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Information Within the Webs of Life

On a day-to-day basis, you are receiving and experiencing life based on the influences that have informed your body, mind, and core essence of self from conception. Your attitudes, beliefs, culture, and family structure weave a tapestry of connecting these informational webs of life.

These webs serve a purpose. They allow you to receive nurture, to understand the way the world works, and give structure and meaning beginning even at the most formative stages of development, in your mother’s womb.

This information is passed through the embryonic fluid, through the vibration of sound and tone of your mother’s voice, her stress levels, her preferences for food. and her hormonal responses to the world around her. In Annie Murphy Paul‘s book, Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives, she details the research evidence that proves that learning begins earlier than you might think.

  In addition to this information, you are also accessing the generational line of culture, beliefs, and health paradigms of your ancestral line in the womb. Your mother developed in your grandmother’s womb. Both your father and mother were fertilized eggs joined by the spark of life created by the union of the egg and sperm of their parents, and so on.

For this reason, it is vital to acknowledge the influence of generational as well as pre-natal information in your experience of life today.

Making Change in Your Time

The world is rapidly changing with significant requirements for flexibility, resilience, and co-creation culturally, economically, and environmentally. It is a different life than that of your grandparents or even your parents. Yet there are lessons to be learned from your ancestral line and your life experiences. This information is stored within your bio-energetic field. By taking the learning from the events, history, and belief systems, it is possible to build new paradigms and awaken to new possibilities for a life of greater freedom, self-awareness, and understanding.

You are connected to your ancestral line that goes back for many thousand years. In the film Genetic Rivers written by Janus Roze, he speaks of DNA research that looks at ancestral ties across centuries. Within these webs of connection, your ancestors were likely from many places on the planet through trade, shifts in government, slavery, wars, and the need for geographical movement for the sake of continuing life. If you were to look back far enough, perhaps you would find that you are indeed joined to many other parts of the planet., languages, religions, and belief systems.

The research of Franz Popp details that DNA emits light and can be influenced by shifts in consciousness. These changes have the capacity to create greater wellness and well-being not only for self but for others through healing in the webs of connection. Your contribution to the web of life is essential. In his film, Genetic Rivers, Janis Roze speaks to both the river of DNA and consciousness that makes you unique in this moment.

The light that you radiate through your choices, actions, words, and interactions with others makes a difference on the cellular, personal, relationship, and global levels. Know that you are an important link in the web, and you are in the process of awakening to consciousness. “You are the cutting edge of human consciousness that creates the future.” ~Janis Roze  

 What will your impact be?

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