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What is a Positive Action in Resonance Repatterning?

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Resonance Repatterning® sessions work by accessing information from your body-mind field through a muscle-checking system. It also includes positive actions to continue the work afterwards. This works because your autonomic Nervous System is connected to every muscle, tissue and gland in your body, and goes a long way to help you in life. You breathe on your own, you blink, digest, etc. without having to think about it. A session is a read-out of the unconscious material like an EGG or EKG to report where your life energy is dedicated. This readout comes from the binary response through the muscle to show resonance (vibratory pattern) when your muscle either contracts or relaxes.

Sessions work at the quantum level to create positive change. They update informational fields within your muscles, tissues, organs, glands so you can experience better life energy for your positive intentions. Once the process begins, the body-mind system starts realigning and updating.

You are wired for success and self-healing. Experiencing a life-enhancing change always involves moving from a non-coherent state to more coherent state. -Chloe Wordsworth

PURPOSE: Sometimes through muscle-checking, a client needs to do something physically after the session. A Positive Action’s purpose is to enhance, nurture and deepen the work done for greater awareness, personal, relationship coherence, and/or health. The activity is simple and all-natural. The list includes such things as eating or eliminating a certain type of food, letting go of clutter, listening to certain kind of music, working on an aspect of health, exercise, detox, communication or relaxation to name a few. These actions often reveal important information of what is unseen.

The most creative act you will ever undertake is this act of creating yourself. It takes place on countless levels, seen and unseen. -Deepak Chopra

Positive Action 2OUTCOME: I’ve given myself many sessions where the Positive Action only made sense as I started or completed the action itself. For example, this summer, I proxied (stood in for) all the Positive Actions for the UN Millennium Goals and Ocean Day/Gulf Repatterning. The actions required a 7-day detox, a change in diet, a check on the quality water intake, and increase in movement.

I realized that the work on an energetic level had to do with the detoxification of my body’s water system, the need for movement and return to healthy energy flow. These actions not only changed my vision of what was happening on the planet, but allowed for an interior release of frustration that had blocked seeing the bigger picture. In response to these shifts, I felt much more clarity about actions to take for my overall health for my physical, emotional, mental, and spirit level being (core essence of self).

In regards to water, I found that I needed to improve the water system within my home, and purchased a filter that would alkalize my water bottle. As I completed the 7-Day Detox, I noticed a change in my health and energy level. As a secondary benefit, I also was able to set time lines/boundaries for letting go of activities that involved a great deal of my time sitting in front of a computer so that I could focus on self-care primarily. In all, I became more optimistic and experienced gratitude for the implicit cause/effect. Globally, I became more focused on qualitative recycling, and became more responsible with my choices. I knew that I was resonating with contribution to the conservation tipping point.

I hear stories like this all the time from clients. When a Positive Action is checked in, it often only takes a few moments for the client to connect the dots. I often hear, “I’ve been meaning to do that.” Sometimes the underlying message is simply to improve the work just completed by helping your body-mind system heal more globally. The essential opportunity is in taking action with the wisdom your body-mind system is giving you. Life is energy is motion. Moving into the field of intelligent action is stepping into conscious embodiment personally. It also contributes to the collective field of awareness. Your positive actions contribute to the tipping point of evolution on the planet!

Once you shift your resonance and perception of what is happening within, new doorways and possibilities open. Listen for guidance, and follow your heart. New possibilities await when you are awake to them.

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