutes.”
Demand to Desire
“I have to lose 5 lbs. by August 30th.” /“I desire to lose 5 lbs. by August 30th.” or “ I choose to lose 5 lbs. by August 30th.”
“I need to finish this work by tomorrow.” / “It’s important to me to finish this work by tomorrow.”

3. Extend this practice by keeping track of repeated messages you give yourself and then working with a change from the list above. Using a journal, write down a statement you hear yourself saying which feels uncomfortable. Use the same practice of tuning in to your heart and breath as you reflect on its meaning. Listen to your words to inform and empower your life for illumination. Who, what, and where on the time-space continuum is speaking? I’ve worked with clients who have expressed beliefs, attitudes, and hardships of their ancestor’s traumas and limitations.

Sometimes messages are parental messages from pre-natal experience or very early on. Through the course of a session, when the client consciously becomes aware and transforms the old messages, a great burden is lifted! Create a new message by taking it more deeply into a Resonance Repatterning® session for internal shifts. By taking this active part, you create respectful, loving, and supportive action from within for life-affirming communication.

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