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Breathing for Your Wellness and Well-being

Drawing by Kimberly Rex

Your breathing cycles affect your wellness and well-being. While COVID-19 and wildfires are both related to issues related to fully being able to breathe in situations that diminish your ability to breathe fully, I thought it would be important to speak to the importance of finding time to take the benefits of simple breathing meditations you can practice to diminish stress with natural breathing modalities.

Breathe as deeply as you would like to heal. The simple act of taking a relaxed full rhythmic breath cycle is one of the most beneficial actions you can take for your wellness and well-being. On the physical level, regulating your breath improves your digestion, the amount of oxygen that is transported into your blood, and brain function. On the emotional and mental levels, regulating your breath so that you are able to inhale and exhale fully allows you to experience greater calm in the midst of stressful situations and to regulate negative emotional states.

In Resonance Repatterning®, sessions work with breath patterns that are present related to your issues with frustration, fear, anger, grief, sadness, shock, anxiety, and stress. Sometimes a client’s breath cycle is stuck on the inhale manifesting as holding the breath without an easy exhale. Other times, the client’s breathing pattern might show up with excessive sighing, or shallow breathing.

These limiting breathing patterns originate from different times in your life including birth process interruption of breath, a shock, or trauma, from smoking, or even from reactions to environmental toxins.

Breath Patterns for Well-being

  1. Get in Touch with Your Breath

The easiest way to determine your breathing pattern is to put one hand on your upper abdomen near the waist and the other in the middle of your chest. If you are breathing properly, the hand on your abdomen should be expanding and contracting with each breath. If you notice that you are constantly breathing solely through your chest, start a daily abdominal breathing practice. You only have to do a few minutes per day to notice a difference. You can also use this technique in a stressful situation.

2. Sea of Tranquility Breathing Meditation

Get in touch with your breath. While taking even breaths for your inhale and exhale, you can massage the center of your chest known as CV17 to relieve anxiety and panic attacks. This point can be found by drawing an imaginary line from the crease of your armpit to the center of your chest. You can apply pressure with your fingers or place your hand in prayer position with fingers pointing up and your elbows out to the side. Allow them to raise slightly along with your head on the inhale, and return back to neutral position with your exhale. Exhale slowly through your mouth and let your belly contract as you do this. This will allow your mind and heart rate to move into a more relaxed state.

Stay with this breathing meditation for 2-3 minutes. Practice this a few times a day to bring greater harmony to your body-mind system. This will benefit you when you anxious, depressed, or need to recover from emotional or physical injury.

Breath Patterns for Wellness

  1. The Sea of Chi Breathing

Place both hands on your abdomen. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose and breath into your belly. Your hands should rise as your belly rises and there should very little movement in your chest. Research shows that inhaling for 7 seconds and exhaling for 7 seconds can activate the part of your nervous system that calms stress. So as you breathe in, slowly count to 7 and do the same as you exhale. This will entrain your breathing with your nervous system.

2. Inhale for 4 and Exhale for 6 Breathing

Another breathing exercise for calming both the nervous system and your overworked mind is a timed breath where the exhale is longer than the inhale. When your exhale is even a few counts longer than your inhale, the vagus nerve (running from the neck down through the diaphragm) sends a signal to your brain to turn up your parasympathetic nervous system and turn down your sympathetic nervous system. This breathing pattern can turn down the cortisol and adrenaline response in your body-mind system.

3. Buteyko Breathing Meditation

This breathing pattern will allow your body-mind system to calm down and create relaxation. This is a light breathing exercise which increases nasal nitric acid which enhances oxygen uptake in the blood.

Aromatherapy to Breathe in for Wellness and Well-being

Another way to receive the benefits of of breathing for your wellness and well-being is to use aromatherapy. What you smell is transmitted directly to your emotional brain.

Breathe in Lavender

There are many essential oils you can diffuse to support your Nervous System to calm and relax. You can use clary sage when you feel you are needing to ground yourself, feel like you are spacing out or after a shock, lavender can relieve headaches related to tension and also help you sleep better, citrus oils can relieve anxiety as well help you feel more energized, and vetiver can help you focus on what you need to do next.

You can inhale essential oils in a few ways. 1) Place a few drops on a tissue or paper towel, and then place it in a plastic bag. Open your bag to inhale the scent when you feel anxious or depleted. 2) Diffuse essential oil into the air with a candle or electric diffusers. You can also use your tissue clipped to an air source such as a fan. 3) Add a few drops on a cotton ball or pad to place inside your pillowcase to help with sleep like lavender. 4) Use steam of a combination of a few drops of essential oils or plant material of sage, thyme, or rosemary to relieve congestion in a bowl of steaming water. Be sure the water is not boiling or too hot. Place a towel over your head, close your eyes, and inhale the benefits for up to 10 minutes.

You can also use teas and foods to enhance your aromatherapy experience. Eat an orange. Smell the rind of the orange to get the benefits of the oils in the peel to reduce anxiety. Make a citrus tea and inhale the aroma between sips. Drink Earl Grey tea for the calming effects of Bergamot. You can also drink mint tea to create clarity while also supporting your digestion.

Kimberly Rex

Kimberly Rex, MS is a Master Resonance Repatterning and Wellness and Well-being Life Coach, and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist. She works with people all over the world by phone, Skype, and proxy during these times.

This is your invitation to receive natural beneficial modalities to create integrity in your wellness and well-being monthly. Sign up to receive our FREE newsletter with exclusive events and information about how to enhance your life here including 8 Natural Ways to Navigate Stressful Times eBook with registration.

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Aug 25, 2020

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Everything is Energy, and Energy is Everything

Everything is energy, and energy is everything! Your body-mind system is receiving and transforming energy. The natural energy from the sun is converted into the food you eat, and then mobilized by your body-mind system in your emotions, thoughts, actions, and relationships. On a daily basis, you take in color and sound through your senses at specific frequencies (rates of energy vibration). You experience this in your response to the color of flowers or choice of clothing. You can feel it in your response to music, or through the tone of someone’s voice. You respond to body language and movement. Everything has a frequency. This means that even your business arguments, back pain, joys, fear, and decisions are translating energy. You are absorbing and radiating energy/frequency all of the time.

Let’s take a movie you’ve seen on the big screen that created a strong response. I know I can’t watch a film without moving, laughing, tearing up, or giving meaning to it. How about a movie like JAWS? This is a movie that changed my life even from a long time ago. Before the movie: I enjoyed everything about being in saltwater. After the movie: I have not dared to swim in salt water again. Did it influence my thoughts? My feelings? My actions? You bet! I can still hear the warning music in my brain. The highly charged emotions that I experienced from it created a reaction well beyond the short time in the theater.

Everything is Energy

In the same way, you respond to light, image, and sounds by creating a record in your mind. These frequencies are given personal meaning by comparing incoming information with what is already stored in your system. According to Bruce Lipton, we are being bombarded by frequency information at a rate of 4 billion bits per second. Less than 10% of that information is processed consciously. That means unconscious or unresolved material has a strong impact on your response to life.

Memory patterns create belief filters in your brain. Your conscious mind leads with the response to information. However, your automatic behavior and habitual responses are managed by unconscious beliefs and expectations. It’s literally watching and responding to the same movie over and over again with similar characters, themes, plots, and outcomes!

You are impacted over time by the response you had in your early development through your family’s beliefs and attitudes about life. Any highly charged feeling or event that remained unresolved in your life impacts your system’s response to the present. Your mind continues to filter your need to resolve the past. This leads to repeating patterns in life that affect how you experience life through your emotional, mental, and physical energy patterns. Your resonance (vibratory energy pattern) is what you experience in the world on a daily basis.

Energy is Everything

The Good News: You are wired for success and self-healing. Your body is a map of your life’s experience. This information is stored in your body-mind system in muscles, tissues, organs, and glands stored at the frequency level. The unconscious material of your body can be read through applied kinesiology like an EEG or EKG. This means that your muscles give information regarding where over 90% of that unconscious material is stored. It’s what you do with this energy that changes your experience of life. If you feel like you are in a movie that continues to pull you into the same life-de-energizing outcome, the choice comes when you decide to write a new outcome or see the opportunity in your life for a change.

Accessing this information is only the beginning. Awareness leads to resolution and reclaiming more life energy for the present. I just noticed a film with similar content to JAWS in the theaters now entitled, PIRANHA! My response to the ad on was updated. First, I know I would not choose to overload my body-mind system with an adrenaline cycle to stimulate an endorphin stress response to build upon the already loaded stressful material in the world today. Second, I have learned natural ways to create endorphin responses through energizing and calming activities to enhance overall needs for balance and harmony. And, third I know that my fear of swimming in the saltwater was in reaction to fear, not reality. I am able to make different choices today to edit and influence my responses to life that benefit my overall sense of well-being. In essence, it is creating a new movie, experience, and response in positive life-enhancing ways!

You can do this with any life situation. Through the process of Resonance Repatterning®, you take an active role in shifting the plot from fear to more ease, optimism, and empowerment. The frequency energetics of issues, intentions, underlying needs, feeling responses, patterns, and projections beneath the surface hold the key to transformation and opportunities for growth.

How are they transformed? Natural frequencies of color, light, sound, movement, fragrance, breath, and energetic balancing allow your body-mind system to become more conscious. You can then update material to experience new neurotransmitter connections to create coherent frequencies of calm, optimism, love, and joy. This empowers you to experience the greater potential for choice and new possibilities.

I’d like to invite you to continue to create greater integrity in your wellness and well-being with Windows to the Heart Repatterning. Get 5 calming activities pdf Ebook when you sign up for our FREE monthly Newsletter and Exclusive Re-pattern Your Life Events

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Aug 24, 2020

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Balancing Your Energy Flow with Polarity Therapy

Processing the world today makes it important to balance your energyflow. It’s important to be able to reach out, interact with others, as well as to balance your need for self-care. This energy exchange happens physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. One of the many life-enhancing disciplines within Resonance Repatterning® is Polarity Therapy that works with the concept that everything is energy. When you experience pain, it is a disruption of energy flow in your body-mind-spirit system. Working with the energy circuits within creates balance and harmonizes yourchakra system.

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Your energy field expands and contracts in the same way your breath cycle expands and contracts. The expansion flow nourishes your body-mind while the inward flow, the relaxation phase, draws the energy back from your expansion phase to your body-mind system to restore and recharge your chakra circuits. Your chakra system’s currents flow out and return to sustain empowerment, strength, and vital life energy as you are connected to your center while also balancing your need to be in the world.

When this flow is interrupted, it’s like waiting in traffic with seemingly no end in sight. When your energy is stuck in the outward phase you expect the world to take care of you, and you want to regain control over your life. When the flow is interrupted in the inward phase, you might beat yourself up for taking this road or choosing this time to travel. In either case, the distress created by immobilization is an attempt to release blocked energy.

Outward Flow Imbalance

When your chakra energy is locked or stuck in the outward phase, behaviors and actions can show up as attempts to be in control, along with a feeling of impatience, frustration, and anger. This can result in difficulty taking responsibility, and blaming others for what is going on. It can make it difficult to make commitments or to move forward with plans or relationships.

Recently, there’s been a huge influx of energy that can lead to a sense of immobilization or fear. On the other hand, the impact could stimulate behaviors and actions to make lots of change. Either way, the underlying motivation for moving forward, standing still, or retreating is related to pain vs. pleasure. The questions you might ask yourself include “What is driving or limiting my choices right now?” Is it more painful to start a project than to experience the outcome of completing a project?” “What are the long term benefits of making a choice or taking action?” This is the reason there needs to be a balance between the inward and outward phases, especially in decision-making processes.

Inward Flow Imbalance

When the energy phase is interrupted in the inward energy pulsation, your inner world can feel very empty. It can feel difficult to take in nurture. This shows up in exhaustion, feeling spaced out, not feeling grounded, or at ease within your own body. Depression and a feeling of disempowerment can result in an inability to go into action.

While stuck in this phase, you might feel more vulnerable or exposed out in the world. Being around others might feel overwhelming as you absorb the material of others. Being the listening ear to others while not feeling like you can get nurture creates a need to feel connected in an attempt to fill the void or emptiness, yet can also leave you feeling drained. Getting your need for nurture could mean non-coherent use of food or substances in order to get some form of nurture.

It might also mean that you find yourself blaming yourself, and find yourself in a pattern of negative self-talk. These are indicators that you are feeling separated from taking what is life-enhancing, and this creates disharmony and imbalance in your thinking, behavior, and actions.

When you react to situations and challenges in your life it can sometimes feel difficult to register the origin of these emotional states. A feeling of anxiety, overwhelm or sadness can arrive with intensity out of the blue. The questions are, “Whose stuff is this anyway?” Are the thoughts that create these feelings and beliefs about what I am experiencing related to a “would of, could of, should of? Does it feel like it is something that one of your parents might say or believe?” or “Is this constructive or destructive to my wellness and well-being?”

Connecting Flows

With everything that is happening in the world, consider the possibility that immobilized energy could be bubbling up to the surface and messaging you through your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and actions. Your chakra system is communicating its need for balance through your experience of pain, your feelings, and your sense of feeling at home within yourself and in the world.

Optimal energy flow can be interrupted by environmental toxins, accidents, traumatic experiences, or an imbalance between your chakra centers within your body-mind system. Working with a primary chakra center, a chakra circuit, or related chakra, it is possible to identify and transform interrupted or blocked energetic flow. within and between chakras.

Resonance Repatterning sessions create harmony and balance within your chakra system. Polarity Therapy based on the work of Randolph Stone is one of the many disciplines available through this work. A session addresses your core energy, the chakras, unresolved energy constrictions, and their consequences. This can show up as a change in color of the chakras, holes in the chakras, tipping, lack of activity, spin as well as the force of the flow. Your personal session identifies the natural modalities to create more optimal communication throughout your body-mind system.*

This is your personal invitation to find out how Resonance Repatterning benefits your life. Set up a personal session or sign up for free monthly newsletter with articles, natural wellness and well-being modalities, and exclusive group sessions here.

*Resonance Repatterning sessions work with Polarity Therapy poles by working with frequency and also working with diagrams to proxy for the client as well as the facilitator standing in or guiding the client if the sessions are by phone, Skype or proxy.

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Aug 4, 2020

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Wild Geese: Inspiration for Your Life

Wild Geese

You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting —
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.
~ Mary Oliver ~

Inspiration from Wild Geese Poem

1.. You do not have to walk on your knees for a hundred miles repenting.

  The places in your life where you feel resentment, anger, and guilt are where you are resonating with unfinished business from the past. Make time for understanding and forgiveness. Bring self-compassion into your body-mind system with each breath. In every moment is the opportunity to see the world in the present from a more self-loving place.

Your parents, boss, partner, ex- and your earlier evolution of self did the best possible based on self-awareness at the time. It is not the experience you had in the past, but your resonance with the event today through your thoughts, beliefs, and unresolved tension stored in your body-mind system, which makes the difference between feeling stuck or the ability to move forward.

The opportunity is to look at your needs that were not met underneath in the earlier experience, and to bring greater understanding and compassion to the message within that needs support and healing. Take the higher lesson and message into your life in the present. This will allow you to apply what you have learned to what is unfolding in front of you today. It will create greater life energy flow, discernment, and new possibilities.

You are only able to experience as much love, joy, feeling of being centered and empowered to the degree you are able to feel all of your emotions.  Allowing them to create insight, awareness, and inspiration creates the new possibility of healing in your life

2. Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.

As you feel more at home within yourself, you then can take nurture from home, the Earth itself. Gratitude and appreciation for all the ways you are taken care of, looked after, and have had needs met help you to feel more grounded. Spending time in nature and in your heart with gratitude and appreciation are important tools for your health and relationships.

Wild Geese

  It helps you feel more oriented to the present and creates a feeling of more safety and trust. It allows your body-mind system to work more effectively. When you apply this anchor feeling to your current life situations, it helps you to be more aware of your self-care needs, and to register where you need to spend time introspectively, and when to spend time with others to share the warmth and joy of connection. Like the seasons of change in Nature, there is a time for everything: to rest, to create, to be more active, to harvest, and to let go.

3. The world offers itself to your imagination calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting –over and over announcing your place in the family of things.

You are an integral part of the interwoven web of connection. Geese fly in a formation that allows for each member to care for one another and to help the entire group. The benefits: more uplift and less exhaustion between members flying long distances. These times are extraordinary. As a planet, and as humanity, we must work to protect life while enhancing our connection to life-enhancing practices. It is vital for us to work together for sustainability and the health of one another.

At times, it may feel as though the distance is too far or too difficult. However, at this pivotal time, working together to sustain life creates benefits for everyone. Know that you have a part in this journey we are all experiencing at this time. Tune into your heart and explore your part!

Wild Geese Poem by Mary Oliver from New and Selected Poems, V

Kimberly is a Certified Master Life Coach, Advanced Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist. She works with clients all over the world to help you achieve your positive life goals by phone, Skype, in-person or proxy.

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Jul 19, 2020

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Finding Neutral to Create Positive Change in Your Life

Finding neutral to create positive change in your life is a way to build greater harmony and balance in your body-mind system. When you feel overwhelmed, stressed, or depleted, finding neutral benefits your ability to slow down so you can become aware and choose what you would like to experience within. By doing so, you become more conscious of sensory input, and to focus on what is important to you.

Thoughts create emotions. Emotions create responses. The connection between your thoughts and emotions are tempered by internal beliefs and memories that contribute to your experience of life. In any experience, you can go through a range of feelings that allow you to process or resolve what is happening. Emotional states are different in that they can be the direction or undercurrent of what your feelings are responding to over time. It is important to know that you are not your feelings. They are not tattoos. They are expressions of what you are experiencing in the now like waves on the ocean that ebb and flow.

“You are the sky. Everything else-it’s just the weather.”~Pema Chodron

Emotional states are guideposts. They create opportunities for insight. Your response or reaction to any situation is influenced by your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. They are not bad or good, however, they can offer you a map to discover what is underneath self-limiting patterns as well as what creates empowering experiences. Finding neutral allows you to choose how you respond to life comes from your ability to work with emotions by noticing their sense of heaviness or lightness, length of time, depth, repetitive thought patterns, self-talk, or feelings.

Finding Neutral to Create Choice

Like going into an automatic car wash, you go in with the intention to clean or wash your car. When you pull into the space, you are asked to place your car in neutral. The purpose of neutral is to separate the action of the engine from the wheels so that you are not idling, moving forward or backward without choice. At the same time you are not in park or stuck.

.For the purpose of working with this metaphor, imagine your time inside a car wash. What is your experience while you wait? Can you find neutral in this experience? Begin by bringing your attention to your breathing. What are you experiencing in this moment? What are you feeling inside? Where are you feeling these sensations?

Now bring your focus to what is happening around you. Notice what you see as the water and brushes sweep over the sides of your car. Are you able to then shift your focus to just noticing the sounds of the water on the car? Now return to focusing on your breath. Get in touch with what feels different even if slightly. Finding neutral can expand your awareness and also press reset on where and what you want to focus on next with your experience.

Dis-empowering or empowering beliefs create different perspectives of life. As an example, staying with the car analogy, let’s say two people are on a road trip. One person looks out the window and sees bad drivers, negative bumper stickers and roadkill while the other person sees a hawk in the sky, notices cloud formations and a rainbow. What’s different? It’s the same road, however, it is a different view. You can imagine that the first person’s body stance and visual field is tense with shallow breathing while the second person might be breathing more fully with eyes wide to take in the beauty of the scenery. There might even be a smile on the second person’s face while there could be a grimace on the first. This illustrates how seemingly the same road trip can be completely different stimulated by particular thoughts and emotions. These, then, trigger physical responses.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”~Viktor E. Frankl

Read more about Viktor Frankl’s thoughts on this topic related to Resonance Repatterning here.

Finding Neutral by Working with Your Reticular Activating System

What if you could use finding neutral to choose your attitude and your own way? The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is scattered throughout your brain stem in the Reptilian or Survival Brain. It functions as the gatekeeper of sensory information allowed into your consciousness through selecting what is most important. This influences what you are awake, alert to and aware of in your environment.

The RAS manages the transition between levels of consciousness and controls what is prioritized with a focus on what is important through the lens of your present reality.

The Reticular Activating System influences your fight or flight response, sleep and wake transitions, motor control, the experience of pain, muscle reflexes, focus, attention, goal-setting, and habituation. The nerve fibers of the RAS region make connections between your body and mind. For the RAS to be triggered, signal activity needs to occur in your sensory pathways, that are connected with it. Your thoughts, emotions, and chemical responses are continuously working with learned behaviors, habits, and conditioning to contribute to your interpretation of sensory input.

It turns out that your Reticular Activating System does not know the difference between what is actual, what is created by triggers from the past or new triggers you create for it. The experience of imagining being inside a car wash is a great example. Neurotransmitters and neuro-associations, the links between sensory input, your thoughts, and emotions create your experience. The fact is that you can find neutral to create new neural pathways to allow a shift in energy levels, neuro-chemicals, and brain states. This happens by using your inner software to create positive change.

Finding Neutral with What is Important to You

Like the RAS, you can consciously choose to ask yourself, “What is important to me?” “What is important to me to create a life of meaning?” “What feels like it no longer needs to have a place in my life?” “What is no longer serving my Highest Good?” “What is limiting me?” and “What lessons have I learned that are important to my life today? And tomorrow?” Consider these questions with compassion for yourself. Expanding your awareness with the narrative of your beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts will begin to shift the story your body-mind system is responding to in the present and begin the process of creating new pathways each time.

Finding Neutral in Your Body-Mind System

Your life story has evolved through different stages over time. Some of the chapters might seem more pleasant than others. However, in each chapter, there are memories that can bring happiness, sadness, hurt, grief, or wonder. Take what is most important from these pages of your life.

Some of these memories intertwine sadness with joy. That’s okay. You need these emotions to know the depth of love, caring, and needs while strengthening your values and connection to your True Self. Reframing your past experiences unlocks freedom and understanding. Take what will serve you in your life today, and create new pages with the gifts of these lessons.

Changing your triggers or cues that cause you to spiral down into negative emotions or thoughts creates proactive benefits to build new patterns. After you take inventory of your goals and positive intentions for what is important in your life, you can also look at what keeps you from moving forward with them. Many times triggers and cues from the past can keep you stuck. There might be environmental, social, or beliefs about your roles in life that contribute to guilt or shame imprinted into your belief system. Examining your roles, your beliefs, and self-limiting responses to life build awareness about what you need to move forward.

As an example, let’s consider music that you are playing on a road trip. Let’s say you are listening to music, and you hear a song that brings you back into an earlier time in your life where you felt sad because it reminds you of a person or relationship. This is a trigger. It can space you out, change your mood, and even make you cry. Negative triggers like sound, environment, smell, or seeing something associated with a painful memory can change how you feel. These triggers are different for everyone. Pain can keep you stuck in places unable to start or move forward with the next steps. So creating life-energizing cues can build a path toward more optimal positive and sustainable change.

This allows you to choose where you focus and place your attention when you feel overwhelmed or depleted. Knowing that you can count on positive action like getting in touch with your breath, work with an empowering memory, change your body stance to change internal states is beneficial to your body-mind system.

Getting to know what works best for you to shift your focus naturally builds the pathways to positive change. Talking with someone to listen to you on the phone, eating whole foods that nourish your neurotransmitters, taking a walk in nature in the woods or the beach, dancing, or listen to music that calms or inspires you are all examples of ways to shift your focus to life-empowering emotional states, thoughts, and actions to allow you to experience more life-energizing states.

Windows to the Heart Repatterning works with holistic processes designed to re-pattern your life with Resonance Repatterning and Repattern Your Life Coaching. These processes work with natural modalities designed specifically for your body-mind system to create life-enhancing patterns that build integrity in your wellness and well-being!

Kimberly Rex, MS is a certified Advanced Resonance Repatterning and Master Life Coach. She is also a Person-Centered Expressive Therapist. She works with clients all over the world by phone, Skype, and proxy.

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