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Respecting and Honoring Your Own Life

At this time of year, harvest and Thanksgiving time, it can be an invitation to look at respecting and honoring your own life with all the factors that came together to bring you to where you are now. This includes your life experiences, your parents, and the lifetimes of ancestors who came before you who through love, trials and tribulations made it possible for you being here. Showing this kind of respect for life is a beautiful way to harvest the lessons from the past with gratitude to create new possibilities for your life and those of others.

Respecting and Honoring Your Earlier Experiences

Over tens of thousands of years, the brains of humans have changed to become better able to see both the big picture as well as the details. However, the hard-wired Nervous System is designed to keep you safe in the midst of any seeming “danger,” and this alarm system gets activated when you don’t resolve the original unresolved issue or memory imprint. For this reason, it is vital to have respect for your evolution as a human both personally and collectively when considering the experiences of change you have gone through in your life.

Your earlier experiences as a little one, a teenager, young adult and so on build the foundation for what you believe to be true in your life. What you believed as a little one is stored in your body-mind system in your survival brain. Year by year this gets translated into your emotional brain. Until your thinking brain becomes fully developed, around age 25, your responses to the world are primarily through the lens of emotion and reaction to the big world of uncertainty.

This means that unresolved negative earlier experiences in your life can still have a residence in your unconscious originating from a time in your life where you were not yet able to communicate your needs pr figure out how to take care of them. As an example, an infant can scream when hurt, however, he or she cannot yet say, “No,” “Stop,” or “I need a hug.” And, if an adult did not step in to help you calm or protect you, that unmet need with the stress continues to reside in your unconscious. Stored in your Nervous System, your body and mind continue to resonate with these emotions, thoughts, and attitudes that create automatic stress reactions in your life as an adult. This is the reason it is so important to acknowledge that these unresolved beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and reactions you experience today might be related to your early development.

Respect for these experiences gives you a window into the underlying material that keeps trying to get to the surface through difficult relationships, anxiety, depression, conflict or frustration. Knowing that negative earlier experiences in your life will attempt to raise the alarm to protect and manage your emotions allows you to use that information to create positive change. This, in turn, creates greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

It is then possible to transform unmet needs to create more coherent beliefs, attitudes, thoughts, and patterns. Respect for yourself creates the ability to listen and take care of your need for positive change for your health, relationships and sense of well-being.

Respecting and Honoring Your Parents and Ancestors

Know that patterns in your life are the patterns your parents and family delivered to you and through you through birth, training, place, and culture you were born. 80% of the patterns in families are unconscious. This unconscious palette is what you have to work with as you go through life. For thousands of years, we, as humans have functioned in tribes to survive. Tribes experienced wars, drought, famine, migrations, illness, poverty and loss. However, it is through their efforts to survive that you were loved into being. Your palette for creating your life is colored with these emotional and survival efforts. It is only with respect for the love and difficulties experienced by your parents and ancestors that you can work with this material. By doing so, you create new patterns for your family and your descendants.

History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes. ~Mark Twain

If you take the information from your Family System, it allows you to take the lessons from your parents and ancestors. This happens when you discern how these patterns keep you feeling stuck, frustrated, upset or anxious. This creates the opportunity to become aware of its relevance in feeling overwhelmed, powerless, hopeless or disconnected.

Identifying the automatic pilot of negative emotions, attitudes, and reactions to life through Resonance Repatterning® sessions gives your body-mind system access to the unconscious material through your Nervous System connected to every tissue, organ, and gland in your body. This includes the material stored in your DNA and RNA, your vision and your Family System patterns.

Sessions create the benefit of aligning with the coherent information needed to heal unmet needs and calm your body-mind system for life-enhancing choices. This happens when you resonate with taking your mother and father exactly the way they were, coherent and non-coherent, so you can work with the information you took in, and out of respect allow your parents to take responsibility for their own destiny. This is done with honor and respect that translates into working with your own needs for coherent nurture and vision for life within your own mothering and fathering aspects. This allows you to choose greater resonance with self-care that benefits greater integrity in your own wellness and well-being.

For more on how parental and ancestral patterns impact your life:

Respecting and Honoring Your Teachers and Mentors

In the same way that it is important to take your mother and father, if you do not have the ability to take the information or acknowledge teachers and mentors, you do not gain what they have to give you. If you resonate with arrogance towards them you will be unable to learn from them or feel their support in nurturing new information that can lead to your ability to consider new possibilities. Taking meaning from the lessons of your life allows you to consider new horizons.

Below is a video of Fred Rogers, who studied child development, in an interview about his book that speaks to what he learned over 30 years of working with children. His message is to acknowledge and take care of your feelings through acceptance for exactly where and who you are right now. By doing so you give value to your experience and to who you are deep inside.

In this video, he gives an interview about his book, The World According to Mr. Rogers, one that all of us could benefit from hearing no matter where we are in the process of challenge or sense of accomplishment in your life.

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”~The Little Prince

Respecting and Honoring Others

When you are able to heal and restore a greater sense of well-being and author-ship in your own life this means that you have a wider vision for life. This opens the possibility for greater discernment and choice. The new movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” based on Tom Junod’s 1998 Esquire article titled “Can You Say…Hero?” * is about applying these principles to family relationships, in healing childhood trauma through acceptance, patience, kindness, forgiveness, and humility.

When you resonate with greater choice and vision for life through listening and seeing individual expressions as just one way of seeing the world, you are better able to have empathy for others. You can only see as much of another to the degree you are able to see within yourself.

When you resonate with permission to be loving and also balance that with self-care, you are able to express your joy and respond to grief, acknowledge your need for safety, trust, and grounding, and sometimes feel confused. This permission to observe, feel and acknowledge your needs allows you to work with the innate wisdom of your body-mind system.

Like a GPS you are then better able to choose and connect with others in a way that creates mutual respect, power, and life-enhancing connections. Through these connections, the ripple effect of beneficial mutual empathy expands the wellness and well-being benefits for everyone.

*LINK to Tom Junod’s article, “Can You Say…Hero?”

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