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Circling Back to Move Forward

At times it can feel like you are circling back to an earlier part of your life. This can be both beneficial when you wish to gain insight, experience a fond memory, or unveil a new realization. But, in some cases, unconscious unresolved conflict or trauma from the past imposes itself upon the big screen of your life over and over again, it can create the sense that you have little choice or control. The good news is that you are wired for success and self-healing. You can use circling back to move forward as a springboard to spiral up to a new potential for creating new patterns in your life today.

Circling Back to Move Forward is Part of Life Itself

All of the universe operates in circles and spirals. From the microorganisms, plant, animal, and human expressions, life shows up in cycles of renewing, sustaining, and releasing as a way to preserve the evolving components and foundations of existence and build upon them.

This shows up also in adaptations over time that allow life to sustain and thrive in new and varying conditions. The Earth and all living beings need to adapt to these changes perceived in the environment in the short term and over time to survive.

As, humans, we go through daily, monthly and seasonal circles of changes. We are affected by the hours of daylight, temperature, and available natural resources that we take in and are surrounded by. In an ever-changing world, it is valuable to give yourself permission to adapt and change that adaptation when that adaptation is no longer needed. In the fall, we harvest and gather for the coming cold months and put on sweaters and warm coats. However, We take off layers of clothing in the summer and plant new gardens.

Circling Back to Move Forward on the Emotional, Mental, and Physical Levels

In a world where your physical environment changes, it is essential to give yourself permission to also change when to wear a lighter or different coat as you adapt to new environments in your personal life as well.

When your unconscious material carries your past story with limiting beliefs about yourself, relationships, finances, and the world no longer works or fits, you benefit from the realization that the adaptation from the past is no longer useful in your new and current reality.

This applies to your limiting thoughts, attitudes, and feelings from that adaptation recorded within your body-mind-spirit system. When you circle back to access the body’s memory, thoughts, and feelings related to the experience. Hypervigilance over perceived threat responses stored from the past when there is no danger in your present takes you out of inhabiting life fully.

The potential for inhabiting your body by working with the feedback and sensations from your body memory allows you to transform and contain the experiences from the past so you can experience a more relaxed connection to yourself. This can begin to happen by releasing the tension of the immobilized energy that is signaled by unconscious material that creates stressful reactions that put you in fight, flight, freeze, or collapse mode through the Sympathetic Nervous System response.

When you are living from the perspective of unresolved over-adapted trauma response from the past, you respond to the world from a hypervigilant state. This changes your breathing, heartbeat, and your body processes including your vision. You are less able to see details, focus, and discern what is happening right now. You are disconnected from your ability to make conscious choices with your pre-frontal cortex as you are disconnected from reason, decision-making, and critical thinking. Because you are experiencing emotional and survival responses that affect your choices over time through repetitive patterns based on short-term solutions, this continues to control your view of life.

As Peter Levine, Ph.D. demonstrates in the video, by relaxing your muscles with compassionate dialogue and intention, you begin to pair the Parasympathetic Nervous System response to an alternative for your body-mind system over the habitual response. This means that you can then begin to deeply listen to the messages from your body from your Sympathetic Nervous System reactions so you can experience the resolution of the body memory and the narrative that has kept you in over-adapted mode from the past making new adaptations paired with the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Relaxation of your body impacts your mind. You are better able to breathe in a relaxed and full way. You regain your connection to your whole brain and motor function. This creates greater coherence and resilience in that it is what makes it possible to literally feel like the trauma is contained and over in the present. Some examples of self-care relaxation and breathing practices you might explore over time are available in Yoga and movements like Tai Chi.

Sometimes it is important to question your mind about your current situation. “Is it true?”

For example, when you notice that your shoulders are tight, you can ask what is going on. Do you feel safe right now? How stressed are you? If not, does the situation you are in, or a recent event/conversation bring something up that reminds you of a past experience that was stressful? Are you in danger right now? Or, is your body-mind ramping this up because of a trigger word, sound, or visual? Is this word, sound, or visual dangerous to you right now? Can it hurt you right now? At the same time, you can thank your shoulders for this information, and start to relax them in whatever way feels most needed. Notice any other parts of your body that might be holding stress. Relax them also. By doing so, you are practicing self-care and expanding the ability of your body-mind-spirit system to live in the world today instead of the past and empower your ability to distinguish what is real and true for you now.

“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor E. Frankl

By practicing new responses you can create new realizations to spiral up into new possibilities by updating your awareness of the world you live in today. Learning to be more fully engaged in your life today with a new and different set of factors with your own positive changes and actions over time is a powerful tool for self-regulation, self-compassion, and resilience wherever life leads you.

This is your invitation to circle back to move forward with Resonance Repatterning.® Sessions work directly with your Nervous System connected to every tissue, organ, and gland in your body-mind system. Your body is a map of your life’s experiences, and through Resonance muscle-checking can access where your life energy is stuck, frozen, or disrupted. The process works with the limiting thoughts, feelings, and beliefs stored within the material of early experiences that created conflict, trauma, or unresolved immobilized energy in your nervous system. Each session is specific to what you need to support creating greater awareness and coherence personally, in relationships, and in the world. This is the beauty of this multi-discipline and natural multi-modality work.

Kimberly Rex

Kimberly Rex, MS is an Advanced Resonance Repatterning® practitioner, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist, and Wellness and Well-being Life Coach. She works with people all over the world via Skype, phone, and proxy. Set up your personal session here.

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