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Natural Healing Ways to Treat a Cold

Chinese Five Element System

Chinese Five Element System

Having a cold this time of year or any time of year is no fun. The change from summer to fall not only creates change in temperature, but also affects what you body needs in this transition into the cooler months.  Because Resonance Repatterning ® includes the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System, this article will explore natural healing ways from the Five Element perspective as well as natural nutritional and alternative medicine suggestions.

  The Chinese Five Element Wheel relates to other Elements also. Earth Element feeds Metal Element with nurture and support from the stomach and spleen. When Earth Element is involved, the questions you might ask are: ” Where do I need support in my life or feel  from my center?” and ” How can I improve the quality of nourishment I take into my body-mind system?”  A cold many times is a signal from the body that it needs rest and care in the face of overwork, stress, and inability to acknowledge the body’s signals to slow down and do some self-care.  Taking time to take care of yourself is important to your overall wellness and well-being.

When Metal Element is overactive, it may be a signal to balance with Fire Element.   This can be a call for more lightness, joy, love, and connection with others.  Questions to ask yourself:  “Where have I lost connection with my family, friends, and groups?”   “What can I do to bring in more joy into my life?” ” Where am I receiving criticism from self or others?” ” Am I over-analyzing things?”

Nutritional and Alternative Medicine Support
1. Go  more alkaline than acidic. 
This means decrease meat, grains  and dairy, and increase your intake of vegetables. Decrease milk products because they increase mucus production and inflammation.

2. Drink more fluids. Choose at least eight glasses daily of water, herbal, white or green tea, as well as natural fruit and vegetable juices to clear your lungs and intestines.

3. Get enough sleep. Rest is a way to revitalize, nurture yourself and heal.

4. Get out your stockpot and make a bone or astragalus broth. A bone broth has  nourishing minerals, gelatin to help with digestion and amino acids to support the immune system.  A broth with a few astragalus sticks thrown in will strengthen your immune system’s response to chronic issues. Be sure to take the sticks out of the broth before use. More on how to cook with astragalus here:

5. Get more Vitamin C. Eat cantaloupe, bell peppers, citrus, pineapple, and black cherries. Purchase products like Emergen-C and Airborne to keep handy in your kitchen or medicine cabinet when you feel a cold coming on.

6. Drink honey, lemon and ginger tea: 
Start by putting  1 Tbsp. grated ginger in a teapot or medium bowl. Pour 1 cup boiling water over it and let it steep for 3 minutes.  Meanwhile, put 1 Tbsp. lemon juice and 1 Tbsp. honey in a large cup. Strain ginger tea into the cup. Finally, stir, and taste.

7. Decrease and avoid alcohol and sugar to balance your cellular communication for greater harmony.

8. Use these acupressure points:
a) For coughing, start by crossing your arms. Then push your thumbs into the inside of your elbows while    holding the opposite arms.
b) Do the same at your shoulders, pressing under and into your arm pits.
c) For sinus and congestion, give two finger support to the area between your thumb and forefinger. Press firmly, first on one hand, and then the other. Do this for a few moments each.                                                                     d) Press your fingers into the skin on each side of your nostrils to bring relief from sneezing and sniffles.                                                                            e) For Immune System support, tap on your sternum, about 2 inches down from where your left and right collar bone connect. This activates the thymus which is closely associated with the immune system.

9.   Use herbs and aromatherapy of eucalyptus or tea tree oil help to clear your sinuses. Herbs that are especially good for clearing and healing your respiratory system include thyme, sage, oregano, rosemary, hyssop and lemon balm.  These herbs can be incorporated into your cooking, used in steams, and made into teas.

These essential oils  will clear your sinus and support the healing process.  Eucalyptus and tea tree oil can also be healing allies for respiratory and sinus issues.  As an example, place some eucalyptus oil on a cotton swab. Put the cotton in an old pill bottle. Open the bottle and inhale the scent when you feel congested. You can also keep a tissue with a few drops of these oils with you, or diffuse these oils into your environment.

For preventive measures, use Be-Well Essential Oil Blend to protect yourself when in an environment where others have a cold. Use this healing and convenient blend of oils when you travel by simply putting a few drops on your wrists and behind your ears.

You can purchase this beneficial healing blend here:

10. Supplements and Remedies: Explore with a health practitioner what works for you.

Echinacea and Oregon Grape Root support the healing process with colds, coughs, and congestion. Vitamin A, D3,   zinc, and antithetic acid are also reported for their healing benefits. Sambucol  or elderberries are loaded with bioflavonoids and Vitamin C. Aconite, a homeopathic remedy, is a healing remedy for fatigue and strengthens the immune system.

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