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How Did Resonance Repatterning Start?

This page will give you a brief history and summary of how Resonance Repatterning started.

Resonance Repatterning ® was originally called Holographic Repatterning. It is a system that was developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth who integrated a number of universal healing disciplines in an effort to access the innate wisdom of the body of each person receiving a session. She found that in working with different individuals that one discipline or modality worked well in some cases, it did not address the needs of different individuals equally.

She worked out a process that used applied kinesiology to measure the muscle response or resonance with statements. This made it possible to directly access the information from the client’s Nervous System and the brain center connecting to every muscle, tissue, organ and gland. This revealed information stored within the body-mind-spirit system through the individual’s unconscious material.

In Resonance Repatterning, we use muscle-checking to record resonance related to internal patterns to bring to light negative beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, earlier experiences, or generational imprints that have interrupted or blocked optimal life energy flow. Resonance gives a readout on where your life energy is dedicated.  This is the reason the process relies on resonance muscle-checking.

The intelligent wisdom of your body leads the way in a session. Your body chooses the route a session takes through the muscle-checking indicator. Each session is a unique, laser-like tool to identify and transform energy patterns and imprints at the energetic level working with the many healing disciplines and modalities within Resonance Repatterning®system.

Resonance Repatterning Healing Disciplines

These universal healing disciplines and modalities include the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System, Polarity Therapy from the Ayurvedic System, Jin Shin Jyutsu Japanese acupressure, neuro-chemistry and brainwave frequencies, kinesiology, Family Systems work, most recent and cutting-edge energy medicine to impact your vision, wellness and well-being. Sessions work with consciousness science tailored to the information your body-mind system needs to update to create greater integrity in your wellness and well-being. All of the modalities are naturally based on consciousness science, color, light, sound, movement, breath, energetic contact and fragrance.




A small (quantum) input of coherent energy at the right time, in the right way, at the right place creates a system-wide alignment that can lead to extraordinary growth and desirable outcomes. This is the power of receiving a Resonance Repatterning session!


For more information, visit the Resonance Repatterning Institute:

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Sample Resonance Repatterning Audios

Sample three Resonance Repatterning process audios on this page. You can listen to a recording of a group repatterning, a calming healing modality entitled, “A Pause for Centering” and a webinar on Considering a Problem as an Opportunity based on your thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions with brain research to back it up.

World Ocean’s Day Repatterning: This group repatterning session is a sample of the Resonance Repatterning process to support a positive change from the personal to global levels.


Pause for Centering Meditation: This is an example of a Resonance Repatterning modality. This modality creates greater positive coherence throughout your body-mind system with a guided meditation process.


Imagining New Possibilities at the Point of Choice Re-pattern Your Life Coaching Workshop: This is an example of a webinar offered through Windows to the Heart Repatterning explaining the components of change as being a point of choice. By choosing to spiral up into new possibilities your body-mind system creates new neurotransmitters, enhances communication between your organs, tissues, glands, and cells to create greater integrity in your wellness and well-being!

Here is an opportunity to continue on the path with monthly healing modalities and repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

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Register for a life-energizing personal session here.

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What is Resonance Repatterning Anyway?

What is Resonance Repatterning? This process is based on the fact that everything in the Universe has a frequency including every muscle, organ, tissue, and gland down to the sub-atomic particle level. That means everything you have experienced or are experiencing now also has a vibrational read-out. Your backache, business argument, anxiety as well as your feeling of well-being, joy, or sense of confidence has a frequency.

Your resonance with a particular frequency pattern indicates where your life energy is being dedicated. Resonance Repatterning® sessions identify how, when, and where patterns originated in your body-mind system.  This means that long-standing negative life patterns, limiting beliefs, attitudes, or generational imprints can also be accessed at the frequency level. A session gets to the heart of what you need to create greater integrity in your experience of wellness and well-being.

A Resonance Repatterning session identifies blocks and interruptions of life energy in your body-mind-spirit system through trauma, grief, loss, stress, pain, accident, or unresolved issues from your past. This happens by working with a resonance muscle checking system. A session then works to restore your resonance with more optimal and coherent frequencies of love, joy, wellness, and well-being. This is accomplished by using powerful and accurate modalities that are energetically matched to your needs. When you change your resonance you change your life!

These modalities transform frequency patterns in the emotional, mental, physical, and spirit (core essence of self) body. This happens with consciousness science and natural modalities that include color, light, sound, movement, breath, fragrance, Family Systems work, and energetic contact. Because resonance muscle checking gives a read-out of what your system is reporting, each session is specific to your needs. Within as little as 60-90 minutes, vast territories of information can be accessed and restored to balance and harmony, changing your inner awareness and resonance with new possibilities for better relationships, finances, wellness, and well-being.

 Resonance Repatterning is as powerful as experienced in-person, by phone, on Skype, or by proxy where the practitioner stands in for the client. Sessions work equally well with individuals, couples, children and infants, groups, and animals. Kimberly Rex has worked with clients as far away as 6000 miles with outcomes that create positive and sustainable change. She has worked with infants, clients who are unconscious and proxied for animals, and non-verbal clients.

Resonance Repatterning sessions work with groups as well. Kimberly works by teleconference with groups on topics of empowering wellness and well-being, health, relationship, and prosperity. She has also worked with organizations, businesses, and groups with positive intentions for goal-setting, visioning, and decision-making.

Get more information about how Resonance Repatterning sessions benefit your life.

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Resonance Repatterning FAQ

Get your questions about Resonance Repatterning answered with this Resonance Repatterning FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions page.

    1.  How does a Resonance Repatterning® session work?
      A session starts with an orientation to the process. This is done verbally and with an Orientation page that helps you understand this confidential healing process. Read more about How Changing Your Resonance Changes Your Life
    2. How does resonance muscle-checking work?
      The Nervous System is connected to every muscle, tissue, organ, and gland of the body. Every muscle has a binary response: a strong/flexed or relaxed response. Your body is a map of your life’s experience. That means we can access conscious and unconscious material in a session. Muscle-checking is a way to tap into this information. The information recorded in the muscle-check is registering where your life energy is dedicated.At the beginning of a session, the client and the practitioner work together to create statements to focus on the session’s purpose. The entire session involves muscle-checking. At the beginning of a session, a client is resonating with their issues, and not resonating with their positive intentions. The purpose of your session is to identify limitations, blocks, and disruptions in your body-mind field that have kept you feeling stuck or felt like an obstacle in your life. In this system, pain is a block or interruption of energy. In a session, this is identified by the muscle-check through lack of resonance (or lack of life energy dedication) for your positive intentions. The terms ON and OFF are used to identify resonance. A strong/flexed response from the muscle is ON and a relaxed position of the muscle is OFF. Through the course of a session, your resonance changes. By the end of a session you are resonating with your positive intentions or ON for them through muscle-checking, and OFF for your issues.
    3. How does resonance muscle-checking access information in the body-mind field?
      There are three kinds of muscle-checks in this system. The first is a general check which means that the information in the body-mind field is global. The second check is specific. This means there is a particular place or area in the field that needs support, a level where it manifests physically, emotionally, mentally, or on the spirit level (core essence of Self), and a particular time in your life that is reporting a block, obstacle, or issue. The third check is umbilical which is a muscle-check that is done at the belly button. When this check is done, the practitioner cups their hand over the belly button to check for core life energy. When this muscle-check is OFF it means that there is zero life energy or no toleration for the statement.
    4. How can Resonance Repatterning sessions work with issues from the past?
      Information can be accessed at any place on the time-space continuum. That means that a session can work with pre-natal, generational, and even with RNA/DNA and vision.  Your Nervous System is connected to every muscle, tissue, and gland in the body. Your body is a map of your life’s experiences. A Resonance Repatterning session works because it is accessing information from both conscious and unconscious material through muscle-checking. Your body is designed for success and self-healing. Identifying places where energy has become less than optimal due to stress overload, pain, trauma, shock or abuse is an opportunity to shift material from the past. This is like taking the kink out of a garden hose that has very little flow so that you can experience greater life energy in the present for the positive intentions you bring to a session. Find out how a Resonance Repatterning session impacts your life.
    5. How does energy get unblocked in a session?
      There are now hundreds of repatterning protocols. When a protocol is muscle-checked for the purpose of your session’s needs, it works with the coherent and non-coherent aspects of issues and intentions you bring to the session. This means that the practitioner is working with abundant resource lists from consciousness science to identify the underlying foundation of the work that is needed. Then statements are checked for resonance. The non-coherent statements are messengers that identify underlying material that has shaped your issues. The coherent statements build the bridge to greater awareness, resources, possibilities, and opportunities. Sessions also work with Earlier Experiences that have impacted your body-mind field function or created pain. Energy Constrictions help to work with the material in a loving and nurturing way to update your memory bank. Unlimited potential exists in every moment. By bringing greater awareness and healing to the impact of an event from the past, positive change happens. Everything is energy. A session is always working with frequency and energy which means that your process will work with energy modalities from sound, movement, breath, fragrance, color, light, and energetic contact. All of the modalities are natural. Sometimes a session works with family or organizational patterns related to generational issues. Read more about this topic here.
    6. What is Family Systems?
      Family Systems is a process developed by Bert Hellinger. There are a number of repatterning sessions based on this work. Read more about Family Systems Here.
  1. Resonance Repatterning FAQ’s: Having a Session

  2. Resonance Muscle Checking

    1. How does an in-person session work with muscle-checking?
      In a face-to-face session, the facilitator works with their left hand to muscle-check the direction of the session. The facilitator works with the left arm of the client to check for resonance. The muscle-check indicates a flexed or relaxed response.
    2. Eight Points for Clients:
    3. How do Resonance Repatterning sessions work by telephone?
      The practitioner uses applied kinesiology or muscle-checking to check for the direction of the session with their left hand. This is done with two fingers for the muscle-check. With their right hand, they muscle-check on behalf of the client with a two-finger muscle-check. The client is actively involved in creating and repeating statements. The client participates in the modality with the practitioner. If it is not possible for the client to actively participate in a modality, the practitioner proxies for the client. This works equally as well in teleconference group sessions on behalf of the group.
    4. What does proxy mean?
      A proxy session is one where the practitioner stands in for the client. I have worked with human and animal clients who are unconscious, in a coma, pre-verbal or non-verbal for this purpose. Because at the energetic level everything is connected in the Unified Field, this works. I’ve worked with clients 6000 miles away with positive and sustainable positive results. This means a session can happen for infants and animals as well. I muscle-check the statements with my left hand and proxy for the client with my right hand. I also proxy all of the modalities. These sessions are written out or recorded so that you have access to the work through email or an mp3 link.      
Resonance Repatterning FAQ: What Happens After a Session?
  1. What might I expect after a session?
    After a session, you will experience shifts in your personal and relationship awareness. Your session you will gain insight, get resources, and next steps for your positive intentions. Your sense of well-being and wellness will update towards greater vitality and opportunity. The process updates your memory bank down to the cellular level so that you are resonating at the energy level with your positive intentions. Timing depends on the individual. Everything is natural in this process. Some clients report immediate change. Some report subtle changes in their perspective, decisions, and next steps over time. Others experience change within the period of their session and Positive Action.  Find out how  Resonance Repatterning sessions create positive change.
  2. What is Positive Action?
    Upon the completion of your session, the facilitator muscle-checks for an action that might be needed to continue the benefits of your session. Sometimes there is a statement in the session that needs further action or support to shift. These are natural modalities or activities that will enhance the work you have done. Positive Actions are identified during the session and are also sent to you after the session via email with details regarding completing them. Read more about Positive Actions in Resonance Repatterning here.
  3. How many sessions do I need to see a change?
    The number of sessions depends on the client’s needs. Some clients come in for one session while others continue to work to clear limiting beliefs, patterns, and obstacles in their path with the goal of creating more optimal life energy to manifest their positive intentions. We all have major transitions in our lives. When there has been a major loss, grief, tragedy, abuse, accident, divorce or health issue, sessions help you go beyond the pain and inner conflict so that you experience greater inner peace and choices in your life. In this case, clients working with this natural process experience nurture and support for their process over time. I have worked with clients for blocks of time over months and years. As a practitioner, I stay in touch with my clients after a session.
  4. What kind of support will I receive after the session?
    Kimberly offers 10-minute follow-ups by phone, Skype, or email to help you with processing updates or answer questions about your sessions.

Resonance Repatterning FAQ: How Do I Set Up a Session?

Resonance Repatterning FAQ

How do I schedule a session?                                                                          

Contact Kimberly Rex, MS at or call (360) 739-0162. If this is your first time experiencing Resonance Repatterning, you can discuss session length and arrange for your personal session. You can also register for a session here if you know what time you need. Long-term session blocks,  quarterly, and yearly arrangements can be discussed with Kimberly,  as well.                              

After contacting Kimberly, a first session or proxy for a person, couple, group, or animal who needs the session there is an orientation and focus questionnaire to start the process. In some cases, a parent or pet owner stands in as a proxy for their child or pet. This is all muscle-checked.

Are Resonance Repatterning Sessions confidential?     

What is discussed in repatterning and coaching sessions are held in confidence, and not shared with others without permission. Testimonials or case studies are gratefully accepted and are shared only with permission from the person to and with Windows to the Heart Repatterning. 

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Resonance Repatterning Services

Does Resonance Repatterning help end old patterns for the future?


How many sessions do I need to have to experience positive change?

With over 100 different protocols with varying content, a Resonance Repatterning® session works with the specifics that a client brings to the session. An average session takes 60-90 minutes, however, there are some which take more or less time. Sessions benefit both humans and animals.

Some clients have one session, while others have several sessions over a course of time that is based on their life situation.

To schedule a session, please contact Kimberly to determine the type of session and length. The fee for a session is determined by these factors. or call (360) 739-0162 to schedule your confidential session to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

Types of Sessions

  • Individual in-person session
  • Couples, in-person  or by phone session
  • Group session, in-person or by teleconference
  • Phone or Skype Session: in this case the facilitator muscle-checks for the client
  • A proxy session for a person or animal who is not able to be present for a session (non-verbal/ unconscious/ sick or at a distance) where the facilitator or person stands in for the client

Areas to consider for sessions

• positive health • effective communication • creativity • prosperity *aligning with your spirit and life purpose • greater harmony and well-being • insight • peace of mind • more love in your relationships • life energy and motivation for your positive intentions • facilitating the healing and moving on from any tragedy, illness, loss, accident or stress

Sign up here to get more information about Resonance Repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning:

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The Science Behind Resonance Repatterning

What is Resonance Repatterning®?

Resonance Repatterning® is a process that works with the self-healing energy within your body-mind system. Originally called Holographic Repattterning, Chloe Faith Wordsworth developed this process by working with clients to transform the painful areas of their life. She discovered that by accessing their individual needs, specific to what their body-mind system was reporting, extraordinary outcomes for greater potential for health, nourishing relationships, and greater sense of well-being would emerge.

Working with universal healing disciplines of the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System, Polarity Therapy based on the chakra system of India, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Family Systems, consciousness science, color, light, sound, fragrance, movement, breath, energetic balancing and applied kinesiology, each session taps into the wisdom your body to offer specific support for your needs.

Healing Disciplines of Resonance Repatterning

This process is based on the fact that everything is energy and has a frequency. This means that your back ache, depression, business arguments, as well as your joy and successes are communicating in frequency. Underlying patterns of frequency or resonance exist in both the conscious and unconscious. Your body is a map of your life experience so information from pre-natal, generational and earlier experience can be revealed.

Your Autonomic Nervous System is connected to every organ, tissue, muscle and gland of your body. It communicates information that gives a read-out like an EEG, EKG or pulse. In Resonance Repatterning®  this information is relayed through a muscle-checking system with no machines involved. Through working with the binary response of the muscles, resonance for beliefs, attitudes, dedication and disruption of life energy can be accessed.

Patterns of early entrainment, family beliefs, trauma, loss, illness, grief or abuse is registered in the body as energy that impacts the way a person sees and experiences the world. What you resonate with is what you experience in the world. Through habit and repetition, thoughts, beliefs and actions impact the quality of life you are experiencing today. A session identifies unconscious issues that are blocking and depleting your life energy. Pain is a disruption or block of your life energy. In the course of a session, self-healing modalities release and restore the body-mind field so that there is greater resonance with your positive intentions.

Point of Choice

Point of Choice

Problems are seen as a point of choice, in the same way that Newton described the Motivating Factor. He stated that an object in motion will continue in a straight line until a force changes its direction. Problems can have a motivating force to help us change direction in life. They can also be seen as forces of resistance that can activate positive change. When there is a combination of vision, intention and action, problems can activate extraordinary outcomes.

When you change the way you look at things, the thing you look at changes.~Max Planck

Resonating with your positive intentions, you experience more life enhancing outcomes. When you are experiencing repetitive problematic issues, you are likely resonating with unconscious material that has not yet been resolved or released.

The client moves from a de-energized state to greater awareness regarding positive change. This is registered with a muscle-checking system throughout the session. The muscle-checking indicator registers a change in resonance. Clients experience a change in attitude to feeling more positive and energized. Some experience immediate lessening of symptoms while others experience gradual change as the body-mind field updates naturally. You are designed for success and self-healing.

In some cases, a natural positive action is required to further the work of the session. This activates the intelligent field of action. Like The Butterfly Effect, a small action can create change in the holographic world. Repatterning works at the quantum level to effect the system as a whole. All of life is an interdependent system of interconnecting relationships within our body-mind system and the world.

We live in an ocean of frequencies, organized as a hologram in which each part contains the whole. Creating order in one part automatically benefits the whole.~from Quantum Change Made Easy by Chloe Faith Wordsworth


“Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds.”~Buddha

Overlapping energy fields impact relationship interactions. Cultural beliefs that have embedded through time are energetically present in the collective field as memes. Resonance Repatterning works with personal beliefs, attitudes and concepts of time to help create greater access to new possibilities in the present.

Resonance Repatterning works with universal healing disciplines and natural modalities that can be experienced by anyone individually, in groups locally or “non-locally.” In New Physics, time and space are flexible and unified. The work is successful in-person, over distances or as proxy (standing in for someone else in the Unified Field). Sessions are successful with humans, animals and even enhance the life-energy of plants. For more information about Resonance Repatterning, visit:


Kimberly Rex, MS

I’d like to invite you to explore how Resonance Repatterning benefits your life.  Experience a session by phone, Skype or in-person with Windows to the Heart Repatterning.  Set up a session time here: Contact Page

Sign up for monthly newsletter here: Newsletter and Exclusive Re-pattern Your Life Events with FREE eBook entitled Eight Natural Modalities for Navigating Stressful Times.  

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