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Resonance Repatterning Works with Your Inner Software


In the past week I received an email asking what technology or machine did I have to measure a change before and after a Resonance Repatterning session? This question is not new, however, the answer is actually simple. Resonance Repatterning® does not use any machines. The process relies on the inner software of your body-mind system to register the change.

Your inner software is responsive and sensitive to your environment, your emotions, the food you eat, the messages you give yourself, your stress level, as well as to the patterns and habits you have learned and practiced over time.  Science and consciousness technology is moving towards being able to study and register the outcomes of the impact, effect, and healing of natural modalities including color, light, sound, movement, meditation, breath, and energetic contacts all included in the process of Resonance Repatterning®.

This brings up a good point about trusting your own body.  What has happened in your life that has numbed down or taken away your sense of trusting your inner guidance, feelings, or biofeedback? It isn’t that your body-mind system isn’t reporting. Your autonomic nervous system allows you to digest, blink, and breath on your own. Your heart beats independently 24/7.

The importance of this vital information is that your autonomic nervous system is connected to every organ, tissue, muscle, and gland in your body. A Resonance Repatterning® session works with a resonance muscle checking system that accesses this information relayed in the binary muscle response. This means that when the muscle is flexed it is reporting that you are dedicating life energy to the information. When the muscle is relaxed, your body-mind system is reporting that you are not dedicating life energy to the statement or situation.

Internal Wisdom by Kimberly Rex

Inner Listening by Kimberly Rex

One of the most important revelations that comes from a session is the change in where your life energy is dedicated. At the beginning of a session, a client is usually muscle-checking with a flexed response to their issues. In turn, they muscle check with a relaxed response to their positive intention.

The beauty of this process is that it examines the non-coherent aspects of established patterns in your life related to the issues that are brought to the session. Identifying where and when the pattern was initiated, and how it came forward in your life through life-depleting beliefs, habits, and attitudes, as well as how this has impacted your life physically, emotionally, and mentally at core levels then establishes the potential for building greater coherent new pathways and possibilities.

Working with all the systems of the body, Resonance Repatterning® updates and illuminates movement toward a new way of thinking, feeling, believing, and living. This allows you to restore and update the information in your body-mind system to create greater vital life energy for your positive intentions re-routing where your positive life energy is dedicated in the present. Your body-mind system is designed for success and self-healing.

During the day, I work in an office that has two light switches. When I walk in, both lights are off, and it is very dark! If I turn on one, but not the other, the light in the room is still dim. However, if I switch on both, the room fills with light which makes it possible to do so much more. In the same way, when checking for shifts at the completion of a session, we check both the coherent and non-coherent statements as these changes are registered in the muscle-checking responses. The client can feel the difference in the muscle-checking process registered in the muscle-check. Where the person was resonating with an issue at the start, they now resonate with the positive intention instead. By turning the non-coherent statement OFF, they have added more life energy to their positive intention. When the positive intention registers as ON, they have literally created a new pathway with new opportunities filled with greater ease and clarity.

Not only do clients feel the difference in the muscle-checking process, they see a difference. Clients report that they feel more relaxed, less anxious, more hopeful, more energized, and open! This gets translated into a tangible experience that takes you to the next steps in realizations, insights, awareness, and positive change.

This is your invitation to experience a 45-90 minute personal session with Kimberly Rex, MS to tap into the innate wisdom of your body to create sustainable and positive change. Personal sessions are powerful energetic tune-ups for greater wellness and well-being! Sessions can be done by phone, Skype, or in-person.  Get more information about how this works here.

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