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In Winter: Dive Deep to Rejuvenate Your Life Energy

photo by Kimberly Rex, MS

    In winter when cold, ice, and snow cover the Earth, it can feel difficult to believe that warmth and light will ever return. Perhaps you’ve found yourself feeling stuck, and think nothing is happening of any value. The truth is that much is happening internally that is of great value. If you dive deep you can restore and rejuvenate yourself for greater life energy.

In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” ~Albert Camus

Allow me to share this personal story.  A few years ago after a winter storm, and when the snow finally melted a bit, I decided to take advantage of some of the sunlight to get out of the house. I took a walk around one of the beautiful glacial lakes here in these Cascade Mountains. What I noticed was that part of the lake was still frozen, while the other half was still flowing. In the part that was flowing, ducks were swimming and searching for plants close to the banks. In the part that was frozen, ice created webbed patterns making it difficult to see beneath the surface.   I watched two men throwing stones into the frozen part of the water. The first man was throwing heavy stones into the icy end making a huge impact at the surface as it descended into the lake. The second man was skipping a small stone across the ice. This made beautiful tones that rang out across the lake. The visual impact and sounds of these stones really stayed with me.   

When I shared what I saw with my Science teacher-parent, he responded, We seldom appreciate the wonders of water in winter in its relationship to supporting life. When we see frozen water, it is often associated with an absence of flow and life. But, its unique features allow nature to function properly in the process of change. An example that many of us would never notice, and might take for granted, is that ice floats on lakes in the winter. What we miss is the fact that water when it gets colder falls to the bottom of the lake. When water gets close to freezing, it then rises to the surface. This causes the ice to form on the top, and in so doing, turns the water over completely in the lake. This turning over moves the nutrients in such a way that aquatic life is refreshed.” ~Dr. Robert Knodt    

The process of inner growth is like that for us, too. It takes diving deep into the unseen and then allowing time and space for the process to unfold. A heavy stone dives deep.  It can be hard at first. Feeling all our feelings, getting in touch with the message underneath can lead to greater compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. When you give yourself the time to go through a process of accessing your inner truth, you come back with greater clarity.  Through mindfulness, it is the process of turning over your inner lake.


Your interior life depends on listening. Subtle or seemingly small encounters, synchronicity, or messages in your daily life can change your perspective while renewing your energy. This is like the second stone ringing out across the ice carrying a message to inform all of your life. Everything in the Universe can be a messenger. There is nothing too small or insignificant.  A newsletter heading, the cashier at Starbucks, or a small gesture of someone smiling or holding the door can make the difference between gloom and bloom!

When you begin to trust the messages from within and realize that the Universe is conspiring with you to build your spiritual self-esteem, doorways open to new possibilities and awareness.   Taking action with the guidance and wisdom you receive will bring balance and more harmony to your life. Every single event, person, situation, the reason for joy, pain or grief has, in fact, the potential to lead to a greater expansion of spiritual awareness and connection to nourishment. Through this lens, you can begin to see places in your life where you have felt stuck or frozen where your inner lake was turning over differently. When this time comes, spend time and dive deep to create new harmonics to create harmony in your life.

The time you take for reflection will improve your quality of response to whatever life is presenting to you next. It might feel like it is impossible to take action when you are stuck, depressed, or in grief. But, by going through the process of self-care, it is then possible to emerge with greater insight and renewal.  Give voice to your thoughts through journaling.  Draw, dance, and play the music that helps you feel connected to harmony.  Build in a movement practice that incorporates a focus on your breath. Read material that will help deepen and expand your understanding. Find a compassionate listener. Eat healthy foods. Spend time in nature. Take inventory of what is good about you! Find a way to go with the flow.  Rest and renew.  

  Want to experience greater insight and rejuvenation in the process? Contact Kimberly Rex, MS here to experience a Resonance Repatterning® session. Each session dives deep in a way that brings more life energy and nourishment to your life with natural modalities designed to help you feel more energized, centered, and empowered.   

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