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How Negative Thoughts Affect Your Wellness and Well-being

Research shows that we experience about 70,000 thoughts per day. Of these 70,000 about 80% of them are negative thoughts. In fact, if you were to take a moment right now, and think about your day, it would be well worth noting this for yourself. What do you most remember? Do you mainly experience criticism, judgment, and/or doubt about others or toward yourself from actions or inaction, words, or interactions? How does the overall experience make you feel? Are your thoughts mostly about gaining something positive and life-energizing or losing and life-depleting?

This can give you insight into the workings of your body-mind system designed to avoid danger and preserve survival. Your negative or positive thoughts create meaning for your life that affects your beliefs, attitudes, and actions. It is important to acknowledge that the negative loops might actually be orchestrated by early unmet needs and emotions remaining in a perpetual loop from unresolved negative experiences or that of your family system. The need for enough safety and trust to resolve unmet needs is connected to your inner software wired into your body-mind system over thousands of years whether there is a current reminder of a threat within your system that perceives danger based on a negative earlier experience or programming.

Negative Thoughts and Your Body

Excessive negative thoughts and complaining over time has a negative impact on your brain, your heart, and your digestion. Cycling complaints inside or reiterating them to others, without any recourse or opportunity for positive action reinforces the imprinted neural highways, stress hormones, and neuropeptides firing that keep the loop going. This creates an imbalance and disruption of energy flow in your body-mind system that interrupts communication between systems down to the cellular level.

The anxiety created in your system negatively impacts your heart function while interrupting your rest, digestion, and connect Parasympathetic Nervous System Cycle needed for creating integrity in your wellness and well-being. This is essential to your life experience for belonging and experience of pleasure.

This is accomplished by experiencing connection to yourself and others with greater ease through discernment and resonance with safety and trust. This allows for the creation of long-term loving bonding relationships that not only create a place to be heard but also valued and appreciated. This benefits your life with integrity in your communication and the actions you take.

Negative Thoughts and the Point of Choice

Your view of the world makes all the difference in experiencing the Point of Choice. With commitment and small steps that build new neural networks and communication within your body-mind system, you can limit the effects of negative thinking and complaints by moving into the world of gaining new perspectives and possibilities.

This can be done by setting a time limit on a discussion of what is happening that is negative daily, and also reframing your day by asking yourself what happened in the day that was positive. You can make this a daily practice with a short time to take a gratitude inventory. A good time of day is just before sleep. This creates even more benefits for your quality of sleep at night.

Another way to work with transforming a loss mindset into a gain mindset is to create a journal that not only records what is happening each day but also addresses your long and short-term goals, and any insights, inspiration, synchronicities or support you are receiving from the Universe and others you meet along the way to encourage you on your journey. Changing how you see things contribute to creating new positive neurotransmitters and pathways, relaxation, and a greater sense of ease.

Interrupting the cycle of negative thoughts and complaining with this reframing changes your inner world as well as your interaction with the world. A new perspective including the prospect of gain can improve your ability in seeing the bigger picture. This can happen by considering another perspective or a longer view of what is happening, or by being open to considering what another person’s experience might be in a particular situation. By doing so, you actively contribute to creating better opportunities for building greater appreciation, openness, bonding, and pleasure.

Resonance Repatterning® sessions work with the roots of material in your body-mind system related to limiting negative thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that keep you from moving beyond the perpetual loops of unmet needs, communication, and positive action. The process creates the pathway for new neural connections, coherent beliefs, and attitudes while resolving the residual material affecting you today. By doing so your body-mind system creates more space for new ways of seeing and experiencing life from the gain perspective.

Kimberly Rex

Kimberly Rex, MS is an Advanced Resonance Repatterning practitioner, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist, and Wellness and Well-being Life Coach. She works with people all over the world by Skype, phone, and proxy.

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