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Updating Your Memory Bank: How This Works in Resonance Repatterning®

In Resonance Repatterning® sessions, the idea of positive change works with updating your memory bank related to limiting beliefs, thoughts and patterns. Each session is individual to your needs.

When you are still attached to an unresolved earlier experience, this shows up in your life as a response to situations, relationships, and events that have similar material that triggers unmet needs or unhealed trauma from that experience.

These are the places that keep you stuck in the neural web and nervous system response, attitude and concept of time in your life that place you in automatic in the way you react. This means that even if you consciously have tried to change an old pattern, you may still have a knee-jerk response from your unconscious mind.

This unconscious material is controlled by the Fight or Flight and Emotional Brain that were primary to the feelings and reactions to earlier events where information tangled to become a net of memories, feelings, and response. The protective and feeling response you experience is in your body-mind system today is because your unconscious brain does not have the capacity to tell past from the present. It knows what it is experiencing right now. Reacting today to this material with the same response, thinking, and feeling as if it were still fresh once again makes the time for healing in the present vital.

Turning Off the Alarm System

It is an alarm system that goes off without warning when the “code” of anything that mimics or blends to trigger the material from the past that keeps it in your life today. Knowing that you can change the response, attitude, and response to the event when given a new perspective by looking more closely at these factors to create the awareness in how you are referencing and living through the lens of the past in your life today. This awareness allows you to incorporate new thinking, emotions, and attitudes by using this information for transformation. Turning off the repetitive alarm reaction allows you to reset your inner way of seeing the situation changes your approach to how you experience life now. Spending time with the material through expanding both time and space to include the messages, growing edge, positive intentions, and more coherence in the working of the whole brain with the body-mind system creates healing for new possibilities. This, then allows you to reclaim more energy in your emotional, mental and physical bank accounts for your life today.

We can go back and change the past, or at the current moment, we can change the future. ~Bruce Lipton

Changing How You Experience Life

A Resonance Repatterning session works with a Resonance Muscle-Checking system that accesses your unconscious material through your Nervous System. This means that a session can identify where, how and when information is stored. By working to resolve where energy has been interrupted or blocked, a session works to create more optimal energy flow and sense of well-being neuro-chemically, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually (core essence of self). This creates greater communication between the neurons, cells, and systems of your body, creating more coherent energy, a sense of well-being and conscious choice for your life today.

A new way of responding to life means discernment. Learning new ways of responding to life is a process. It can feel as though you are in new territory, or it may mean that you change what you are doing altogether. Subtle changes over time rebuild new pathways and change responses to what once felt familiar. You may notice your choices, self-talk, and interactions with new eyes, and have more life energy to devote to your positive intentions. This is built on making a conscious choice instead of having your life energy drawn more into worry, guilt, grief, trauma, and despair from the past.

You may find yourself resonating with simplicity or find yourself drawn to new people, places, and situations. This allows you to create a present and future where you reference new beliefs and attitudes with conscious construction in how you choose to use your time.

Free up your energy for authoring your life in the present by having a personal Resonance Repatterning session. It’s an investment that multiplies in benefits through all areas of your life!

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