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How the Observer Effect Impacts Your Life

In New Physics the Observer Effect is as much about the quantum world as it is about your consciousness that impacts what your perception of life creates in the world.

 “Our observation has a direct effect on our world.”~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

The ability to observe your feelings, thoughts, and sensations is vital for wellness and well-being. The ability to observe ourselves acknowledging our emotions and feelings as part of a bigger picture allows us to realize that we are more than any of these parts.

The information that comes from your body-mind system can come in many ways or forms. Information emerges from your mind, your heart, your gut, your breath, tension, and relaxation states, and even from your bones. Being in touch with your thoughts, sensations and feelings allow you to be more in tune with what your filter is reporting in the present.

This awareness invites you to a deeper quality of attention. When this is so, there is neither an observer nor a quality of judgment of being observed. By changing the lens of your perception “camera”  you get the opportunity to witness from 20,000 feet while at the same time going more in-depth. By doing so you move out of the unconscious imprints of the past more consciously into what is happening in the present. This allows you greater freedom and choice instead of boomerang reactions from limiting beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions. 

All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter. ~Sai Baba

Being able to observe your perception of what you are feeling or thinking builds the bridge between the inner world and the outer experience of your life. For example, if by observing that you feel the tension in a particular experience, your body is letting you know a number of things. From your brain’s perspective, it could be that you are resonating with a signal of fear from the past that activates a belief about what is happening now. Looking at life through the lens of fear creates the condition of attachment to conflicting desires and reactions related to your fear. Even when your mind is confused, it is choosing a particular perception based on conflict. The attachment is to what your thoughts tell you. In response, your body might register a change in breathing pattern, an increase in blood pressure, or a sense of urgency for a defense response.

However, it is also possible to observe this perception by using your body-mind system’s inner technology to bring calm. By observing the tension, allowing it to be what it is, giving it a place in your awareness, you give an expanded view of the message from tension, and all of its pathways of communication in the present. Being in touch with your breath specifically, you can begin to experience listening with intention. You can slow down. In this way, you begin to make space for attention to the underlying needs that your thoughts and body sensations are giving you. Listening to your body and your mind is key to participate in creating integrity in your wellness and well-being.  It is your relationship with this perception, thought, feeling and sensation that creates consciousness.

Taking action based on the input your own body-mind system gives you allows you to experience greater “author-ship” and sovereignty with informed choices based on expanding. The question is: “How do I make this a practice in my life?” Make space for registering your breath patterns, take time to rest, take a brief walk, journal, get a good night of sleep, eat nourishing foods to feed your organs, stretch, look out over an expanse like the ocean, across a hill or mountain area, or read a book can all be activities to begin the process of shifting your perception from near to far, inner to outer, from tension to calm.

There are many ways to improve your ability to tune into your inner perceptions, and as unique as you are, there are always signals that will always give you feedback if you listen.

Sometimes your body-mind system signals the need for change in small ways and specifically when you are hungry or tired. Other times your body-mind system lets you know that you need to process emotions and stored feelings through tears, a need for solitude or friendship, or the need to sleep. Your food choices can also report in on what you need for energy in life. Do you need more sweetness? Are you dehydrated? Do you feel ungrounded?

Your muscles and bones can give you a sense of structural feedback. Do you feel heavy? Do you feel numb in some areas of your body? Are you able to tense and then relax? Do you have what you need to move you through life?  Being more in-tune with your inner sensations allows you to take action to create positive change.

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