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Resonating with Making Valuable Decisions and Choices

InĀ Resonance RepatterningĀ® sessions, clients work with places in their lives where energy has been interrupted, or blocked.Ā  Sessions can benefit decision-making by resolving inner conflict or tension related to the internal process to helpĀ clientsĀ with resonating with makingĀ valuable choices that create new perspectives and life-enhancing energy in the process.

The Decision-Making Repatterning works with creating more positive coherence for the decision-making process. Difficulties in making decisions can come from many sources, and this difficulty may, in fact, originate as early as your birth process. In the natural process of child-birth, the baby initiates movement during the birth process. In some cases, a C-section, the use of forceps, delayed pushing or induced birth, can interrupt the developmental phases of the birth journey and affect lifetime processes for decision-making.~Chloe Faith Wordsworth, Founder of Resonance RepatterningĀ® Ā This can lead to feeling frozen, indecisive, and create avoidance that impacts relationships, business and inability to make choices that lead you towards your goals and positive intentions.

Although the Resonance RepatterningĀ® process assists with enhancing the decision-making process, it does not check for the correctness or the best decision. The muscle-checking process works with your current resonance which draws information from your body-mind system in a way to check for information from your beliefs, thoughts, emotions, perceptions, and responses. The purpose of a session is to expand possibilities, update information within, and create greater coherence for harmony and balance in the decision-making process to offer you many more choices and possibilities than you might experience at the moment.

Resonating with choice in your current situation is directly related to earlier experiences in your life. Where there has been a sense of betrayal, an unmet life need that affected your ability to orient yourself to what is life-enhancing and supportive to you, or tension that created inner conflict taken in due to experiences that led to an inability to discern how to approach or resolve internal conflict. This could have been modeled through parental conflict styles or avoidance of conflict altogether.

This repatterning creates safety, respect for self and others, and internal dialogue to identify internal and external resources for informed and coherent choices in the present. By updating your need for the resolution of earlier conflict, and allowing you to go through the decision-making process in the present, your body-mind system then works with consciousness science and natural healing modalities to transform your resonance with limitation so you are in sync with coherent timing, attitude and response to change in an interactive process that allows you to consider your needs and the big picture of your decision with its impact on your life, others, and your life vision.

The Mandorla Conflict Repatterning works with inner conflict related to decision-making.Ā Decision-making can sometimes seem likeĀ either/or, and right or wrong choices. This creates internal tension. Not all decisions fall into this category, however, and this can make some decisions even more stressful. The TED Talk below delivered by Ruth Chang speaks to shifting perspectives about decision-making based on your inner values and quality of life in the midst of making hard choices.

A mandorla is an almond. Imagine two circles overlapping like a Venn Diagram. One side represents one side of the conflict, while the other side represents the other side of the conflict. Where the two overlap, is a new possibility, and is the answer to both sides of the conflict. It transcends the polarity of either. In the Mandorla Conflict Repatterning, the process works by integrating the seeming contradictions presented in hard decisions, that place where both sides of the coin offer something that feels important to consider.

Resonance Repatterning supports creating positive coherence for the decision-making process.

Resonance Repatterning supports creating positive coherence in the decision-making process.

Giving yourself the time and space to support to orient yourself in a life-enhancing direction is well worth the journey. The process in this repatterning works with uncovering the resistance within yourself, to create a kind of synthesis of insight from both views leading to a new viewpoint informed by both potentials creating something more than either view separately.

Through the process, a blueprint for looking at underlying feelings of resistance that stop the process from being more supportive, perceptive, or discerning is included. It works with your self-talk and non-coherence within your body-mind system through your survival, emotional, and reasoning brain. Because the decision-making process is directly interwoven with how you perceive the world through your thoughts, beliefs and vision of life, this repatterning also works with your resonance with absorbing light, your ability to move fully into the world with an intact experience of self, and with creating a memory for the feeling that will orient you towards that which is life-enhancing. The process builds in positive action and natural modalities to create harmonizing coherence, inner direction, and positive action.

Facing a hard choice or decision-making process? Ā Find out how Resonance RepatterningĀ® sessions will benefit you in your process as a powerful tool for positive change with a personal session with Kimberly Rex, MS.

Kimberly Rex, MS is an experienced and certified Advanced Resonance Repatterning, Master Life Coach, and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist with advanced training in holistic and healing therapies. She works with clients all over the world by phone, Skype, proxy, and in-person with cutting-edge energy medicine and transformation processes to re-pattern your life so you can change your story and your life to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being with more life energy for your positive intentions. Ā Contact her at to schedule your personal session for positive change.

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