Repattern Your Life Coaching

 Did you ever wonder how your life would change if you could tap into your full potential to live a life rich with integrity, wellness, and well-being? Do your life goals and what you experience in life today match up? Do you feel like your efforts to experience new patterns, opportunities and possibilities aren’t changing anything?

You can achieve and integrate positive change naturally and easily with a certified Master Life Coach with the cutting edge process of Repattern Your Life Coaching.

Kimberly is certified as a Master Life Coach in the areas of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, REBT(Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy), Mindfulness, Happiness, Goal-Setting, Life Purpose, Health and Nutrition, Transformation, and Spiritual Coaching. She integrates Resonance Repatterning into the coaching process. Her background in Person-Centered Expressive Therapy is integrated into Shamanic Art and Art Therapy Life Coaching.

What is Repattern Your Life Coaching?

Repattern Your Life Coaching© sessions work with the amazing process of Resonance Repatterning® to access information from your body-mind system to identify unconscious material that limits your wellness and well-being. In this way, a session gets to the root of underlying needs to transform problems into opportunities. Coaching sessions have a beneficial effect on your motivation, creates momentum, and creates the steps for the manifestation of your positive goals.

Your body is a map of your life’s experiences. Each session works with the fact that you are always able to work with Point of Choice. Every problem in your life is an opportunity for looking at underlying needs and possibilities for meeting life from a more empowered, centered, loving, and joyful place. Within every situation, there is a potential spiral that takes you to a point of choice. Having the where-with-all to be present for this choice is the opportunity. To the degree you are conscious of this potential to choose at the moment, and not react negatively is related to several factors. Cultural and family imprints influence an automatic response to how you interact in the world on a day-to-day basis. Unresolved earlier experiences can impact how you see life through your beliefs, thoughts, and feeling. This results in physical, emotional, mental, and spirit level habitual and familiar reactions.

Your conscious mind is the conductor of your choices at any given moment. However, your unconscious material is the manager of what gets put into action based on how and where your life energy is dedicated, or what you resonate within any given moment.

By accessing material stored in your body-mind system, sessions with Kimberly are more about getting to the root of what is needed for positive change than just working with the surface issues. This cutting-edge process works with consciousness science, natural disciplines of healing modalities with consciousness sciencecolor, light, sound, movement, breath, fragrance, and energetic balancing to shift your awareness and create more life energy for your positive intentions.

With this approach, Kimberly provides feedback and facilitates the process so clients effectively and systematically address personal life challenges. She integrates her extensive knowledge of holistic therapies and Resonance Repatterning® with personalized positive actions for a program tailored to your needs. Through repatterning your life, this process creates the bridge to living your life free of limitations from the past that have disrupted your life energy, motivation, and sense of being in the present. This allows you to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

Repattern Your Life Coaching© sessions get to the heart of issues you need to resolve while you are integrating change. Kimberly facilitates results by transforming stumbling blocks into stepping stones for greater success. With compassion and understanding, she works with you to help build the bridge connected to your inner passion and positive intentions to attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving. Sessions are available by phone, Skype, in-person, or proxy.
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Reaching Depths for New Possibilities

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Reaching depths for new possibilities is a process. One of the definitions of depth is the quality of being profound (as in insight) or full (as of knowledge). Resonance Repatterning® provides a way to work with the body-mind-spirit system to reach insight that brings greater knowledge about how to create greater coherence in your life. By doing so, you have access to the depth of experience from your own life, Family Systems, and energetic information stored in every muscle, tissue, organ, and gland through the Resonance Muscle-Checking system. The process accesses information stored in your system even at the cellular and sub-atomic or quantum levels to identify what your system needs to transform limiting beliefs, attitudes, and concepts of time to rebuild a stairway to more optimal integrity in your wellness and well-being. “Look within; within is the fountain of all good. Such a fountain, where springing waters can never fail, so thou dig deeper and deeper.”~Marcus Aurelius The Depth of the Trauma Body’s Information for Transformation When you experience trauma whether it be physical, emotional, mental, or injury to your core essence of who you are, your body stores this information in the form of energy. When this energy is not mobilized for release in a healthy way, it is stored as a stress response that keeps you stuck in a frozen state. This state activates defense mechanisms designed for your survival. When your body-mind-spirit system operates from the survival level, your capacity to experience safety and trust is contaminated with the unresolved need to protect through fight, flight, or immobilization. Imagine the impact on the way you face life from these survival strategies. It affects what you believe, what you think, and how you react or do not take action in your own life. In fact, the parts of yourself doing this work will protect you from experiencing anything that threatens your survival state. This means that your system living in chronic stress will not be able to see or experience new opportunities outside of this framework. This can translate into feeling like you have little agency and that the world around you has more authority over you than you have over your own life. We all experience stress and stressful situations. Chronic stress and negative emotions can point to a deeper state of distress stored in the Autonomic Nervous system. The stairway from the Trauma Body’s habitual response to what it sees, feels, hears, and experiences into a place that feels safe, secure, and trustworthy is accessed only by diving deep into the tissue of the material the parts of you that have been traumatized and held in place, and then given voice and agency with support and nurture. The beauty of Resonance Repatterning sessions is that every step is guided by what your system needs most for this purpose. Coherent updates are part of every part of the work. This allows your system to become more greatly acquainted with new possibilities and opportunities at a pace that creates greater harmony and balance throughout your system. The Depth of Blockages to Create Greater Life Energy Flow You are designed for self-healing. In fact, a session creates greater life energy for positive change by identifying blockages and interruptions of your optimal life energy flow on the physical,...

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Circling Back to Move Forward

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At times it can feel like you are circling back to an earlier part of your life. This can be both beneficial when you wish to gain insight, experience a fond memory, or unveil a new realization. But, in some cases, unconscious unresolved conflict or trauma from the past imposes itself upon the big screen of your life over and over again, it can create the sense that you have little choice or control. The good news is that you are wired for success and self-healing. You can use circling back to move forward as a springboard to spiral up to a new potential for creating new patterns in your life today. Circling Back to Move Forward is Part of Life Itself All of the universe operates in circles and spirals. From the microorganisms, plant, animal, and human expressions, life shows up in cycles of renewing, sustaining, and releasing as a way to preserve the evolving components and foundations of existence and build upon them. This shows up also in adaptations over time that allow life to sustain and thrive in new and varying conditions. The Earth and all living beings need to adapt to these changes perceived in the environment in the short term and over time to survive. As, humans, we go through daily, monthly and seasonal circles of changes. We are affected by the hours of daylight, temperature, and available natural resources that we take in and are surrounded by. In an ever-changing world, it is valuable to give yourself permission to adapt and change that adaptation when that adaptation is no longer needed. In the fall, we harvest and gather for the coming cold months and put on sweaters and warm coats. However, We take off layers of clothing in the summer and plant new gardens. Circling Back to Move Forward on the Emotional, Mental, and Physical Levels In a world where your physical environment changes, it is essential to give yourself permission to also change when to wear a lighter or different coat as you adapt to new environments in your personal life as well. When your unconscious material carries your past story with limiting beliefs about yourself, relationships, finances, and the world no longer works or fits, you benefit from the realization that the adaptation from the past is no longer useful in your new and current reality. This applies to your limiting thoughts, attitudes, and feelings from that adaptation recorded within your body-mind-spirit system. When you circle back to access the body’s memory, thoughts, and feelings related to the experience. Hypervigilance over perceived threat responses stored from the past when there is no danger in your present takes you out of inhabiting life fully. The potential for inhabiting your body by working with the feedback and sensations from your body memory allows you to transform and contain the experiences from the past so you can experience a more relaxed connection to yourself. This can begin to happen by releasing the tension of the immobilized energy that is signaled by unconscious material that creates stressful reactions that put you in fight, flight, freeze, or collapse mode through the Sympathetic Nervous System response. When you are living from the perspective of unresolved over-adapted trauma response from the past, you respond to the world from...

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Showing Compassion to Your Body for Self-Worth

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Showing compassion to your body is connected to the quality of your self-worth. The importance of being loved and valued for who you are, what you feel, and how you are seen and heard is connected to your self-worth. Shame can damage the bridge to compassion for yourself and self-worth. This bridge can be damaged early in life when a parent or authority figure yells, neglects, abuses, or ignores the needs of a child. Photo by Jonathan Borba on Because the need for connection is so strong, shame serves as a survival response when the connection between others and the self is broken. The need to bond with safety and trust needs to be rebuilt by the parent or caretaker. When this doesn’t happen, the child takes the burden of attempting to regain connection, acceptance, and bonding by trying to earn love. This comes from the child not feeling worthy and left feeling that somehow they need to rebuild the bridge to connection. The outcomes of this need to reconnect can manifest in your body through anxiety, depression, withdrawal, isolation, substance abuse, attempt to be perfect, lying, self-loathing, trying to please others, fit in, self-harm, or expressing itself in PTSD or eating disorders. These attempts to bond or disappear can sometimes hide repressed anger, grief, rage, and sadness for early unmet needs for connection. Start Where You Are to Rebuild Compassion in Your Body for Self-Worth Get in touch with the impact of shame and body oppression created by family, culture, authority figures, age, racism, body shape, size, and color of your skin, religion, and language. Identifying the sources of the shame you feel and your survival strategy reactions allows you to begin to process what has been hidden or oppressed. The truth is that not only is your self-worth and image influenced by the outside world, and this becomes your identity, Shame is also internalized in a way that you embody the negative consequences of degradation and oppression with your beliefs, thoughts, self-talk, and actions toward yourself and, in turn, how you see or experience others. Identify How Your Body is Expressing Your Need for Compassion for Your Self-Worth Trauma experiences related to body oppression can lead to the survival strategies of submission, separation, silence, or secrecy. It is expressed in how you hold your body, your gestures, posture, tone of voice, breathing, how you take space and support, and facial expressions. It is also expressed in what you wear, the music you listen to, the art, and the rituals in your life. “Conditions of worth are circumstances when “self-experience is avoided (or sought) solely because it is less (or more) worthy of self-regard.”~Carl Rogers Notice How You Respond to the Outside World Your life experiences have molded over time into what you experience today. If you are a people-pleaser avoiding self-care, or giving up your inner values to express a different image in your relationships with choices that neglect your truth, it points to your need to bring compassion to your self-talk, beliefs, and ideas about your true nature. Acknowledging how your body has carried you through life, its strengths, and its wisdom to meet your life and spirit needs is essential for building the bridge to self-compassion in the present based on your true personal worthiness. Sankofa,...

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The Benefits of Exercise for Your Body-Mind System

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The benefits of exercise for your body-mind system are essential for your wellness and well-being. As it gets warmer outside it’s an invitation to look at your exercise routines. This can be a good time to create new options for your body-mind system related to movement, and being more in natural sunlight while incorporating fun and nurture into your daily life. Photo by Philip Ackermann on There are many benefits to exercise. These include the reduction of inflammation and stress, as well as depression. Exercise can also help you focus better and get your creative juices going. This happens with the improvement of blood flow giving oxygen and nutrients to the brain. It also supports new brain cell growth. Research has shown that there is a link between academic performance and physical fitness as it improves the function of the Pre-frontal cortex, the thinking center of the brain. This allows better concentration, planning, organization, and calming effect. Workouts and pleasurable activities in nature along with laughter and touch also help to create motivating, action-oriented dopamine levels and boosts endorphins, the brain’s natural pain relief and pleasure enhancers. Being in the sun also promotes the creation of Serotonin which allows you to feel more peaceful and free from worry. Examples of activities might include walking, running, outdoor Tai Chi, gardening, tennis, kayaking or canoeing, swimming, etc. Dancing can also bring pleasure, is a wonderful brain exercise, and can give you the benefits of connection with physical fitness. Planning Time for Your Exercise A recommendation for healthy body-mind functioning suggests that an average of 20 minutes per day inclusive of a short 5-minute walk before and after a meal is supportive for your heart, circulation, and digestion. In Qigong, the recommendation is to walk at least 100 steps after every meal to activate the digestion of your food. A ten-minute walk in nature produces feel-good brain chemistry. You can use this time to take a mindful walk to reduce stress to combat stress hormones, especially when you are upset or frustrated as the blood rushes to the head, and your brain function centralizes in your survival brain leaving your thinking and emotional brain not as operational. This is a time to get back into a more relaxed state to bring your entire brain on board to have access to more options for the next steps in your day. It is also important to stay hydrated for this purpose to bring the energy flow of your body back up the brain stem to include your emotional and thinking brain and down into the rest of your body. Taking Care of Your Body When You Exercise Being in the sun is important, however, it is also vital to dress for being in the direct sun when you are taking an extended walk or exercising. Wear a hat, sunglasses, and appropriate clothing and shoes. Consider taking sunscreen, Tiger Balm, and bug repellent in your travel bag to make your time outdoors more enjoyable. If you are taking a long road trip, it is recommended that you stop every two hours to walk and stretch your legs for at least 5 minutes. There is good nutritional information on the internet for how to warm up sustain, and cool down for workouts. After a workout...

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How to Access Clarity from Your Life

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Finding clarity about your feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and choices takes time. When you feel overwhelmed by the input or expectations of others, it can be difficult to listen to yourself to make a decision, know where to turn, have a sense of timing, or trust the validity of your choices. This is where accessing clarity from your past can apply to your present life, and give greater clarity for creating your future. Photo by Rachel Claire on The Clarity in Accessing the Past Your beliefs, thoughts, and attitude about life are related to each other. When your family system is passed on through the generations as well as your early life experiences contribute to the habits, addictions, choices, and physical responses. The body-mind-spirit system is just that, a system that responds to behaviors, input, environment, lifestyle choices, diet, sleep and detoxification, stress levels, unprocessed trauma within your system, and emotion. This means that evaluating your past in regard to these areas can create clarity about how and why you respond to life today. Gabor Mate, in his talk on the 7 Impacts of Trauma speaks to the following attributes that contribute to a) being separated from your gut feelings, b) feeling disconnected from others: c) addiction, isolation, and distrust, d) impacts on how you see the world, e) lifelong pain until you deal with it, f) brain development and self-regulation, g) shame, h) and difficulty with being in the present moment. His book, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture is a wonderful resource for the compassionate understanding of the individual, familial, and collective impacts of trauma. Your interactions with others and how you see the world contribute to how your system responds or reacts. This can show up by taking on the characteristics of the victim, helplessness, being the rescuer, savior, or perpetrator. Uncovering the roots of these roles that likely evolved over time as survival mechanisms can point to how you are interacting today in either life-enhancing or depleting ways based on how you are interpreting your experience now. The Clarity in Knowing Where You are in the Present Being in the present means that you are aware of your inner world connected to your body signals, persistent emotions, and physical responses. This allows you to perceive where you are in your center with greater clarity as you are experiencing the environment around you. This, allows you to have greater clarity about how you are affected by your environment and this gives you feedback about that input. You can only be aware of what is going on around you or with others to the degree that you have the ability to access that awareness within yourself. Like a computer programmed with software to recognize and choose a response, what you make conscious within your body-mind-spirit systems benefits your ability to consider more options overdriven or automatic adaptive hard-wired conditioning from the past. Returning to neutral gives you the ability to connect to a more educated view of what is happening to you now to bring greater clarity to your life right Inner conflict, negative behavior and attitudes, addictions, and feeling like there is no space for your truth arise from past experiences. When the unconscious material from your negative early experiences...

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Energize Your Health, Energize Your Relationships

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You are an electromagnetic being. When you energize your health, you energize your relationships. Your life energy is established through the relationship between the electrical charges that surround muscles, bones, organs, and tissues. Your heart is regulated by an electrical nerve bundle. Your brain emits electrical brain waves. The cells and atoms of your body rely on the capacity to adapt and thrive based on electric charge. In fact, the quality of health you are experiencing today is directly related to communication quality between the energy circuits of your body-mind system. Your body-mind field is always interacting with the field around it. That means that your wellness and sense of well-being are related. Relationships, whether they are business-related, family, friendship, or intimate work in the same way. They are energy circuits. Energize them with coherent communication, limits, and motivation to return to greater coherence and optimal life energy, and they thrive! If there is a disruption or blockage in your health or relationship through miscommunication, unresolved conflict, or lack of appreciation, your experience of love or well-being changes. Either way, a disruption or blockage of energy equals pain. Energize Your Health with Love Love is the motivating force that energizes life and influences the power of relationships. The light, sound, and expression of life energy thrive with care for your inner needs and feelings. In every relationship, there is an opportunity to expand awareness through a reflection of light and love, and the courage to open your heart. Resolving inner conflict within your physical, emotional, mental, and spirit body results in the potential for greater expression and capacity for love. When there are unresolved issues from past experiences, that energy gets fed into the energy circuit of your relationships whether it is conscious or unconscious. This shows up in toxicity or dissonance as frustration, conflict, pain, suffering, or lack of fulfillment. In the same way, health issues are a product of what is circulated through your body-mind system through nutrition, habits, and self-care over time. Energize Your Health in Your Relationships The quality of life you experience at any moment is dependent on many factors. When you resonate with gratitude, appreciation, forgiveness, and love, you have a greater capacity for connection to others and for that connection to energize you. In a relationship, the expression of these same messages to another energizes your relationship to grow and flourish. When difficulties arise, as they do in life, drawing on the energy of joyful and loving experiences shared helps you to weather challenging situations. Your health also depends on your ability to set limits. The purpose of your immune system is to discern what is self and what is other. Too much resistance however can show up as the inability of cellular systems to communicate with one another in your body. When there is an inability to discern self from others, the response can play out in a number of issues that show up on the emotional, mental, and physical levels. In relationships, this can show up as blame, feeling like a victim, or being out of control with your responses. The truth is that at any moment you can become more energized by taking responsibility for what you are contributing to the energy exchange happening within, and accepting where there is a need to make a change in behavior, thinking, or actions. Taking responsibility includes setting limits in...

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Why You Should Listen to Your Gut

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There are many reasons why you should listen to your gut. Dr. Michael Gershon in his book entitled, The Second Brain, states that there are 100 million transmitters and more nerve cells in the gut than there are in the entire peripheral nervous system. Nearly every chemical that controls the brain in the head has been identified in the gut, including hormones and neurotransmitters. This means that the biofeedback and nudges you get from your gut are essential for your wellness and well-being! The vagus nerve is the main nerve in the enteric nervous system. This explains why you get butterflies in your stomach before a test or performance, how the quality of your sleep affects your mood and ability to focus, and how anxiety response impacts your digestion. The gut has serotonin and opiate receptors much like your cranial brain, has the same rhythm cycle during sleep, and produces chemicals that support anti-anxiety and pain relief. On the physical level, prescription drugs, dietary toxins, pollution, and unhealthy eating habits play a role in minimizing communication within your gut. On the mental and emotional levels, you are affected by resonating with external authority and stressors over trusting your own body’s messages. So it’s an invitation to create greater harmony and balance within so you can trust what your gut is telling you. Chinese Medicine, with its Five Element System of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water has always held the belief that everything you need to know comes from within, and that what you experience within directly influences how you experience life. Earth Element correlates with the stomach and is related to your needs for nourishment and support. Fire Element correlates with Small Intestine, and is related to discernment. Metal Element has a direct correlation with Large Intestine’s impact on your life when you need to let go of habitual Reptilian Brain fight or flight responses ingrained over time from earlier experiences so you can connect more deeply to your true values. Photo by Alex Green on Your body is a map of your life’s experiences. Your energy body is storing this information. In order to get in touch with some biofeedback you might take some time to ask yourself these questions:*What do I value?” (Ask this question about different aspects of your life including relationships, home, family, environment, etc.)* Do I feel connected to my spiritual and life purpose?* Do I respect, listen and act upon internal guidance?* Do I have some unfinished business to release or take care of?* Am I in mourning or grieving something or someone?* What is the stress I am experiencing in life tell me about my need for nurture and support? How is this affecting my stomach and digestion?*What do I need to do to directly take care of nurturing my gut? What do I need to let go of physically, mentally, and emotionally? Take action with this information to create steady and ongoing insight that will support you in making choices for life-energizing direction including foods that are best suited and not best for you, acknowledgment of feelings and life needs, as well as what motivates, inspires, and supports your life. You are wired for success and self-healing. When you listen to the wisdom of your body, you are better able to...

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Coherence Creates Self-Awareness

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Resonance Repatterning® creates coherence in your self-awareness. Greater coherence benefits your experience for a higher energy state potential in your body-mind-spirit system. This allows you to experience greater understanding and respond with positive actions that benefit your life, relationships, wellness, and well-being. This happens through identifying and transforming your unconscious limiting beliefs, attitudes, and patterns with the resonance muscle-checking system combined with consciousness science to pinpoint where and when your system was blocked or interrupted. Working with coherent choices and updates allows you to step into and actualize your inner truth, values, and potential. Photo by Jill Wellington on Personal Self-Awareness Personal self-awareness allows you to meet what you are experiencing more fully. Becoming more aware of your inner strengths and weaknesses over time gives you the ability to be more in touch with what holds you back, as well as what you would like to create. This allows you to look at your inner story as well as the changes you have experienced in your life over time. Self-awareness makes it possible to evaluate life-depleting, stress-reducing, or avoidant behaviors still impacting your life today. This awareness is useful in asking what you would like to create with your life energy to harmonize and balance from where you have traveled to where you are now. (article) Coherence in Relationship Self-Awareness You can only experience as much of another or a situation to the degree you have worked with the emotion thought, or process yourself. Relationship coherence requires empathy, the ability to make space for the other in your awareness with compassion. As unconscious material from limiting earlier experiences stored in your early survival and emotional brain are transformed, it is possible to expand and embody new awareness and expand your ability to understand others. This allows you to observe others’ actions, words, body language, and interactions more clearly. This benefits your personal awareness in a way that allows you to listen to what you are experiencing as you interact with others. This serves as a way to identify similarities or differences in communication styles, It also allows you to become more observant or trusting of your gut feelings or intuition. This happens by looking at how you are feeling and experiencing your interactions with others. Relationship awareness can give you feedback about what you move toward and where you move away from closeness. It can be an invitation to notice how you approach others individually or in groups, monitoring how you build closeness with your values intact from compassionate and coherent self-awareness. Photo by Christina Morillo on “Your presence is the most precious gift you can give to another human being.”~Marshall Rosenberg Through coherent self-awareness, you are better able to observe group dynamics and interactions between members. This mindfulness within and with others can support you in observing the dynamics of group members related to the rules that “govern” the group. You can be mindful of how this affects your participation and how you feel about being a part of the group, where your values are tested or swayed, with what meaning this has for your overall well-being. Coherent Self-Awareness creates the opportunity to take action with this feedback in a way that is both compassionate for yourself, your relationship, or your situation. Through acceptance with self-love,...

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A Wish for Tenderness, Courage, and Hope

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I found this quote that I saved for the holidays long ago. It feels like a good time to speak again about a wish for tenderness, courage, and hope. “What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, and hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal and that every path may lead to peace.”~Agnes M. Pharo Tenderness for the Past As the holidays arrive, it is a reminder to look at life through the lens of compassion and tenderness. Even when issues and situations with family members or others feel uneasy, it is through tenderness that we create compassion. It is through compassion that courage arrives. And, from courage from the heart, hope is possible. Tenderness for the past can serve as a powerful tool to feed your need for support and nurture you in times of challenge and stress. Creating an anchor image of an experience you had that brought you a sense of joy, love, and gratitude is actually a powerful way to feed your need for comfort and joy in the present. Sharing a story of childhood, first date, or memory that connected you to beauty and awe can also feed the needs of others to share in the experience. Listening to others’ stories that contain this same kind of wonder and love feeds you as well. The innocence of seeing the first snowfall or holiday ornament, the remembrance of playing games with friends, or the wonder of having a first pet can all remind you of the tenderness of feeling brand-new to experiences. The feeling of appreciation for the parts of yourself that were able to take in a new world despite what was happening that felt challenging can build your capacity to give yourself permission to look at the world today in a new way. Courage for the Present In the same way, that tenderness feeds you with the memory of kindness and understanding, giving yourself the gift of tenderness and appreciation feeds your entire body-mind-spirit system now. By having compassion for yourself and your experiences, you can move beyond fear to gain the courage to create positive change. This means, that today, while these parts of you from early life that allowed you to survive and attach to others continue to attempt to serve you, some of that material might not apply or even be appropriate for what is happening in your life today. So, courage is required to work with these earlier parts of your life to motivate your entire being to update your needs in the place you are today. To be innocent is to be here as if for the first time, with no attachment to the past. Each moment is actually ever new.”~Adyashanti With the development of your thinking, reasoning, decision-making, and action-taking brain centers on board as an adult, you now have the ability to consider positive change with your global brain. Your early emotional and survival brains that had unresolved trauma do not know the past or future. While you are still hooked to the past well-established limiting patterns, the trauma body lives in trauma time. That is, until you release, heal and create new neural pathways by mobilizing the energy...

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Being in Transition

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Being in transition can change your past, present, and future. We live as though everything has a logical sequential process. However, when the number of transitions you experience escalates, this can change how you deal with the steps you take, the amount of time to complete a process, and your ability to integrate change. The rate of change in our lives has accelerated especially in recent years with the rise of technology and the impact of the global issues created by the pandemic, climate change, and financial instability. In the midst of all of this change, it is important to acknowledge that you are affected by both personal and collective levels. The increasing number of transitions you experience at once translates into the need for a more non-linear way of looking at what is happening to you. Being in Transition as a Way of Life Photo by Alexas Fotos on The number of transitions that you go through has both linear and non-linear characteristics. According to Bruce Feiler, this acceleration of change in our lives is intensified by the chaos and complexity of daily living. Research shows an average of 3-5 life changes every 5 years cumulatively taking up half of your adult life. These life disruptors include the changes and transitions you experience in your relationships, work, sense of identity, body image, as well as your money. Extreme life changes might include the loss or change in home, of friends and family, or your job. Illness, self-esteem, traumatic events, energy levels, moving from one place to another, or change in your energy levels due to the stress that life changes have caused. This all can contribute to an overall feeling of loss of stability, safety, trust, or security. While some transitions are more extreme than others, the tools of the linear world might not feel as productive as expected. The mechanics of the logical linear world applied to starting, pacing yourself, pausing, giving up, or even starting over again might need more time for being with the process as it unfolds than for a recipe or formula. As the world continues to feel like a tossed salad, it’s important to acknowledge that you have a home within yourself that can be nourished by giving yourself the room to be in transition so you can take in the depth of the multi-linear and non-linear transitions you are experiencing personally and we are all experiencing together. Being in Transition in a Changing World The way you look at your own life is also translated into how you see the world. So what power do you have with all of this change happening all at once? The important news is that within you is a well of strength that has gone through challenges in the past. These parts are available to you now. Allowing the parts of your life experience that are stuck or confused to get to know the other parts of yourself that have met challenges successfully can create an empowering give-and-take to support you in the present. Acknowledging your current emotions to meet the current challenges and transition expectations then become non-linear. It is the strength and compassion you have acquired over time that the earlier parts of yourself that still carry limiting beliefs, attitudes, and concepts...

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