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The Benefits of Appreciation and Thanks-Giving

At this time of thanks-giving and expressing appreciation, I’d like to share some benefits about this inner technology that will benefit your wellness and well-being!

Appreciation is the ability to remember with gratitude all that you have been given. When you are able to tap into the frequency of gratitude, we can better face difficult situations and people because appreciation entrains your body-mind system to a higher state of consciousness.

This changes your internal experience so that you feel more uplifted. Research has shown that appreciation can reduce pain levels because it activates a stream of endorphins, peptides and neurotransmitters that create a greater sense of love, warmth, joy, pleasure, and opening within your body-mind system that allows more ease and flow.

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When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. And when life is bitter, say thank you and grow. -Shauna Niequist

This is the reason that appreciation and gratitude are also wonderful tools for lessening the effects of depression. It is not possible for you to feel depressed and have gratitude in the same moment!

As an example in my own life, when I was 32 years old I experienced three great losses. My brother passed away due to illness, my marriage fell apart, and in the process, I lost every belonging I owned. In that year, I also became very well acquainted with support groups for families dealing with the issues I was experiencing. A person in one of these groups suggested that I keep a Gratitude Journal. This journal was a daily expression of looking for a simple, yet meaningful expressions of “Let go and let Good,” for me during these difficult times.

In this journal, I recorded things like: “ I found a quarter on the sidewalk while walking my dog.” “The sunset was absolutely amazing!” “The honeysuckle is still blooming and the scent is wonderful.” “Someone offered me a free bed and chest of drawers.” The important message from this journal was to look and connect my thinking to the possibility of Source, people, events, nature, etc. offering support, love, and care in the midst of difficult times.

Especially in difficult situations, appreciation is a beneficial inner technology that creates compassion, connection and understanding. Expressing appreciation to another person allows both you and the person receiving the message of appreciation the mutual benefits of endorphin response in your body-mind systems.  Research shows that people are more likely to bond, support, and volunteer their time and services with the expression of appreciation.

There are many things for which to be grateful. Your life has been filled with situations, people and opportunities that have provided more peace, love and contentment. Remembering brings more clarity for seeing that in your present you are also surrounded by beneficial and loving support. This connects you more deeply to the gifts of the present moment in the experience of greater love, peace, and serenity!

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