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The Peace that Begins Within

Family Systems is one of the many healing disciplines integrated into Resonance Repatterning®. The purpose of this work is to create greater inner peace in your body-mind-spirit system when you are living with the past loyalties to your groups and systems that conflict with your individuality and author-ship of your life. The peace that begins within starts with working with Self, and how it affects your relationships and view of the world.


Events in your life, your family’s history, and stressful experiences impact your wellness, well-being, and how you see and experience the world. When you experience conflict within, it is often related to how you experience parts of yourself that carry limiting beliefs, attitudes or concept of time with what you would like to create. About 90% of this material is unconscious based on protection, safety and need for homeostasis. The peace that begins within starts with making this information available to your conscious Self.

New Possibilities: Getting in touch with your thoughts, feelings, and body sensations when you are in a challenging situation is an invitation to witness how you are experiencing life in any given moment. By doing so, you create a bridge to allowing your inner world to inform you in a way that builds connection to the present. It is possible then to shift your awareness to your internal messages and needs that are speaking in response to what is happening in your life.


“Let’s shine the light of consciousness on places where we can hope to find what we are seeking.” Marshall B. Rosenberg

In Family Systems, a group is a system that is bonded by certain beliefs and rules. This could be your family, members of a club or organization, culture, religion, or even a company. These groups have their own beliefs and rules. Some emotions in specific groups can be “good” and allowed, or “bad” and not allowed. Beliefs that allowed in one group, might be taboo or “bad” in another group.

This is where loyalties to belief systems create interference patterns to expanding your capacity to be in some groups while you feel more “at home” in other groups. You take your belief systems from with you wherever you go as you interact with groups with different belief systems everywhere you go.

These patterns of limitation are often unconscious, and the only way to transform these emotions, thoughts, and beliefs is to make them conscious. By doing so, you expand the capacity of your awareness to experience greater choice beyond the rules set within your family system historically at a very deep level.

New Possibilities: Exploring these unconscious limiting patterns can create the opportunity to expand your view while staying curious to your individual needs. While you have been influenced by the infrastructure of your ancestry, you also have the capacity to expand your awareness to experience greater freedom and choice. Once you integrate and update your way of seeing the world, you are then better able to see and experience others from a broader lens of awareness.

For example, let’s say that in your family of origin the emotion of “joy” is not allowed. Perhaps there is a resonance with a sense of grief, working hard or a sense of being victimized that originates from an ancestor or systemic root. Moving beyond systemic limiting rules can create a sense of guilt.

However, by expanding your capacity to show respect and loyalty to your system in a way that allows love as you see each family member as a part of your system, you then expand the ability of your system’s rules to explore this new possibility of joy.

When the family has been brought into its natural order, the individual can leave it behind him while still feeling the strength of his family supporting him. Only when the connection to his family is acknowledged, and the person’s responsibility seen clearly and then distributed, can the individual feel unburdened and go about his personal affairs without anything from the past weighing him down or holding him back.~Bert Hellinger


When you have the awareness to choose to expand your limits from a particular group or explore beyond the circle of your group, you take your beliefs with you. Every person thinks differently and perceives the world in their own way. Everyone is born into a specific group related to family, culture, language, habits, and everything connected to them. If the habits and values of another group oppose your beliefs, this can create conflict.

New Possibilities: When you are also able to see others imagining their parents with their beliefs, culture, language, and specific religion, you are better able to understand what makes them the way they are. Each person has their own dislikes or likes and has different needs. There are no “good” or “bad” people, only different ways of seeing the world. Being able to see each person as an individual is a way to open the circle for each person. Once we open the circle within ourselves, we can then connect with others with this foundation.


You can only be at peace within when you are reconciled with what you are. This allows you to open up to life to receive everything life offers you. You can take that vital life energy that comes from your parents and ancestors. This creates the opportunity to learn from this material. It allows life energy to flow to you. When accessed with a sense of humility so that you can learn from it instead of pushing it away, this information creates an opportunity for you to expand and grow.

You could not be here without your parents and ancestors. Once you take this information, then you are able to use this to transform your life. This allows you to face life and do something good with that information. Instead of repeating the patterns of limiting beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes out of loyalty to your system, you are better able to give respect and honor to your ancestors in a way that also makes that possible for your Self. That means greater choice and new possibilities.

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