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The Science Behind Resonance Repatterning

What is Resonance Repatterning®?

Resonance Repatterning® is a process that works with the self-healing energy within your body-mind system. Originally called Holographic Repattterning, Chloe Faith Wordsworth developed this process by working with clients to transform the painful areas of their life. She discovered that by accessing their individual needs, specific to what their body-mind system was reporting, extraordinary outcomes for greater potential for health, nourishing relationships, and greater sense of well-being would emerge.

Working with universal healing disciplines of the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System, Polarity Therapy based on the chakra system of India, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Family Systems, consciousness science, color, light, sound, fragrance, movement, breath, energetic balancing and applied kinesiology, each session taps into the wisdom your body to offer specific support for your needs.

Healing Disciplines of Resonance Repatterning

This process is based on the fact that everything is energy and has a frequency. This means that your back ache, depression, business arguments, as well as your joy and successes are communicating in frequency. Underlying patterns of frequency or resonance exist in both the conscious and unconscious. Your body is a map of your life experience so information from pre-natal, generational and earlier experience can be revealed.

Your Autonomic Nervous System is connected to every organ, tissue, muscle and gland of your body. It communicates information that gives a read-out like an EEG, EKG or pulse. In Resonance Repatterning®  this information is relayed through a muscle-checking system with no machines involved. Through working with the binary response of the muscles, resonance for beliefs, attitudes, dedication and disruption of life energy can be accessed.

Patterns of early entrainment, family beliefs, trauma, loss, illness, grief or abuse is registered in the body as energy that impacts the way a person sees and experiences the world. What you resonate with is what you experience in the world. Through habit and repetition, thoughts, beliefs and actions impact the quality of life you are experiencing today. A session identifies unconscious issues that are blocking and depleting your life energy. Pain is a disruption or block of your life energy. In the course of a session, self-healing modalities release and restore the body-mind field so that there is greater resonance with your positive intentions.

Point of Choice

Point of Choice

Problems are seen as a point of choice, in the same way that Newton described the Motivating Factor. He stated that an object in motion will continue in a straight line until a force changes its direction. Problems can have a motivating force to help us change direction in life. They can also be seen as forces of resistance that can activate positive change. When there is a combination of vision, intention and action, problems can activate extraordinary outcomes.

When you change the way you look at things, the thing you look at changes.~Max Planck

Resonating with your positive intentions, you experience more life enhancing outcomes. When you are experiencing repetitive problematic issues, you are likely resonating with unconscious material that has not yet been resolved or released.

The client moves from a de-energized state to greater awareness regarding positive change. This is registered with a muscle-checking system throughout the session. The muscle-checking indicator registers a change in resonance. Clients experience a change in attitude to feeling more positive and energized. Some experience immediate lessening of symptoms while others experience gradual change as the body-mind field updates naturally. You are designed for success and self-healing.

In some cases, a natural positive action is required to further the work of the session. This activates the intelligent field of action. Like The Butterfly Effect, a small action can create change in the holographic world. Repatterning works at the quantum level to effect the system as a whole. All of life is an interdependent system of interconnecting relationships within our body-mind system and the world.

We live in an ocean of frequencies, organized as a hologram in which each part contains the whole. Creating order in one part automatically benefits the whole.~from Quantum Change Made Easy by Chloe Faith Wordsworth


“Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds.”~Buddha

Overlapping energy fields impact relationship interactions. Cultural beliefs that have embedded through time are energetically present in the collective field as memes. Resonance Repatterning works with personal beliefs, attitudes and concepts of time to help create greater access to new possibilities in the present.

Resonance Repatterning works with universal healing disciplines and natural modalities that can be experienced by anyone individually, in groups locally or “non-locally.” In New Physics, time and space are flexible and unified. The work is successful in-person, over distances or as proxy (standing in for someone else in the Unified Field). Sessions are successful with humans, animals and even enhance the life-energy of plants. For more information about Resonance Repatterning, visit:


Kimberly Rex, MS

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