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This page is a collection of testimonials for Kimberly Rex, MS who is a Certified Advanced Resonance Repatterning® practitioner, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist, and Master Wellness and Well-being Life Coach with an extensive background in holistic therapies, disciplines, and modalities.

Sessions are given by Kimberly Rex, MS, and Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

* Sessions Reclaimed Balance & Wholeness

“Resonance Repatterning sessions with Kimberly support me in reclaiming balance and wholeness to my physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well as my personal relationships.”
— AO, New York

Kimberly Rex is a competent and gifted Holistic professional with a fine ability to perceive the diverse state of energy, and bring them to a state of balance and equilibrium. Her compassionate spirit brings to her clients a rare possibility not only to overcome physical obstacles but to enact deep and transcendent healing. I highly recommend her as a professional and therapist.”
— LL, Virginia

After the session with you, I was much less anxious when I took the test I was worried about passing. I scored higher on this test than any other this semester. What a relief that was! I must tell you how different I feel toward that teacher I was holding onto resentment for. It’s like a big burden has been removed from my mind, that negative energy is gone. It’s amazing. And freeing. You have given me a wonderful gift and I am most grateful.”
— MM, Arizona

Sessions Ended Destructive Old Patterns

I have been able to end some destructive old patterns in my life and have made great advances personally in the last year, thanks to Kimberly. I also have begun to address certain physical challenges that have been alleviated permanently thanks to shifts in frequency. I would recommend Holographic Repatterning to anyone who is searching for a way to continue their path toward total health and spiritual wholeness.”
— KB, WA

Having sessions with Kimberly Rex was such a delight! Kimberly was always immensely patient, genuinely caring, and hugely compassionate as she diligently facilitated the release of patterns and programs that no longer served me, enabling a fresh perspective and new level of consciousness to more easily emerge. I was touched by Kimberly’s positive outlook and cheerfulness and inspired by her goodness of heart and generosity of spirit. If you are drawn to have a session or two with Kimberly, then I would certainly take the next step and give it a go!”
— RB Australia

“Kimberly’s work is profound. I moved through enormous changes during the period of time that I worked with her and found her to be always present, available, and eager to support me. Despite difficult circumstances, she was always right there, and I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her.”
— JB, Hawaii

Sessions Transformed Unconscious Beliefs

“Thank you!”
“Resonance Repatterning sessions with Kimberly are almost unbelievable. After years of approaching issues and goals from a mostly “mental” perspective and getting little results, now I can address the things that are really blocking the life I want for myself….my unconscious beliefs! I could never understand why any type of work I did for myself…..from counseling to energy work to setting goals and visualization wasn’t completely working. I always felt as though there was something “blocking” my efforts but I felt as though I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Now I realize it is all the things I am not aware of within myself that I can’t address without the help of someone like Kimberly. Kimberly assisted me in switching energy on a core level (beliefs we form between conception and 7 years of age that affect us for the rest of our lives as well as beliefs that were passed down to us through our family-without us even realizing it!) so that we can attract a different life for ourselves. The energy within us resonates at a particular level and our lives are a direct reflection of the energy we carry. I feel it’s like shedding layers of skin to expose my true self. Each layer removed allows me to become freer of the unwanted baggage and allows me more balance in my life.”

I would recommend this for anyone, especially those with children because any work you do for yourself will help your children tremendously. Also, if you are unsure whether or not it’s for you, don’t make the decision until you’ve actually done a session because all the explanations in the world can’t replace the experience of actually doing the work. Trust me, I know.”
— CG, New York

  “I just want to take this moment to thank you for your amazing help with this absolute state-of-the-art therapy, Resonance Repatterning. Sessions have allowed me to come into the best version of myself I could ever hope for. It has taken the thorn out of my soul and given me hope at the end of sometimes seemingly endless darkness to the light of day. Thank you for the change not only I know and see, but in that of others. It has created a wonderment in my heart and mind for deeper science of the energy we are and the desire to understand the body-mind connection more. It is priceless in its effectiveness. I speak from the history of having tried everything to survive the hideousness of my past, and then to have found the very best methods in these sessions and modalities. I thank you for being in this work for what I see as the purest of motives to help others and for doing it with heart, concern, and professionalism. ” ~T D, Washington State

Case Study with Child by Kimberly from Quantum Change Made Easy

*Testimonials on this website are from clients who offered to share their experience from sessions at Windows to the Heart Repatterning. All material on this page is the words of clients and is printed with their permission.  In an effort to keep the information confidential, only initials for first names are shared.

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