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Energize Your Health, Energize Your Relationships

You are an electromagnetic being. When you energize your health, you energize your relationships. Your life energy is established through the relationship between the electrical charges that surround muscles, bones, organs, and tissues. Your heart is regulated by an electrical nerve bundle. Your brain emits electrical brain waves. The cells and atoms of your body rely on the capacity to adapt and thrive based on electric charge. In fact, the quality of health you are experiencing today is directly related to communication quality between the energy circuits of your body-mind system.

Your body-mind field is always interacting with the field around it. That means that your wellness and sense of well-being are related. Relationships, whether they are business-related, family, friendship, or intimate work in the same way. They are energy circuits. Energize them with coherent communication, limits, and motivation to return to greater coherence and optimal life energy, and they thrive!

If there is a disruption or blockage in your health or relationship through miscommunication, unresolved conflict, or lack of appreciation, your experience of love or well-being changes. Either way, a disruption or blockage of energy equals pain.

Energize Your Health with Love

Love is the motivating force that energizes life and influences the power of relationships. The light, sound, and expression of life energy thrive with care for your inner needs and feelings. In every relationship, there is an opportunity to expand awareness through a reflection of light and love, and the courage to open your heart. Resolving inner conflict within your physical, emotional, mental, and spirit body results in the potential for greater expression and capacity for love.

When there are unresolved issues from past experiences, that energy gets fed into the energy circuit of your relationships whether it is conscious or unconscious. This shows up in toxicity or dissonance as frustration, conflict, pain, suffering, or lack of fulfillment. In the same way, health issues are a product of what is circulated through your body-mind system through nutrition, habits, and self-care over time.

Energize Your Health in Your Relationships

The quality of life you experience at any moment is dependent on many factors. When you resonate with gratitude, appreciation, forgiveness, and love, you have a greater capacity for connection to others and for that connection to energize you. In a relationship, the expression of these same messages to another energizes your relationship to grow and flourish. When difficulties arise, as they do in life, drawing on the energy of joyful and loving experiences shared helps you to weather challenging situations.

Your health also depends on your ability to set limits. The purpose of your immune system is to discern what is self and what is other. Too much resistance however can show up as the inability of cellular systems to communicate with one another in your body. When there is an inability to discern self from others, the response can play out in a number of issues that show up on the emotional, mental, and physical levels. In relationships, this can show up as blame, feeling like a victim, or being out of control with your responses. The truth is that at any moment you can become more energized by taking responsibility for what you are contributing to the energy exchange happening within, and accepting where there is a need to make a change in behavior, thinking, or actions. Taking responsibility includes setting limits in situations that are hurting you personally. If you are stuck in a repeating pattern, it might be wise to seek support in looking at unconscious roots that still carry a highly-charged emotion or memory imprint. 

Energize Your Health by Setting Limits

How you handle stress is directly related to how your body responds. Resonating with the ability to move through a challenging situation in a self-empowered way actually empowers your immune system. This can only be done when you are in touch with your own needs and feelings and are able to express these needs and feelings in a way that nurtures your energy circuit. This means communication is clear, tells the truth, and expresses care for the energy circuit of your relationship.

Finding ways to energize your own energy circuit include taking care of your body with good nutrition, grounding your energy with a connection to nature, meditation, allowing yourself to identify and process feelings, listening to calming music, exercising regularly, getting in touch with your breath and making space for yourself with downtime and hobbies you enjoy are just a few ways to stay connected to your own energy circuit. This also empowers you to create harmonizing energy for all your relationships.

Kimberly Rex

Kimberly Rex, MS is an Advanced Resonance Repatterning® practitioner, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist, and Wellness and Well-being Life Coach. She works with people all over the world via Skype, phone, and proxy. Set up your personal session here.

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