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Creating Sacred Space in Your Body, Mind and Spirit

  Sacred in the true sense of the word means sustainable. As we enter the season of fall, we are entering a time in nature where trees let go of their leaves while at the same time making space for new growth for the coming spring.  This cycle of life acknowledges the need for energy to push down into the core or  roots to create sustainable nurture for any time and place called that brings challenge, while also  preparing for new opportunity.
    It is the same for each of us. Sometimes you experience obstacles that limit your ability to respond to life.
This might be related to underlying beliefs and patterns which get in the way of approaching life in a new way or seeing new possibilities in relationships, situations and events. However, by letting go of these limiting patterns, you create sacred space in your body,mind and spirit. This allows you to feel rooted and ready to experience new possibilities in your life.

Peace is a sacred space within, it is the temple of our internal landscape. ~Jaeda DeWalt

Creating Sacred Space in Your BODY:  This translates into taking care of your body with healthy choices, and setting boundaries in nourishing ways for your self-care and relationships.
Creating Sacred Space in Your MIND:  Observing and attending to your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes allows
you to begin to choose what is supportive and energizing to your life.
Creating Sacred Space in Your SPIRIT: You are a unique person with unique gifts. The inspiration to
share your gifts and talents are essential to your spirit and life purpose.
Creating sacred space in your body, mind and spirit will allow you to experience greater integrity for your inner value and what you value.  This is experienced through your body,your thoughts, beliefs and actions.  In turn, this ripples out into your life in your sense of purpose, your relationships and how you interact with life.

Kimberly Rex, MS is a certified Resonance Repatterning® and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist. She is also certified as a Master Personal Life Coach.   Needing support for moving on from material in your life that needs healing so you can dedicate more life energy to your positive intentions in the present?   Register for Your Personal Repattern Your Life Session

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