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Balancing Your Energy Flow with Polarity Therapy

Processing the world today makes it important to balance your energy flow. It’s important to be able to reach out, and interact with others, as well as to balance your need for self-care. This energy exchange happens physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. One of the many life-enhancing disciplines within Resonance Repatterning® is Polarity Therapy which works with the concept that everything is energy. When you experience pain, it is a disruption of energy flow in your body-mind-spirit system. Working with the energy circuits within creates balance and harmonizes your chakra system.

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Your energy field expands and contracts in the same way your breath cycle expands and contracts. The expansion flow nourishes your body-mind while the inward flow, the relaxation phase, draws the energy back from your expansion phase to your body-mind system to restore and recharge your chakra circuits. Your chakra system’s currents flow out and return to sustain empowerment, strength, and vital life energy as you are connected to your center while also balancing your need to be in the world.

When this flow is interrupted, it’s like waiting in traffic with seemingly no end in sight. When your energy is stuck in the outward phase you expect the world to take care of you, and you want to regain control over your life. When the flow is interrupted in the inward phase, you might beat yourself up for taking this road or choosing this time to travel. In either case, the distress created by immobilization is an attempt to release blocked energy.

Outward Flow Imbalance

When your chakra energy is locked or stuck in the outward phase, behaviors and actions can show up as attempts to be in control, along with a feeling of impatience, frustration, and anger. This can result in difficulty taking responsibility, and blaming others for what is going on. It can make it difficult to make commitments or to move forward with plans or relationships.

Recently, there’s been a huge influx of energy that can lead to a sense of immobilization or fear. On the other hand, the impact could stimulate behaviors and actions to make lots of changes. Either way, the underlying motivation for moving forward, standing still, or retreating is related to pain vs. pleasure. The questions you might ask yourself include “What is driving or limiting my choices right now?” Is it more painful to start a project than to experience the outcome of completing a project?” “What are the long term benefits of making a choice or taking action?” This is the reason there needs to be a balance between the inward and outward phases, especially in decision-making processes.

Inward Flow Imbalance

When the energy phase is interrupted in the inward energy pulsation, your inner world can feel very empty. It can feel difficult to take in nurture. This shows up in exhaustion, feeling spaced out, not feeling grounded, or at ease within your own body. Depression and a feeling of disempowerment can result in an inability to go into action.

While stuck in this phase, you might feel more vulnerable or exposed out in the world. Being around others might feel overwhelming as you absorb the material of others. Being the listening ear to others while not feeling like you can get nurtured creates a need to feel connected in an attempt to fill the void or emptiness, yet can also leave you feeling drained. Getting your need for nurture could mean non-coherent use of food or substances in order to get some form of nurture.

It might also mean that you find yourself blaming yourself, and find yourself in a pattern of negative self-talk. These are indicators that you are feeling separated from taking what is life-enhancing, and this creates disharmony and imbalance in your thinking, behavior, and actions.

When you react to situations and challenges in your life it can sometimes feel difficult to register the origin of these emotional states. A feeling of anxiety, overwhelm or sadness can arrive with intensity out of the blue. The questions are, “Whose stuff is this anyway?” Are the thoughts that create these feelings and beliefs about what I am experiencing related to a “would of, could of, should of? Does it feel like it is something that one of your parents might say or believe?” or “Is this constructive or destructive to my wellness and well-being?”

Connecting Flows

With everything that is happening in the world, consider the possibility that immobilized energy could be bubbling up to the surface and messaging you through your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions. Your chakra system is communicating its need for balance through your experience of pain, your feelings, and your sense of feeling at home within yourself and in the world.

Optimal energy flow can be interrupted by environmental toxins, accidents, traumatic experiences, or an imbalance between your chakra centers within your body-mind system. Working with a primary chakra center, a chakra circuit, or related chakra, it is possible to identify and transform interrupted or blocked energetic flow. within and between chakras.

Resonance Repatterning®sessions create harmony and balance within your chakra system. Polarity Therapy based on the work of Randolph Stone is one of the many disciplines available through this work. A session addresses your core energy, the chakras, unresolved energy constrictions, and their consequences. This can show up as a change in the color of the chakras, holes in the chakras, tipping, lack of activity, spin as well as the force of the flow. Your personal session identifies the natural modalities to create more optimal communication throughout your body-mind system.*

This is your personal invitation to find out how Resonance Repatterning benefits your life. Set up a personal session or sign up for a free monthly newsletter with articles, natural wellness and well-being modalities, and exclusive group sessions here.

*Resonance Repatterning sessions work with Polarity Therapy poles by working with frequency and also working with diagrams to proxy for the client as well as the facilitator standing in or guiding the client if the sessions are by phone, Skype or proxy.

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