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Timing is Everything: Resonating with Now

Timing is Everything” is a saying that applies to a sense of place in the world, the process of meeting up with others on your path, your creativity, relationships, and business opportunities. We look at the world through the lens of time-related to punctuality, missed, lost or potential opportunities, the pace of work, being on time, being early, or too late. Time is superimposed over both your sense of space and the amount of “time” beginning with your birth and throughout your life. Resonating with now is an incredible benefit of the Resonance Repatterning® process to reclaim life energy for your positive intentions in the present.

As a bio-energetic being you also have an innate, and natural bio-energetic relationship with timing through the workings of your organ system. You have a need for both light and dark for your health. You need physical movement and sleep. You also need support for the transition from early childhood to childhood, puberty, menses to post-menses, and the need for personal time within the ocean of responsibilities of your daily life.

The dance of cultural time, timing, and meaning you give to any part of the process can be beneficial or challenging. Your resonance is key in how you meet these events and situations in your life based on cultural, physical, emotional, and spiritual beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts in the present. This makes all the difference in the quality of your living in the present while living in the world at large.

This article speaks to the possibilities for shifting your perception of time and time in the present by transforming your resonance with timing through the eyes of the Resonance Repatterning ® process. Sessions update your memory bank so that you experience more beneficial resonance with your life today affecting your self-care, mindfulness that impacts your wellness and well-being.

1. Birth Process Repatterning:

According to Dr. Watson and Ray Castellino, our birth process holds the key to the patterns you experience in your relationships for the rest of your life. The timing of your birth-related to any complications, being early or late from this view also influences your resonance with time.

“Human beings are affected by their environment as soon as they have an environment, and that means as soon as they are implanted in the womb… People are conceiving, carrying, and birthing children under increasingly stressful conditions.   Stress that affected one generation will be played out in the next generation.   When we see dysfunction in people, we’re actually seeing the imprint.”~Gabor Mate, PhD

If you were born “late,” for example, you might resonate in life with missed opportunities, feeling like you need to compensate by deliberating over making a decision for a long period of time, not feeling like it is possible without lengthy time to consider, or even resonating with “Life is not safe.” The information within your body-mind system that is accessed through Resonance Repatterning sessions details the specifics about the situation around your birth related to your parent’s stress or felt sense that something was missing or created dis-ease.

2.  Sound Frequency Repatterning: Everything in the Universe is frequency expressed in light particles and sound waves. When you are born, you register a birth note for this repatterning based on the month and date you were born. With this information, and with the issue you bring to the process on which you’d like to transform, this session identifies how the frequency of your birth note relates to the challenging relationship or situation. This is done by looking at other primary birth notes such as your parent, parents, self, or relationship. We have all experienced how two notes can sound harmonious to us, and we all have experienced sounds or music that has felt disharmonious. Working with both the coherent and non-coherent aspect of the relationship between notes,  greater insight, harmony, and balance is created.

3. Life Cycle Repatterning: Moving, experiencing a loss of any kind, or making change requires a shift in your orientation to life. It also requires a change in how you think. Your sense of well-being and health in the process relies on your resonance with previous change and the amount and quality of support you received. It also relies on your resonance with how you meet challenges, as a problem or an opportunity. Connecting to the natural rhythms of change within any time in your life from birth, to early childhood, to puberty, family-building, transitions of family members through marriage, moves, and death, long-term health issues, or transition into elder years are all good material for this specific repatterning process. Getting back into the rhythm of life allows you to connect to the nurture and support that comes from within and from life around you.

Virtually every cell in your body has a biological clock. ~Joseph S. Takahashi, Ph.D.

4. 24 Hour Time Cycle: Repatterning: Throughout the 24-hour cycle daily, your organ and meridian system works internally with communication between all of the organs of your body. There are particular times of the day that certain organ systems are more active while others are less active. The importance of each of the organ’s contribution to your wellness and well-being. When you begin to notice a change in your life related to emotions, lack of sleep or energy, or distress related to particular physical symptoms, this repatterning looks at the specific relationship to your organ and meridian system signaling the need for positive change.

5. Seasonal Repatterning: This repatterning works with the transition from one season to another. As the Earth changes with its journey around the sun, so do we. Being in harmony with the transition of the season has a natural and important role to play in your health and sense of well-being. Plants and animals change their behaviors with the seasons that impact their ability to survive. Many times, at seasonal change times, you feel a change in your own personal energy. You might have more or fewer health challenges like colds, flu, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Your emotions and physical activity change throughout these cycles. This repatterning creates support for moving through the seasonal changes to create insight, greater energy reserves, and support while creating greater harmony within the process.

6. Five Element and Meridian Repatterning: All of the  Chinese Five Elements and Meridians work together to support your health and well-being. Wood Element related to your Liver and Gallbladder organs and meridian flows within your body influence your sense of time, prioritizing and decision-making. Where there has been frustration and unresolved issues over past experiences, your body-mind system is affected by back-logging energy and your ability to be in rhythm with what is showing up in your life today due to a clouded filter from the past. This can show up with procrastination, being late to events or appointments, and having a difficult time planning. This repatterning begins the process of changing frustration into optimism for positive change in your life.

7. Mastering Time Repatterning: This repatterning addresses your beliefs about time, and creates the opportunity for shifting your perceptions in regards to how you experience time at the moment.  The results of this process allow you to become more focused, calm, joy, and capable of taking care of details in the present.

This is your personal invitation to step more fully into the present to experience time and timing in a new way. By doing so, you will have access to a fuller sense of possibilities for how you create, respond, and move forward with greater clarity and life energy for your positive intentions.

Kimberly Rex, MS

Kimberly Rex, MS is an Advanced Resonance Repatterning practitioner, Master Wellness and Well-being Life Coach, and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist. To explore positive change with timing and time in your life, make an appointment with Kimberly Rex, MS for a personal session by phone, Skype, or in-person. Contact her at

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