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The Weaving of Universal Consciousness through Being and Doing

   As a spiritual being of light, sound and energy having a human experience, you are part of the great tapestry weave of Universal Consciousness. Through consciousness you are experiencing the unique expression of the Universe itself within the One of the Great Universal Hologram. Your life energy, is based on your vertical connection to energetic flow through the Sushumna, or spinal cord, along with the flow of energy through the Ida and Pingala that run like a caduceus crossing and connecting each chakra center to the rest of this system: a balance of both receptive and assertive energies, absorbing and radiating, of being and doing.

Consciousness is the ground of all Being.”  ~Amit Goswami, PhD 

According to Dr. Randolph Stone, the creator of Polarity Therapy based on the Chakra System, your life includes both an involutional/downward causation and evolutional/upward causation process that sustains health and wholeness.

Your involutional process is one that connects you to Source Energy and non-local consciousness, the light, sound and energy that you innately are. 

Your evolutionary process is one of being creative for spiritual evolution through experience, emotion, relationship, lessons learned through your life, and service to the greater entangled web of connection. The greater flow of non-local consciousness, that connects your body-mind system to the greater energy flow that joins all of life. It is holographic and quantum, at the same time.

Being and Doing

Your life energy is based, like your breath, on an inward and outward flow of energy that creates a pulse like arterial circulation. These pulses create the possibility for meeting the needs of experiencing balance and harmony between relaxation and activity. When there is a disruption in the energy pulse in either direction, imbalance and the likelihood for dis-ease and pain escalates.

The ever-increasing complexity of life filled with schedule, timing,work and overload due to over stimulation through a number of venues including technology and pace of life can lead to Being Deprivation. When energy is disrupted in the outward expansion without release or relaxation, you are more likely to compensate with compulsive habits, addictions and actions in trying to discharge built-up energy due to the inability to return to the inward phase of the energy cycle for regeneration and renewal. When you are stuck in this kind of phase-lock, there is more a tendency to blame, and the need to be in control. This directly affects your ability to connect to others in a way that promotes bonding and trust. The physical response to this stuck pattern can lead to excessive nervousness, hyperactivity and insomnia.

On the other hand, when your energy is disrupted in the inward phase of energy pulsation, you are more likely to feel an amplified need to receive something from an outside source including food, substances and/or liquids. There can be a physical sense of exhaustion, and this can be coupled with depression.You feel more on the outside of life, and feel dis-empowered and victimized without feeling as though you can motivate yourself to take a next step. When there is a disruption in the outward pulsation, self-blame and feeling ungrounded arises with more of a need to attach to others to feel whole due to an inability to motivate or embody change within yourself.

Disruption of the energy pulsation cycle can be caused by a number of things including breathing polluted air, an accident, or any unresolved traumatic shock or experience that impact your health emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

It is not just  do, do, do. It is not just  be, be, be. It is do, be, do, be, do.”~Amit Goswami               

Finding ways to create space and time in your day is vital. Dreaming, recharging, and gaining greater self-awareness and insight. Creating more coherent consciousness works with stepping beyond habitual patterns into new possibilities in your thinking,feelings, habits and actions through mindfulness. Positive change impacts your wellness, relationships and well-being. You are designed for success. You are designed for well-being.

   Wholeness comes from within your body-mind system and radiates through the non-local network of consciousness that makes coherent change both a quantum and holographic opportunity in the world at large due to the nature of entanglement. For even a subtle change in thought, perception, response or action can have a significant effect.  Allowing yourself to benefit from the harmonizing and balancing interaction of weaving both being and doing within your life consciously creates more integrity in your wellness and well-being!

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