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Agency: Choosing Your Response to Life

Agency is defined as action or intervention, especially such as to produce a particular effect: One of my favorite definitions of positive mental health is the ability to make things happen. Agency can be driven by external or internal material. The wellspring of coherent or non-coherent agency originates from within. It is choosing your response to life.

Agency: Impulsivity vs. Spontaneity

Your conscious and unconscious material related to your beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes about life is related to the quality of action you take. Impulsivity is action based on the desire of “I want it right now.” The desire is often rooted in automatic or unconscious belief systems that drive you to action. The action might lead to short-term gains, but, generally comes from a reactive place of fear, anxiety, anger, or overwhelm driven by unmet needs. Because of this, the action and outcome lead to spiraling down into non-coherence and regret after the action is taken.

Spontaneity, on the other hand, is an action that is motivated by perspective and composure and results in a sense of joy, relaxation, and constructive creativity. There is a relationship between trust and a sense of simplicity with spontaneity,

Trying and Not Trying

Will is part of the process. The effort is usually associated with success. However, coherent choices are often fused with the larger process of rationality and self-control. Our body takes action with the thoughts and metaphors within our brain, yet we are challenged to work with both emotional and conscious considerations.

Agency: When In Doubt Do Nothing

Giving up control or forcing an outcome to something larger than yourself gives you the opportunity to consider your true values for life. This allows you to feel more in the natural flow, calm, and connect to the intelligent field of limitless possibilities in the process.

Allowing yourself to move from your negative cycling thoughts to your heart center is a wonderful way to get in touch with the flow of life-energizing wisdom.

Agency: You are the Agent of Choice

Too much stimulation or distraction can make it difficult to choose agency coherently. The phrase, “When in doubt do nothing,” points to the possibility of being the agent of change by creating calm and a platform for insight, inspiration, or guidance to naturally evolve. This happens with self-care, getting rest, and carrying for your need to process what is happening before considering the next steps.

Questions to consider in your process:

  • How is what I’m expecting making me feel? Am I feeling frustrated, afraid, anxious, or more at peace and calm with what I am considering?
  • When in doubt do nothing: What do I believe or think this choice will create or fulfill for me? What is the underlying need? If I allow myself time and space with this choice, will I make the same decision?
  • Is it true? What are the facts and what are my body sensations telling me about considering this choice? Is there another way or perspective to re-frame this situation?

Making space and time for your feelings, thoughts, and body sensations related to decisions you are considering allows you to create the opportunity to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

Kimberly Rex, MS
Kimberly Rex

Kimberly Rex, MS is an Advanced Resonance Repatterning practitioner, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist, and Wellness and Well-being Life Coach. She works with people all over the world by Skype, by phone, and by proxy.

Find out how Resonance Repatterning benefits your life. Set up a personal session or sign up for a free monthly newsletter with articles, natural healing modalities, and exclusive group sessions here.

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Resonance Repatterning and Spirit Level

Resonance Repatterning® works on the levels of physical, emotional, mental, and spirit levels. Each of these levels is related to the others. While the first three are easier to identify, the spirit level needs the most description.

We often get stuck in our own definition or interpretation of what personal spirit level means. Mental, emotional, and spirit level disruptions are reported by your physical body as a way to get to deeper and more root issues affecting your overall experience of life. Spirit level gives insight into where your feel connected or disconnected from your life purpose, sense of direction, meaning, happiness, well-being and health in your current experience.

In Resonance Repatterning we speak to spirit level from the perspective of Chinese Five Element Theory, the Chakra System related to Polarity Therapy, Quantum Physics as well as many other disciplines that access information in the body-mind-spirit system. This article will also consider Native American wisdom on this topic.

Chinese Five Element and Meridian System and Spirit Level

The Chinese Five Element and Meridian System speaks to your Shen spirit that comes into experience life with your innate gifts and talents put to purpose. In addition, each of the organs has its own spirit or attribute that infuses life into the overall wellness and well-being you experience at any given time.

Shen is associated with soul, spirit, and mind. It organizes Jing or the vital essence of your Kidneys that fuel your organ systems. The balance and harmony between Shen and vital essence create Qi (chi) for your vital life energy.

Yuan Shen is your original soul. Because of trauma, challenges, and depletion through life, it is important to work with unconscious material to restore greater balance and restoration of your original spirit essence to balance and harmonize your entire body-mind system for greater inspiration, wisdom, and empowerment.

There are 3 levels of Shen: spirit, soul, and mind or consciousness. When referred to in this way, the relationship between the body-mind-spirit system emerges. Consciousness creates reality and biological expression.

In this model, your heart, for example, has the spirit qualities of consciousness, thought, organization, memory, and emotion. The Heart is the first to receive emotion. The Liver stores emotion. Significant physical issues that reflect Heart Shen spirit disturbance or stagnation include Alzheimer’s, Bipolar Disorder, delusion, and relationship difficulties.

Polarity Therapy and Spirit Level

Bringing your original spirit into the world for your life purpose involves being in touch with your own values and translating them into action. Often when working with clients, issues manifest along the channels of the Chakra System that report a blockage or interruption of the system in key places reported in the organs, tissues, glands, and physical system.

Working with restoring balance with Polarity Therapy as well as through holistic treatment on the emotional, mental and spirit levels update the information of your body-mind-spirit system to create greater integrity in function and life energy so you are more at home within your own body for this purpose.

Native American Wheel and Spirit Level

Embodying the Wisdom of the Earth Repatterning

Last year, I wrote a repatterning based on the 7 directions of life experience for your body-mind-spirit system while traveling around the sun on this planet Earth based on the perspective of the Ojibwe Native American Medicine Wheel. Staying connected to the wisdom of nature is essential for creating wholeness and well-being personally and globally.

The attributes of the seven directions allow the integration of needs for psycho-spiritual health through your life. Each direction includes specific qualities from the natural world of animals, plants, elements, seasons, and phases of life along with spirit level values in each direction for your overall well-being. These values are related to illumination, clarity; tapping into the innocence of your inner child, introspection, stamina, taking wisdom, expressing gratitude, and giving honor and respect to Father Sky, Mother Earth, and your heart center.

Quantum Physics and Spirit Level

Quantum physics looks at the connection and entanglement of the universe and applies it to life. Mechanical Physics works with the concepts of fixed time and space. Quantum physics considers the flexibility of potentiality in the infinite field of possibilities. The potential of choice is raised within the field of consciousness as the ground of all being. Actuality is what happens when consciousness chooses reality. When choosing to create from a place of awareness of what you create affects the whole, you create from a place of stability based on the deepest level of oneness. The archetypes of love, justice, truth, beauty, wholeness, and abundance in respect to oneness instead of separation, acts on the principle of sustaining harmony and balance individually and collectively to create positive health according to Quantum Physicist, Amit Goswami.

Consciously choosing to create stability within while being connected to the universe’s unconditional creativity a the spirit level of connection allows you to keep the windows open to living your life on purpose. *

Kimberly Rex, MS
Kimberly Rex

Kimberly Rex, MS is an Advanced Resonance Repatterning practitioner, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist, and Wellness and Well-being Life Coach. She works with people all over the world by Skype, by phone, and by proxy.

Find out how Resonance Repatterning benefits your life. Set up a personal session or sign up for a free monthly newsletter with articles, natural healing modalities, and exclusive group sessions here.

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Moving from Resistance to Resilience

Moving from resistance to resilience means moving from struggle to effortless flow. What does this mean? This internal awareness acknowledges the natural process of presence and change that can nourish you in ways that allow you to be in the natural flow without as much struggle.

From Resistance to Resilience with Your Time

“Doing nothing everything is accomplished.”~Lao Tzu

You have schedules, deadlines, and plans that are important to you to complete. Lao Tzu’s wisdom does not refer to your daily calendar as much as it does the natural state of allowing the process to be calmer, centered, and energizing. Instead of struggle and resistance, the ability to get into the flow of natural energy creates greater resilience. Doing nothing is perceived as a lack of progress or ability to make things happen. However, it is how you spend your time and energy that makes all the difference for the integrity of your wellness and well-being. While positive resistance is beneficial for timing in regards to balancing self-care with outward action, too much or too little resistance are indicators of struggle that do not empower resilience.

In the natural world, what looks like nothing happening is actually engaged in a process of change aligned with harmony and balance. It is exactly for this reason that the natural world engages in co-creation within and around it to create greater sustenance, resilience, and remarkable rejuvenation.

The cycle of struggle and resistance to change within to make things happen can waste your time, energy, and effort. This happens when your body-mind system becomes stuck or overwhelmed in life-depleting habits or behaviors that fuel resistance through anxiety, worry, fear, anger, or depression. This, in turn, can lead to exhaustion and depletion. Struggle can distance you from the natural course and potential for how you best get to use your time.

The natural world creates positive change to nurture the whole in cycles of sustaining life with active and rest cycles even in changing conditions. You can observe this as letting go, dormancy, renewal, flowering, and harvest. Even when there is seeming latency in winter, the natural world is working in timely ways with the environment it is presented.

From Resistance to Resilience with Your Energy

Energy and homeostasis are related. By being in sync with stillness it is possible to access life-enhancing energy. In the same way, you breathe in to create energy for your body-mind system, that energy is utilized to sustain your life, while you then let go of what is not needed to allow the process of breath to continue to nourish you further in the next cycle.

Non-doing and mindfulness is the process of transforming resistance to resilience within. This applies to your thoughts and feelings. The process begins by acknowledging what is actually happening. What you are feeling and thinking are whatever they are. This is your experience in the moment.

Like a current weather bulletin, this gives you feedback as to what is happening inside your body. With this awareness, you can access where you are in the world. Are you in struggle or are you able to open a natural window to observe what is happening to create greater possibility and transformation? Opening the natural window allows you to make space and time to turn over and nourish your inner material to create life-enhancing options.

So what if you gave yourself some time, say, 10 minutes, to process your inner thoughts and feelings when you feel the resistance taking over as a way to create access to an effortless channel of being, doing, and living on purpose. This mindfulness activity actually increases your ability to use your time more productively.

From Resistance to Resilience with Your Effort

When you create greater space and time you are better able to become more centered. By doing so you are better able to start, sustain, or let go of what is most needed to reestablish harmony and balance.

Know your purpose. Become aware of your purpose in the moment. Is your purpose to write an article, study for an exam, become more financially independent? You can move out of the effort in keeping the resistance cycle in place with acceptance, gratitude, or forgiveness. This allows the resistance amplified by anxiety, fear, anger, grief, or negative judgment to de-escalate. It also makes it possible to begin again with the ability to problem-solve to choose the next steps aligned with your values.

This letting go or surrender can shift your perception from regret, self-doubt, blame, and struggle. Have you ever noticed when you are talking to someone, and you want to share a piece of information or remember something how interference of any kind throws you off track? Where was I? I notice that if I stop and wait, the information becomes more available. It involves allowing. If you are aligned with purpose you will remember.

Remember who you are and know what you do. The window to effortless non-doing comes when you are aligned with your purpose. Asking yourself the question, “What is my purpose?” is a way to remember. In the same way, you are better able to stay in touch with what is going on in the world around you so you can navigate challenging situations with more freedom and choice.

Do in line with what your purpose is.” ~Shoma Morita ( Japanese psychologist)

In letting go of resistance, your vision becomes broad and clear so you are better able to see what is beneficial for your life and purpose. Align with what your purpose is and move in a life-enhancing direction with this in mind.

This is your personal invitation to explore or take part in a personal session designed for moving from resistance to resilience here. By doing so you move beyond the struggle and resistance so you can experience greater freedom and choice aligned with your life purpose.

Kimberly Rex, MS
Kimberly Rex, MS

Kimberly Rex, MS is an Advanced Resonance Repatterning practitioner, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist, and Wellness and Well-being Life Coach. She works with people all over the world by Skype, by phone, and by proxy.

Find out how Resonance Repatterning benefits your life. Set up a personal session or sign up for a free monthly newsletter with articles, natural healing modalities, and exclusive group sessions here.

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How Attitude, Beliefs, Challenge, and Development Lead Your Response to Life

Your attitude, beliefs, challenges, and development lead your response to life. The question is, “What is driving?” Is it fear or reactivity from the unconscious material, unresolved issues, or the conscious desire to create kindness and resonance with direction and positive change? This article will explore the influence and possibility of attitude, beliefs, challenge, and development to expand your experience of life.

Attitude Leads to What You Believe

Your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings create your view of life. When your attitude diminishes yourself or others, this leads to life-depleting and limiting outcomes. If your mindset is fixed you are more likely to feel like you cannot try or experience life differently. When you experience a mindset based on the potential for growth, a growth mindset, you are more likely to engage energy, motivation, and respect for your journey whatever it is and where ever it leads.

Having an attitude for example that “I can’t learn that material because it’s too hard ” vs. “I haven’t learned that material yet, but I want to learn” creates different views of the world. Which view opens the door to new possibilities?

Taking inventory or questioning your attitudes about different areas of your life can give you insight into what holds you back and what can also shine a light on opportunities for growth and transformation. Asking yourself what holds you back from getting an inspiring job, a nourishing home, a relationship, experience of peace or relaxation is a way of beginning to sketch out what your life experience is attempting to teach you at the moment. Asking and then working with the response is essential to positive change. How would your life be different from a new perspective?

Beliefs Lead to How You Meet Challenges

Beliefs create an automatic filter through which you see and experience the world. Your brain is wired for bias to create survival behavior. However, the threats in earlier evolutionary stages of the world as well as of your body-mind system can overshadow your ability to experience greater calm, joy, love, and vitality as well as your experience of safety in the world.

Tara Brach speaks to Papancha, a Pali word for “mental proliferation,” the chain reaction of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and feelings that causes suffering.

Pause and notice you are in a spin of suffering, name it and allow it to be present. Allow it to be. Give it space. Get in touch with what you are believing and the stories you are telling yourself. Each time you interrupt the pattern and chain reaction allows you to return to mindfulness and create the blueprint for new pathways to reconnect to your innate inner wisdom.

Take time to get in touch with inner kindness and wisdom asking yourself these questions.

  1. Can I get in touch with my breath to take a pause until I can begin to shift inner awareness and consciousness about what is happening?
  2. What am I feeling or sensing in my body and my heart? Get in touch with your body sensations and what this tells you about your feelings.
  3. Who am I blaming? Can I forgive or just be this awareness? Can I give it space, give kindness, and allow the feelings? This allows you to build neurotransmitters for other perspectives, intelligence, awareness of possibilities.
  4. Begin to examine your reactions, responses, or behavior in different situations. Identify your triggers, and ask yourself if you want to continue responding in the same way. If not, how could you interrupt or respond differently to break the cycle of the fight, flight, or freeze reaction? This allows you to connect to the good within yourself and others.

By doing so you start to change the inner landscape of your vision by expanding the rules and circuitry of your belief systems that have been embedded by earlier experiences, family system rules, and inculturation.

Challenges Lead to Your Development

Life is a challenge. Meet it.”~Mother Teresa

When meeting challenges of any form, it’s important to know that what you believe upfront will determine what comes next. All of us have been thrown into situations where we felt overwhelmed, afraid, confused, hurt, betrayed, etc. It is for this fact that resonating with having been able to move through and out the other side of challenges in the past that can allow you to work with a challenge in front of you now.

Challenges come in different durations and intensities. Putting challenges into perspective allows you to meet what is in front of you with both inner strength and wisdom when you resonate with having met challenges that created a sense of empowerment. This awareness reduces resistance and creates encouragement for what life is dishing out right now.

Of course, some challenges are larger than others, and not all challenges might feel like they are met with success. For example, if you spill coffee on your shirt, it is different than receiving a phone call about an ill family member that needs your help that you can’t provide at the moment. Getting centered in both circumstances is beneficial. Being able to calm yourself first allows you to be more available to problem-solving, decision-making, and delegating.

Instead of reacting with the fight, flight, or freeze, it’s important to move out of fear into a greater sense of calm so that problems can be solved by calming the stressed mind to allow life-enhancing and creative choices to be considered. This also allows you to be kind to your own life to learn from past experiences where it might have felt you “failed” so you can apply what those experiences taught you to your current situation.

This is why getting in touch with your breath, taking a few moments, or using a phrase to remind you that you are in the here and now is beneficial. My personal favorites come from 12 Step Programs: “ First things first,” “Keep it simple,” or “One day or one moment at a time.”

Having the strength to get through some life challenges takes time and effort over the long run. Resonating with continuing to come back into your center allows you to pace yourself over time.

Development Leads to Direction in Life

Earlier versions of yourself carry information that can inform your life today. In the same way, your current version of self is able to inform earlier experiences and parts of yourself. You are not an abridged edition, rather you are an expanding and developing being of light and sound.

Your unconscious and conscious material that inform your attitude, beliefs, and responses to challenge make up your overall experience of life.

It’s important to acknowledge that the newborn version of you did not know what you knew as a 2-year old. Your 7-year-old part of yourself did not know what you knew as a teenager, etc. The way that your body-mind system developed allowed primary functions for survival and feeling states in stages then became more complex with reasoning and logic paired with increasing networks of communication and creativity.

You would not expect your 2-year old part to drive a car, balance a checkbook or make scrambled eggs, yet earlier parts continue to inform and influence choices about bonding, separation, fear, calm, and safety as an adult. This is due to the developmental stage memory imprints from the past that continue to signal to you today.

Your adult self has navigated many developmental stages, challenges, relationships, and structures over time. Taking care of and listening to earlier parts of yourself is essential to developing greater harmony and balance within your life today.

The direction you take in your life is lead by your personal and family system’s unconscious material. It conducts your journey until it is brought into the light to create greater conscious awareness and understanding for new possibilities from the perspective of your adult and Greater Self.

Kimberly Rex, MS

 Kimberly Rex, MS is an Advanced Resonance Repatterning practitioner, a Master Wellness and Well-being Life Coach, and a Person-Centered Expressive Therapist. She works with clients all over the world with Resonance Repatterning sessions that work with personal and generational unconscious material to facilitate this process of updating your body-mind system to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

This is your personal invitation to continue on the path with monthly healing modalities and repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning. Sign up for monthly newsletter here: Newsletter and Exclusive Re-pattern Your Life Events

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How Did Resonance Repatterning Start?

This page will give you a brief history and summary of how Resonance Repatterning started.

Resonance Repatterning ® was originally called Holographic Repatterning. It is a system that was developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth who integrated a number of universal healing disciplines in an effort to access the innate wisdom of the body of each person receiving a session. She found that in working with different individuals that one discipline or modality worked well in some cases, it did not address the needs of different individuals equally.

She worked out a process that used applied kinesiology to measure the muscle response or resonance with statements. This made it possible to directly access the information from the client’s Nervous System and the brain center connecting to every muscle, tissue, organ and gland. This revealed information stored within the body-mind-spirit system through the individual’s unconscious material.

In Resonance Repatterning, we use muscle-checking to record resonance related to internal patterns to bring to light negative beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, earlier experiences, or generational imprints that have interrupted or blocked optimal life energy flow. Resonance gives a readout on where your life energy is dedicated.  This is the reason the process relies on resonance muscle-checking.

The intelligent wisdom of your body leads the way in a session. Your body chooses the route a session takes through the muscle-checking indicator. Each session is a unique, laser-like tool to identify and transform energy patterns and imprints at the energetic level working with the many healing disciplines and modalities within Resonance Repatterning®system.

Resonance Repatterning Healing Disciplines

These universal healing disciplines and modalities include the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System, Polarity Therapy from the Ayurvedic System, Jin Shin Jyutsu Japanese acupressure, neuro-chemistry and brainwave frequencies, kinesiology, Family Systems work, most recent and cutting-edge energy medicine to impact your vision, wellness and well-being. Sessions work with consciousness science tailored to the information your body-mind system needs to update to create greater integrity in your wellness and well-being. All of the modalities are naturally based on consciousness science, color, light, sound, movement, breath, energetic contact and fragrance.




A small (quantum) input of coherent energy at the right time, in the right way, at the right place creates a system-wide alignment that can lead to extraordinary growth and desirable outcomes. This is the power of receiving a Resonance Repatterning session!


For more information, visit the Resonance Repatterning Institute:

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