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Moving from Resistance to Resilience

Moving from resistance to resilience means moving from struggle to effortless flow. What does this mean? This internal awareness acknowledges the natural process of presence and change that can nourish you in ways that allow you to be in the natural flow without as much struggle.

From Resistance to Resilience with Your Time

“Doing nothing everything is accomplished.”~Lao Tzu

You have schedules, deadlines, and plans that are important to you to complete. Lao Tzu’s wisdom does not refer to your daily calendar as much as it does the natural state of allowing the process to be calmer, centered, and energizing. Instead of struggle and resistance, the ability to get into the flow of natural energy creates greater resilience. Doing nothing is perceived as a lack of progress or ability to make things happen. However, it is how you spend your time and energy that makes all the difference for the integrity of your wellness and well-being. While positive resistance is beneficial for timing in regards to balancing self-care with outward action, too much or too little resistance are indicators of struggle that do not empower resilience.

In the natural world, what looks like nothing is happening is actually engaged in a process of change aligned with harmony and balance. It is exactly for this reason that the natural world engages in co-creation within and around it to create greater sustenance, resilience, and remarkable rejuvenation.

The cycle of struggle and resistance to change within to make things happen can waste your time, energy, and effort. This happens when your body-mind system becomes stuck or overwhelmed in life-depleting habits or behaviors that fuel resistance through anxiety, worry, fear, anger, or depression. This, in turn, can lead to exhaustion and depletion. Struggle can distance you from the natural course and potential for how you best get to use your time.

The natural world creates positive change to nurture the whole in cycles of sustaining life with active and rest cycles even in changing conditions. You can observe this as letting go, dormancy, renewal, flowering, and harvest. Even when there is seeming latency in winter, the natural world is working in timely ways with the environment it is presented.

From Resistance to Resilience with Your Energy

Energy and homeostasis are related. By being in sync with stillness it is possible to access life-enhancing energy. In the same way, you breathe in to create energy for your body-mind system, that energy is utilized to sustain your life, while you then let go of what is not needed to allow the process of breath to continue to nourish you further in the next cycle.

Non-doing and mindfulness is the process of transforming resistance to resilience within. This applies to your thoughts and feelings. The process begins by acknowledging what is actually happening. What you are feeling and thinking are whatever they are. This is your experience in the moment.

Like a current weather bulletin, this gives you feedback as to what is happening inside your body. With this awareness, you can access where you are in the world. Are you in struggle or are you able to open a natural window to observe what is happening to create greater possibility and transformation? Opening the natural window allows you to make space and time to turn over and nourish your inner material to create life-enhancing options.

So what if you gave yourself some time, say, 10 minutes, to process your inner thoughts and feelings when you feel the resistance taking over as a way to create access to an effortless channel of being, doing, and living with purpose. This mindfulness activity actually increases your ability to use your time more productively.

From Resistance to Resilience with Your Effort

When you create greater space and time you are better able to become more centered. By doing so you are better able to start, sustain, or let go of what is most needed to reestablish harmony and balance.

Know your purpose. Become aware of your purpose in the moment. Is your purpose to write an article, study for an exam, become more financially independent? You can move out of the effort in keeping the resistance cycle in place with acceptance, gratitude, or forgiveness. This allows the resistance amplified by anxiety, fear, anger, grief, or negative judgment to de-escalate. It also makes it possible to begin again with the ability to problem-solve to choose the next steps aligned with your values.

This letting go or surrender can shift your perception from regret, self-doubt, blame, and struggle. Have you ever noticed when you are talking to someone, and you want to share a piece of information or remember something how interference of any kind throws you off track? Where was I? I notice that if I stop and wait, the information becomes more available. It involves allowing. If you are aligned with purpose you will remember.

Remember who you are and know what you do. The window to effortless non-doing comes when you are aligned with your purpose. Asking yourself the question, “What is my purpose?” is a way to remember. In the same way, you are better able to stay in touch with what is going on in the world around you so you can navigate challenging situations with more freedom and choice.

Do in line with what your purpose is.” ~Shoma Morita ( Japanese psychologist)

In letting go of resistance, your vision becomes broad and clear so you are better able to see what is beneficial for your life and purpose. Align with what your purpose is and move in a life-enhancing direction with this in mind.

This is your personal invitation to explore or take part in a personal session designed for moving from resistance to resilience here. By doing so you move beyond the struggle and resistance so you can experience greater freedom and choice aligned with your life purpose.

Kimberly Rex, MS
Kimberly Rex, MS

Kimberly Rex, MS is an Advanced Resonance Repatterning® practitioner, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist, and Wellness and Well-being Life Coach. She works with people all over the world via Skype, by phone, and by proxy.

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