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Change Your Resonance, Change Your Life

Change Your Resonance, Change Your Life

    You’ve probably used the expression at least once. “I resonate with that.”  What does that really mean?
In conversations with others it can mean ” I agree.”  ” I like that.” ” I’m willing to dedicate some thought or action to that.”
   In Resonance Repatterning®, the process goes much, much deeper. It becomes a conversation about where your life energy is dedicated.  The internal process becomes a conversation between the fundamental sources and structures of energy in your body. In fact, this is what is happening all the time in the way energy is used, delegated and expressed through your relationships, finances, health and state of well-being.
   So, what or who is having this conversation? There are an estimated 50 trillion cells, 600 muscles, hundreds of thousands of neurotransmitters, 12 Meridians that relay energy throughout the system, as well as the subtle energy body nervous system of the Chakras.  The muscles, tissues, glands, organs, enzymes, amino acids, hormones, etc. are all in communication.
   It’s like the United Nations at the personal level. The resonance between these systems is important. When there is a disruption, blockage or less than ideal  flow of energy communication, there is a change in how the system functions. This happens in the presence of shock, trauma, loss, grief, unresolved stress, addiction, toxicity or illness in your life.
   As an example, the cells of your body have a binary response to stress. They either move towards growth and communicate with other cellular systems when there is safety and calm, or shut down with increased stress of feeling of being threatened. That means the communication within the cells and between the systems of your body are responding to how you are relating with the world.
“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”~Jim Rohn
    The energetic information you give your body through the quality of food, thought, stress and bonding all add to this conversation, and affects how your body-mind system functions.  When you  become more aware of the part  you play in creating wellness and well-being in your own life, you access the structure of the greater self and potential for new possibilities. You become more aware of your relationship with your choices, others and the world.
  Resonance Repatterning ® is a system that identifies where you are resonating with life energizing or life-depleting thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.
By shifting resonance with these places that disrupt energy in your body-mind system, you can shift your resonance with where and how you are dedicating life energy to your agreements, thoughts and actions.  This is done through working with a muscle-checking system, universal healing disciplines and natural modalities to find what your body-mind system needs to resolve inner conflict, and to bring a resonance with inner peace.
  What we find in a session is that what you resonate with is what you experience in the world. Resonate with safety and trust, then you are more open to new possibilities and opportunities.  Resonate with danger, depression or fear, then you have less energy, greater stress or shut down.
   Like the United Nations, peace is created through identifying underlying needs
 through building a bridge to new possibilities for greater harmony and balance in your life.

Once you shift your resonance and perception of what is happening within, new doorways and possibilities open. Listen for guidance, and follow your heart. New possibilities await when you are awake to them.

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