Dec 11, 2019

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Winter Movement for Life Repatterning

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Life is energy in motion. Without movement, we cannot take in the vital energy of light. Light is an essential nutrient for your wellness and well-being. Absorbing life-energizing light creates more ease of movement. within your body-mind system. Movement creates more light, better mood, and vision. When you move less, you take in less light into your body-mind system. You need movement for life.

The dark months can create this kind of imbalance. Fewer daylight hours and cold temperatures limit your ability to take in natural light and motivation to move. This lack of light and movement can leave you feeling de-energized, depressed, or frozen.

The Winter Movement for Life Repatterning process creates ways to integrate coherent light and movement to benefit your specific wellness and well-being needs.

Light and Movement Work Together

Your eyes allow you to give meaning to your experiences. You move towards or away what attracts you or away from what does not attract you, or from what feels dangerous based on how much you are able to see.

The movement of your eyes gives you far-point capacity so you can scan the horizon to explore new possibilities that interest you. Near-point vision allows you to look at details more accurately.

When there is tension in one or both of your eyes it limits the amount and quality of light you take in. This leads to more tension in the rest of your body. The relationship between your eyes and body impacts how you feel and experience life.

Moving relieves tension and affects how you think and feel. Movement creates endorphin production, and full and open breathing while harmonizing the energy flow throughout your body. This improves flexibility and decreases pain. Movement stimulates the flow of light through your eyes and expands your peripheral vision. Movement and light support staying in touch with your feelings, interacting with others, for connection, bonding, and pleasure.

Register for Your Winter Movement for Life Repatterning

This is your personal invitation to take part in this 60-minute personal Winter Movement for Life Repatterning. This process works with your body-mind connections to empower your life energy, vision, and flexibility in movement. The process will work with the tension and stress in your body related to limiting patterns in your life. The session will transform limiting beliefs and feelings that affect your vision and mobility. This will allow you to experience a greater sense of freedom of choice, expanded vision, and sense of well-being.

Register with the LINK below to set up your session time and date:

Movement for Life Repatterning

The Solstice Group Movement for Life Repatterning took place on December 21, 2019. Find out about future group repatterning event from Windows to the Heart Repatterning with LINK below.

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