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Resonance Repatterning Services

Does Resonance Repatterning help end old patterns for the future?


How many sessions do I need to have to experience positive change?

With over 100 different protocols with varying content, a Resonance Repatterning® session works with the specifics that a client brings to the session. An average session takes 60-90 minutes, however, there are some which take more or less time. Sessions benefit both humans and animals.

Some clients have one session, while others have several sessions over a course of time that is based on their life situation.

To schedule a session, please contact Kimberly to determine the type of session and length. The fee for a session is determined by these factors. or call (360) 739-0162 to schedule your confidential session to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

Types of Sessions

  • Individual in-person session
  • Couples, in-person  or by phone session
  • Group session, in-person or by teleconference
  • Phone or Skype Session: in this case the facilitator muscle-checks for the client
  • A proxy session for a person or animal who is not able to be present for a session (non-verbal/ unconscious/ sick or at a distance) where the facilitator or person stands in for the client

Areas to consider for sessions

• positive health • effective communication • creativity • prosperity *aligning with your spirit and life purpose • greater harmony and well-being • insight • peace of mind • more love in your relationships • life energy and motivation for your positive intentions • facilitating the healing and moving on from any tragedy, illness, loss, accident or stress

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