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Reclaiming Life Energy for Your Positive Intentions: E=mc2


E=mc2 , Einstein’s famous Relativity equation, states that Energy is equal to Mass times the speed of light . (photo from Wikipedia)

I have been thinking about this equation E=mc2 in terms of using it as a metaphor for reclaiming more life energy from the perspective of Resonance Repatterning.® In this case, let’s think of the equation in a slightly different way, however, with similar ramifications for reclaiming more life energy for your positive intentions.

What if the equation went like this?  Life Energy= (Motivation) (Coherence) 2

Chloe Faith Wordsworth, the founder of this process, has often said in reply to the effects of the work, “How much life energy do you want to experience?” What Chloe Faith Wordsworth means is “How much life energy and vitality would you like to free up for your positive intentions?”

Your aim might be better communication, a new business, the experience of greater joy, more harmony and balance in your life, and better health. Whatever your positive intention, it takes energy, motivation and coherence to achieve or do this. Reclaiming vital energy from your system where it has been held through tension, stress, trauma or grief means little or no energy to start on a new pathway with little energy for your positive intentions.  


Life energy and vitality are essential for achieving positive change. In a session we check the client for where their life energy is dedicated. At the beginning of a session, life energy is primarily devoted to the negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns of their life.

The unconscious material within your body-mind system impacts your response or reaction to events or scenarios. The Reptilian Brain reacts with the trigger need for your survival. That means that where there has been unresolved issues from the past, these issues superimpose themselves and intercede in your current situation. This creates a division between what you would like to experience and what you continue to replay in your life in relationships, sense of well-being, worry, fear, self-talk, and stress that contributes to a lack of quality of life, and reinforces neural pathways that continue to engrave the habitual patterns into your life.

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The good news is that the Limbic or Emotional Brain does not know know past or future, however, does affect your experience in the present based on your current neural pathways carved by beliefs, thoughts, and feelings from past experience. This means that in order to access more life energy where there have been limiting beliefs, that there needs to be a freeing up and transformation of this energy.

Resonance Repatterning sessions look specifically at resources and action for creating positive change. Where there has been no tolerance for beginning a shift or lack of information to even start the process, a session invites awareness and next steps to embody and transform issues from the past through finding higher messages, lessons and ways to heal.


Out of habit and need, for thousands of years, your Nervous System has responded to the emotions, reactions and survival needs hard-wired into your system. You are wired for survival which means that you are more likely to have deeply etched responses to events from the past that still get played out in your present as a way to compensate for your safety. Moving beyond includes taking action. In a session, positive actions are identified for creating greater momentum and integration for positive change.

For example, a communication modality (activity) might be needed for a relationship repatterning. A need for clearing toxins from your body or eating particular foods might be needed to improve your health, or a shift in activities to ground and balance your energy system might be in order in the midst of making positive change. Commitment and motivation are often checked within the process related to the energetic root of resistance and   unmet underlying needs that are essential to resonate with in the process of making beneficial changes for greater integrity for wellness and well-being.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. ~Jim Rohn


Even at the cellular and molecular level the quality of function or coherence impacts your experience of health daily. This also affects how you feel and respond to life and change. If there is a shift in perception or perspective about something, the informational map of your body shifts. Your cells have a binary response that either communicate and function with greater ease when its environment is at ease or closes down and have greater difficulties functioning internally and systemically with other cells when stressed.

In Resonance Repatterning® coherence and non-coherence reflect specific and systemic harmony, or disharmony, balance or imbalance and the quality of function. Where there is pain, there is non-coherence or something that is interfering or blocking a shift physically, emotionally, mentally and/or the core essence levels. Creating coherence includes accessing information to identify and shift the root of the issue at the time, level and location within your system that is needed. By doing so your inner environment changes to create better communication, new neural pathways while calming, harmonizing and balancing your body-mind system.


New Physics has identified the holographic aspects and dynamics of the Universe. In relation to patterns in your life, when one aspect of a pattern shifts it has systemic influence creating a rippling change within your mental, emotional, physical and spirit levels. As an example, a person who experiences less emotional pain might begin to hold their body differently once they have more sense of well-being and joy. This, in turn, might affect their posture and change where they have experienced constriction in movement. 

You can have a whole new outlook on life when you look at it from a different angle.~Nigel McKain

In sessions, clients move from a place of dis-ease into greater access to the innate wisdom of their body-mind system through releasing, opening and restoring the communication between all of the systems of the body while updating information so that a new response to input, communication, seeing from a different or new perspective creates new patterns. The absorption of energy and use of coherent energy gained  then creates new opportunities for seeing the world and responding to it in a new way.

More is possible because you have more coherent energy now dedicated to your positive intentions!

Re-pattern you life to create greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

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