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The Living Matrix: A Film that Explores Bio-Energetic Concepts Related to Health

Ā  The film, The Living Matrix speaks to the bio-energetic Ā concepts pivotal to your health. With important contributions from Bruce Lipton, Rupert Sheldrake, Lynne McTaggart, Edgar Mitchell, Herman Koning, MD, James Oschman,Ph.D, Heartmath Institute, Marilyn Schlitz of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Franz Popp to name a few, this film delivers rich food for thought from seasoned researchers. It also chronicles case studies ofĀ people who have experienced extraordinary healing working with theĀ living matrix.
Consider the following concepts from this film.
    • Your body is connected to an energetic field of information that surrounds and includes you.
    • Your body field is filled with energetic information. DNA ( biological information library) informs fields that become tissue, organs, muscles, cells, etc.
    • Genes are unlimited potential. Influence of environment, emotion and stress can create 30,000 different variations from the blueprint.
    • The heart imprints information from the energetic field and has neural tissue. Emotions have direct impact on what is relayed. The heart is the bodyā€™s control system and delivers information to the cells.
    • Life is patterns of information. Illness is a disturbance in the information energy system.
    • Disease is scrambled, blocked or disrupted information. When the disturbance is stopped, chemistry and physiology self correct.
    • 1/3 of all healing happens due to the placebo effect. Belief in process and positive thought have an impact by enhancing the Ā healing process.
    • The future of energy medicine empowers facilitating the natural healing capacity of the body as a whole. This process is inclusive of thoughts, beliefs, and nurture.
    • Information follows intention with focus and alignment of frequency.Ā 

Ā Ā  In a time when healthcare issuesĀ are increasingly controversial, this film helps to empower the part you play in taking care of your own body. ItĀ offers meaningful insights to what wholeness or health means from the energetic viewpoint.

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