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Earth Element: It’s About Nurture and Support

At this time of year Earth Element from the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System emerges as a time of harvesting the nurture and support of the Earth with berries, fruit, and vegetables. In order to get to this harvest, these plants needed nurture and support. They needed sunlight, rain, watering, fertilizer, pollinators, stakes (support), and protection.

As a human being, you need nurture and support. For this reason, this element focuses on your Stomach and Spleen. How you receive nurture through whole foods, clean water, self-care, exercise, being in nature and the sunlight makes a positive difference in how you experience support in your life.

As an analogy, consider the sunflower. This heliotrope turns its flower-head atop its tall stalk towards the sun as it crosses the sky each day. It is oriented to taking nurture and support. The same concept for resonating with orienting with what allows you to take what is beneficial for you with nurture and support holds true. Once you resonate with this implicitly, you build greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

Nurture and Support for Self

Stomach: First things first, it is important to nurture your body-mind system. When you eat food it is vital to feed the hunger of your organs. When you eat food to nurture and drink water for hydration and energy flow, you are taking care of more than just your physical body. This nurture creates a greater ability to start projects, sustain your attention, respond to life with a sense of center. The term, “HANGRY” points to the reactive response that comes when you are extremely hungry, are eating foods of little nutritional value, or have not nourished yourself for a significant period of time.

Becoming irritable, tired, and unfocused is a result of not getting enough nourishment or hydration. Taking nourishment for your wellness and well-being allows you to feel more at home within your body. When you nourish your body, you also need to digest what you have eaten. Taking a short walk after eating enhances this process as you have Stomach and Spleen acupressure points on the bottom of your feet.

Take a walk of 100 steps after a meal to stimulate digestion.

Digesting food and ideas can be similar. This is why it is important to give yourself the time to create the energy flow to access the wisdom from your body-mind system. Know that in the same way, you can only eat one bite at a time, digesting new information or resolving issues in your life need time to register, digest,  to create new insight or resolution.

When you embody and create sustenance within your own body, your home, this creates the potential for interacting with others in a reciprocal way. To the degree that you are connected to your own body equals your ability to see and experience the whole of another person. This means that being able to care, access inner observation, and wisdom from within. At the same time, you become better able to listen and experience your interaction with other people.

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Spleen: On the physical level, spleen serves many purposes that support your body.  It recycles red blood cells, filters blood, stores white blood cells and platelets, and fights bacteria that can cause pneumonia and meningitis. On the emotional and mental levels, you can see how Spleen Official is associated with your ability to support or hold yourself up during a process, project, or situation over time. When you feel that you are a victim of circumstances, can’t take a step forward, or feel disoriented in your own body, this could be a signal from an unresolved earlier experience where you experienced shock, pain, or an empty feeling.  If there was no support for you moving through that experience you might still be responding to that memory imprint. Spleen points to your need to evaluate internal and external resources for support. This could mean talking to someone, delegating, getting more rest, or breaking up a project into parts. It might also mean that you are not yet resonating with taking support for your life, not asking for help, and essentially toughing it out.

It is important to look at how you move through life daily while creating inner support and nurture for your time, energy, and well-being. Taking the message is essential while balancing how much you give to a situation, relationship, or project is directly related to the quality and quantity of life energy you have in your physical and emotional bank account at the time.

Offering Nurture and Support to Others

Family Systems is one of the interdisciplinary healing disciplines in Resonance Repatterning®. This work speaks to the  need for balance in the process of giving and receiving in relationship.*

With empathy, I’m fully with them, and not full of them – that’s sympathy.~ Marshall Rosenberg

From the perspective of Family Systems, offering help to another person (adult) has some guidelines to enhance this balance while respecting, nourishing, and benefiting another person in the process.

  1. Give only what you have and take only what you need.
  2. Accept circumstances as they are and intervene only when it is possible.
  3. Consider others as adults or peers. Relate to them as equals. Avoid putting yourself in the position of being their “parent.”
  4. When you interact with others, know that they have their own parents, family, and ancestors. This has influenced them, and also is a link to their vital life energy which is their birthright.

The degree to which I can create relationships, which facilitate the growth of others as separate persons, is a measure of the growth I have achieved in myself.~ Carl R. Rogers

With that said, being present with others by focusing your attention, facing them, listening, and affirming what you hear them say are powerful ways to help. By doing so, you are creating the capacity for the other person to experience themselves more deeply. This allows the other person to call upon their inner capacity of support and nurture without taking away their sovereignty.

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When you resonate with being more at home within your own body, this creates the potential for feeling at home in new situations and places, and on the planet. This is because you take your home with you, and experiencing others with their own sovereignty allows you to feel more at peace within. Earth Element has a lot to give and teach us about nurture and support.

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*Resonance Repatterning® acknowledges the work of Magui Block who brought Bert Hellinger’s Family Systems process to this body of work.

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