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Making Space in Your Life for Self-Care

When creating time in your life for daily self-care it is important to resonate with the need to make space for yourself in your day. Resonating with the need for inner sanctuary, guidance, and/or connection to the center can motivate you to start and continue making this a part of your wellness and well-being practice.

Making time for yourself can be done in many ways. Flexibility is key. Knowing that you can sit, walk, draw, listen to music, or journal with intention allows for more flexibility and ongoing self-care. Identifying your needs for meditation to create stress reduction, and relaxation improves your ability to access inner wisdom, improves your memory, and creativity, and healing your heart and your health. This allows updates and benefits on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your being. This alone can motivate and build momentum for your practice.

Keeping it simple with a length of time that is possible also benefits your practice.
Taking as little as 10 minutes per day is achievable. Tuning into your breath and your heart, or walking with a focus on your breath and contact of your feet on the earth can be invigorating to your whole being. Listening to music with your eyes closed for ten minutes can give you a tune-up. Tuning into your heart and then responding with a journal or drawing pad will inspire you, and offer inner guidance and healing. In this respect, spending time with yourself daily allows you to find your center, rejuvenate and move through your day with greater harmony and balance.

1. Start your process in your heart.

Pain is a disruption or blockage of energy in your body-mind system. Widening your heart to the places in your life where you feel resentment, anger, and guilt is a way to bring inner peace to unfinished business from the past By doing so you create more coherent energy flow in your body-mind system for greater wellness and well-being.

Here is a recording of a heart meditation to get you started:

Make time for understanding and forgiveness. Your parents, boss, partner, ex, and earlier evolution of self did the best possible based on awareness at that time. It is not the experience you had in the past, but your resonance with the event today, that makes the difference in how you experience life right now.

Take the opportunity to look at your needs that were not met in these earlier experiences, and to bring greater understanding and compassion to the message within that is in need of support and healing. Then take the higher lesson and message into your life in the present. This will allow you to apply what you have learned to what is unfolding in front of you now.

In this way, you will feel more energized, discerning, and able to tap into new possibilities. For you are only able to experience as much love, joy, and feeling of being centered and empowered in your life to the degree to which you are able to feel all of your emotions, and allow them to inform your life.

2. Energize your health and relationships with gratitude.

When you feel more at home within yourself, you then can take nurture from the Earth itself. Gratitude and appreciation for all the ways you are taken care of, looked after, and have had needs met help you to feel more grounded. Spending time in nature and in your heart with gratitude and appreciation are important tools for your health and relationships.

This creates more orientation to the present, with the feeling of more safety and trust. In turn,it allows your body-mind system to work more effectively. When you apply this anchor feeling of gratitude to your current life situation, it benefits you in becoming more aware of your self-care needs so you can register where you need time for introspection, or time with others to share the warmth and joy of connection.

3. Trust your gut and listen to your body’s wisdom.

You are designed for wellness. You are designed for self-healing. When you feel overwhelmed, realize that you can treat both your physical and emotional body with self-care. Get in touch with your inner dialogue. Learn to trust your instincts while familiarizing yourself with stress responses for HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.

This is an invitation to take time and space for yourself to receive nurture, to regenerate so you can be present to your inner needs, more available to listen to others, as well as more available to what life is offering you in every moment.

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