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How to Access Clarity from Your Life

Finding clarity about your feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and choices takes time. When you feel overwhelmed by the input or expectations of others, it can be difficult to listen to yourself to make a decision, know where to turn, have a sense of timing, or trust the validity of your choices. This is where accessing clarity from your past can apply to your present life, and give greater clarity for creating your future.

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The Clarity in Accessing the Past

Your beliefs, thoughts, and attitude about life are related to each other. When your family system is passed on through the generations as well as your early life experiences contribute to the habits, addictions, choices, and physical responses. The body-mind-spirit system is just that, a system that responds to behaviors, input, environment, lifestyle choices, diet, sleep and detoxification, stress levels, unprocessed trauma within your system, and emotion.

This means that evaluating your past in regard to these areas can create clarity about how and why you respond to life today.

Gabor Mate, in his talk on the 7 Impacts of Trauma speaks to the following attributes that contribute to a) being separated from your gut feelings, b) feeling disconnected from others: c) addiction, isolation, and distrust, d) impacts on how you see the world, e) lifelong pain until you deal with it, f) brain development and self-regulation, g) shame, h) and difficulty with being in the present moment. His book, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture is a wonderful resource for the compassionate understanding of the individual, familial, and collective impacts of trauma.

Your interactions with others and how you see the world contribute to how your system responds or reacts. This can show up by taking on the characteristics of the victim, helplessness, being the rescuer, savior, or perpetrator. Uncovering the roots of these roles that likely evolved over time as survival mechanisms can point to how you are interacting today in either life-enhancing or depleting ways based on how you are interpreting your experience now.

The Clarity in Knowing Where You are in the Present

Being in the present means that you are aware of your inner world connected to your body signals, persistent emotions, and physical responses. This allows you to perceive where you are in your center with greater clarity as you are experiencing the environment around you. This, allows you to have greater clarity about how you are affected by your environment and this gives you feedback about that input.

You can only be aware of what is going on around you or with others to the degree that you have the ability to access that awareness within yourself. Like a computer programmed with software to recognize and choose a response, what you make conscious within your body-mind-spirit systems benefits your ability to consider more options overdriven or automatic adaptive hard-wired conditioning from the past. Returning to neutral gives you the ability to connect to a more educated view of what is happening to you now to bring greater clarity to your life right

Inner conflict, negative behavior and attitudes, addictions, and feeling like there is no space for your truth arise from past experiences. When the unconscious material from your negative early experiences is given attention and time to practice positive self-regulation this allows your system to relax, breathe, and take time to process what is happening. From this place, you have the benefit of setting boundaries while expanding your potential for life-energizing experiences. This then creates the opportunity to truly acknowledge your individual needs and experience greater clarity in decision-making.

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The Clarity Considering the Future

Clarity can create positive changes in your diet, lifestyle-related to sleep, exercise, stress reduction habits, and environment. Self-care creates the capacity to experience greater clarity based on trusting yourself, and the signals around you, as you are more connected to your feelings, body sensations, and needs. Accessing your inner nature allows you to discern how to be authentic in the world around you. When you look at how the separation between your inner essence and outer image has impacted your wellness and well-being.

Each time you consider the depth of who you truly are, you can bring back more and more of your essential being connected to all of the parts of yourself. Having clarity about how to build the bridge to bringing what is alive in you can be in subtle or big ways. Becoming more loving of yourself allows you to create what is beneficial for creating respect for yourself and others. In this way, you are able to bring clarity to your life, and direction, through your positive intentions and choices.

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