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What is Resonance in Resonance Repatterning?

What is resonance in Resonance Repatterning? When you resonate with something there is a match in vibration or frequency with that something. It is more than a belief and feeling. It is a match, which speaks to the integral whole of who we are. That sensation resounds or is amplified within you. You are in sync with a statement, person or situation in a way that communicates at the bio-energetic level of response. This response is emotional, mental, physical and at the core essence of who you are in your experience day-to-day.
An example in the physical world would be that of a tuning fork with the frequency of “A” being struck in a room with a piano. The tuning fork would vibrate at the frequency of “A”. The piano string with the exact same frequency of “ A” within the piano would respond to the frequency and begin to vibrate even though it had not been physically directly struck.

We have all experienced this in our lives. Our bio-energetic sense of the world registers as emotion (energy in motion), physical, feeling and conscious states indicate our response to people, places and things. Frequency patterns are present in everything in the Universe. Every problem, opportunity, person, organ in our body, element, relationship, etc. has a frequency pattern. How you interact and respond to these frequencies is your resonance.

Resonance based on the filters of your belief systems, physical systems, energy flow, disruptions and blockages in your Chakra and Meridian Systems altered by stress, trauma, pain, unconscious patterns (prenatal, parental and generational patterns)   impact how you interact with the world, and how it is interpreted within.  You  feel attraction to particular people, places, and situations and have positive, neutral or negative responses based on your resonance.

Resonance Muscle Checking~photo by Kimberly Rex

Resonance Repaterning uses the fact that this information can be accessed through resonance kinesiology through your muscle signals within your bio-energetic field. Resonance muscle checking accesses information from your Autonomic Nervous System containing the material of your unconscious beliefs and patterns.

You are wired for success and survival. The Autonomic Nervous System allows you  to breathe, respond to the environment, blink and move away from danger without having to think about it. The entire Universe is comprised of intelligent energy and supports your life.

Your bio-energetic system has the information that  gives insight as to where your life energy is dedicated, interrupted, blocked and inflow related to your  health, relationship, opportunities, abundance, creativity, etc. Where energy is blocked or less than optimal in the system due to non-coherence, a Resonance Repatterning session works to restore optimal energy flow through restoration of frequency patterns  that create  harmony, vitality and life-enhancing support. The power of a session is that  through a session your body-mind system  can become aware, and deliver information to the exact place within your bio-energetic system to restore balance. Even when a session completes, your bio-energetic system continues to bring our system back into more optimal alignment.

ratherWith the energy shifted, this in turn, affects how you perceive the world (your subjective reality). With the frequency patterns shifted in your energetic field, you become more aware about how you experience life, and begin projecting a different frequency harmonic. What you resonate with becomes your picture and soundtrack of the world. You can shift the overall picture and soundtrack when you shift your resonance with any part of the structure of your personal beliefs, senses, and essence.

The truth is that like a hose that has a kink in it removed, you have more optimal energy flow for moving into the world with vitality, strength, and purpose. The beauty of a session is that through the process of resonance muscle checking, locating the information within the kinks in the hose leads to the opportunity for transforming where and how your life energy is dedicated.

Think about that. It is as simple as the analogy of wearing rose-colored glasses. If we were to see the world differently, in turn, our world would be different. In other words, reality is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s say you are in the middle of rush hour traffic. You could respond in one of two ways. You could respond from stress and frustration with all of the noise, time spent on the road and the drivers on the road, or, you could resonate with the feeling that this is a time to not be in such a hurry in your day, that the person pulling into the lane in front of you might be having a tough day and bless them on the road. This is a shift in perception. Our body will experience something different in each of these frequency modes.
What we resonate with is what we experience in the world. If we change our resonance we change our experience in the world.

And now, I’d like to invite you to explore this topic more deeply by giving yourself the gift of energizing your life and relationship with a personal session. Experience this cutting-edge healing process that creates extraordinary outcomes.

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Kimberly Rex, MS

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