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Tending to Your Heart

Tending to Your Heart

In the aftermath of the heartbreaking massacre in Uvalde, TX, it feels important to look at how you areĀ tending to your heart. The gut-wrenching grief and exhaustion from processingĀ the violence in the news, the pervasive loss of life from COVID, and the war in Ukraine make it important to also give compassionate support to your own heart.

We know that your heart is affected by emotions. Heart rate, pressure, and even shape and size change with the intensity of grief, heartbreak, sudden change, or loss. As an example, the news shared that the husband of one of the teachers killed at Robb Elementary School tragically had a heart attack and died shortly after this incomprehensible traumatic event. Our hearts break.

So what can we do to give tenderness to our hearts in midst of all of the cacophony? This article will offer some simple and natural modalities related to foods, herbs, essential oils, teas, stones, sound, acupressure, and energetic contacts for tending to your heart. Please use any that call your name. Your heart carries the wisdom, intuition, memory, and compassion needed for this time. For additional support related to anxiety, trauma or overwhelm you can also get more ideas here.

Modalities for Tending to Your Heart

ModalitySpecific ModalitiesHow to Use
Energetic Contacts, Sound, and Color to Treat Your Entire Body-Mind-Spirit SystemHarmonizing Contact
Medical Qigong Under Healing Blue Skies
Listen to calming music
Aromatherapy and Essential OilsClary Sage for grounding and coming back into center Rose for grief and broken heartDiffuse in the room, inhale, surround yourself with fragrant roses or apply to acupressure points with a carrier oil

Green tea for serotonin; Lavender or Chamomile tea for calming; Bergamot or Linden tea for anxiety; Chai or Tulsi tea for grief Hawthorn Tea for your heart Rose petal tea
Teas for Stress and Depression:

Solar infuse rose petals in water and drink tea
Stay well hydrated.
HerbsSage, Hawthorn, Rose, Linden, Motherwort, Mimosa, Holy Basil (Tulsi)
FoodsEat dark leafy greens; Omega 3 foods; foods with Tryptophan (a precursor for serotonin). Eat root vegetables for grounding.’ Cook with sage associated with relieving sorrow.Foods with Omega 3
Foods with Tryptophan
Acupressure PointsKidney 2: (brings warmth, joy, and love);
Conception Vessel 17 (Ren Vessel): relieves anxiety;
Lung 1 (Letting go); Stomach 36 (grounding);
Gallbladder 20 (insomnia and clears brain); Governor’s Vessel 24.5 (center of the forehead above eyebrows and below hairline)
Acupressure Point Locations
ExerciseTake a walk, stretch to relieve anxiety, tone, and singWalk next to or near water or in the forest. Spend time in gardens.
StonesRose quartz for unconditional love; obsidian for absorbing negativity; Amethyst for restoring balance*Carry the stone with you or wear the stone; use it in your bath water or make solarized water with stone; hold it in your hands (sub chakra of your heart) or near your heart *
MeditationsGrief Meditation

3 Meditations for Keeping Calm and Carrying On

Now is the time, more than ever that you take good care of yourself by tending to your heart. Be well, sleep well, and eat well. Think well, and love yourself well. We are at a turning and tipping point as we move forward with the potential for significant change. Let’s use our hearts to create new opportunities for sustaining life, love, and compassion starting with ourselves, and hold this space for tangible and sustainable possibilities!

Kimberly Rex
Kimberly Rex, MS

If you have any questions about how to use these modalities in this article, feel free to contact me at If you are experiencing heartache at this time and would like a personal Resonance Repatterning session, this is also the place to make contact.

From my heart to yours,


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