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What is Your Relationship Energy Exchange?

Relationship energy exchanges describe the quality and quantity of energy streaming between you and another person. When the stream of energy between two people or people in a group is coherent, your energy fields are amplified in a way that enhances your endeavors and partnerships. Coherent energy streams create a greater sense of harmony, joy, love, trust, pleasure, and creativity.

Whether your relationship is with an acquaintance, colleague, physical or mental friendship, spiritual interaction, therapeutic relationship, mothering or fathering relationship, or sexual interaction, your relationship energy exchange impacts your sense of feeling nurtured, trust, support, respect, protection, boundaries, and sense of ease.

According to Valerie Hunt, a research scientist who studied energy fields, there are three primary relationship energy field exchanges. Everything is energy and energy is everything. What you nourish yourself with through food, relationship, nature and thought make a difference in the integrity of your wellness and well-being. If you find yourself stuck in non-coherent relationship patterns related to any of these, you deplete your energy and your ability to experience choice, vitality, and connection.

1. Reaction Exchange involves too much force or intensity which is a response to survival responses from your past. This non-coherent energy stream does not create growth.

2. Transaction Exchange involves selectively choosing frequencies into your field from an interaction with another person. It is based on the need to protect your field from absorbing what you do not want by filtering. This exchange does not support full expansion, and growth is limited.

3. Interaction Exchange is a coherent energy stream and expansion with another person’s field who is also streaming coherent and streaming. In this energy exchange, there is maximum potential for growth, learning, and transformation.

According to Dr. Viscott, author of Emotional Resilience, when children do not experience their father valuing or showing love to their mother through gesture, word and actions, it becomes increasingly difficult to take the lesson of the fathering aspect in a relationship for a partner or project. When a mother does not nourish, is unavailable or there is neglect, this can lead to unresolved issues that keep a part of you stuck inside dependent, control or competitive/performing stages of child development that interferes with your ability to create discerning, nourishing and coherent interactions in your relationships today.

Many times, based on earlier experiences when trust and safety were violated, or your family experience was one where you did not see or hear your mother or father demonstrate these qualities, you take the non-coherent energy pattern into your own template of relationship patterns. Drs. John and Julie Gottman have studied children and families for several decades and found that it is not conflict in a family that diminishes the ability to practice interacting with others, but the lack of experiencing coherent resolution of the conflict in families. If a child witnesses a particular non-coherent conflict style in a parent that was volatile, avoidant, or that of negotiator, these styles become the lens through which you see and experience the world. These patterns are reactivated in relationships when memory imprints, family patterns or conflict arises.

Resonance Repatterning®works with identifying and transforming your response triggers from earlier experiences in your life through working with non-coherent experiences related to how you relate, perceive relationships, and handle conflict today. This process updates and allows greater balance, harmony, and love by healing these experiences in your body-mind system. This increases your repertoire for more coherent beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and positive action in your relationship energy exchanges.

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