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The New Year and Opportunity for a New Path

The New Year is an opportunity for a new path. Setting this intention is more than wanting something that you don’t currently have. It is connecting to the purpose that your intention serves when connected to your physical, emotional, mental and core essence (spirit) level needs in your life while pointing out where a new path might be needed.

Take for example an intention that has to do with losing weight. While parts of this intention are demonstrated through physical appearance, there are aspects related to a quality of change in your experience of life energy internally. Fear and frustration might be more related to the underlying root and cause of the underlying issues. In fact, when starting to take off the “weight” in pounds, emotions of anger and/or fear often emerge. This indicates that the weight of carrying these emotions is also part of the process in resolving inner conflict, a non-truth, or a truth you are not living.

FEAR: The Reptilian Brain (Fight or Flight) is related to Kidney Meridian function in that the non-coherent aspect of this Meridian is fear, resentment and a feeling of victimization. In this mode, it is almost impossible to be in the flow of life naturally, and to be open to new possibilities.

ANGER: The Limbic or Emotional Brain is related to the Liver. The quality of life you experience with or without resentment, frustration and anger related to on-going stress or unfinished material in your life is directly related to the quality of energy you have to energize your positive intentions in the present. On the physical level, a 2015 study found that an episode of intense anger created the potential of 8.5 times more times likelihood of heart attack . “Researchers speculate the reason is that stress triggers increased heart rate and blood pressure, blood-vessel constriction and clotting, raising the risk.”~ from Time Magazine Issue: 12-28-15*

Overriding negative thoughts, beliefs and cloudy perceptions of the world through the lens of unresolved, repetitive, long term stress and tension reinforces neural pathways embedded in how you experience and react to life on a day-to-day basis. This leads to the inability to see or experience any other way of living life. It is a pathway away from choice, life and spirit purpose.

The quality of how and where your life energy is being used and dedicated is very much related to the quality of your wellness and well-being. When fear, frustration or anger are present, you will more likely experience roadblocks, obstacles and stumbling blocks that keep you feeling frozen or stuck coupled with difficulties with attention, planning and manifestation.

When you address your emotions, conflict and tension held in your body-mind system, you become more aware of your responses in the present, and have the opportunity to look at what is causing your knee-jerk automatic reactions.

MEMORY: The hippocampus, a part of the Emotional Brain, responsible for long-term memory needs to be cleansed of unresolved issues related to fear and anger in order to pave the pathway through the heart into right seeing and action in the present. When this happens, both the liver and kidney are also cleansed. This leads to creating more coherent energy for the function of your heart.

RIGHT ACTION: The Neo-Cortex, is related directly to your heart. In this executive function of the brain comes action and response based on the way you are thinking, feeling and seeing the world. Changing the pathways in your memory bank by resolving and updating your inner pathways to new ones, you are able to literally create greater number of choices and empower your original purpose in doing so. You walk down a new path!

 You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.~ Marianne Williamson

A NEW PATH: The stories and residue that remain in your body-mind system from unconscious limiting generational patterns and earlier experiences influence how you perceive people, places and events. A new road  is taken only when there is a change in thinking. This is done through awareness, forgiveness and compassionate understanding. Taking authorship of your own life through making time and space to clear these fragments leads to new pathways with the potential for more essential integrity of who you really are. In the process, you also reclaim more coherent life energy for your health, well-being, as well as the ability to plan, make decisions based on your current awareness, and problem-solve with greater connection to love, integrity and joy.


The meaning of death in this process is more an allowing to release that which no longer serves a purpose so that you can start anew experiencing more of who you truly are in the present. The body-mind system can update itself with self-healing.

New neurochemical responses emerge with positive action. This can be done in many natural ways that include meditation, making space for curiosity and wonder, movement, breath, sound, light, whole foods, and, of course, Resonance Repatterning© sessions! By doing so, you experience a greater sense of awe and presence in your moment to moment experience of life through the ability to attend and respond. This impacts your health for the better by decreasing the inflammation in your body. For example, a recent study related to awe actually showed a direct correlation in impacting diseases like Type 2 diabetes and arthritis through making space for attention to what is possible, what is amazing and what is right there in front of you!

This happens as you discover a deeper sense of inner peace and sovereignty, greater ease and compassion for your self and others. Looking at life through this new lens allows there to be less stress and more openness to unexpected guidance, synchronicity, support and choice. This connects you to the beauty, acceptance and feeling of an awe-inspiring life!

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