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Messages from a Spring Garden: In the Process of Growth


This year in the Pacific Northwest, spring has taken more time to arrive.  The cycle of change, the portal of spring brings many lessons about new beginnings and the process of growth.


 Spring bulbs and leaf buds have waited for months now. The seeds have the potential for growth within them.   There is a timing that cues them for just the right moment to emerge and grow.   An internal spring begins before external changes become evident. Change happens in your world once you resonate with coherent positive change. Positive action needs to emerge from both your internal need for change and external factors that allow your process to unfold based on the factors involved: contracts, healing from illness, savings, the order of tasks to complete projects, and how you are using your time and energy.


  It is no mystery that Wood Element on the Chinese Five Element and Meridian Wheel follows Water Element. Wood Element is about new growth, right timing, optimism, and making decisions based on this process. Alternatively, when the process feels difficult, you feel frustrated by situations in your life that have not resolved or begun well. Water Element is about going with the flow. When this element is non-coherent, it is related to an internal fear. It is difficult to grow when there is resistance to flow or ability to know what direction to move.


To take inventory of what you aspire to change means also letting go of the familiar. Perhaps this change means doing something that leaves behind the comfort of a group, place you live, or foods that have compensated for your internal needs for wholeness. A new way of experiencing life may at the beginning seem complex and frustrating. However, staying with something that denies your ability to grow and become your greater vision of life actually depletes your life energy.

Like the flowers and leaves responding to the light, you, too, can move in a direction that supports overall growth that orients you towards more energy for your journey.

purple and pink spring flowers


The energy from the sun, rain, and soil work in harmony to make it possible for new life to emerge. In the space between winter and spring, there is a place that calls for dormancy, rest, and mindfulness to create new energy for growth. In the same way that you need to rest each day, creating new energy requires a balance between input and output. Going with the flow of life is about honoring the need for re-energizing yourself when you are hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.

Savoring the messages from your body-mind system allows you to take care of yourself in the moment to allow the internal timing of your personal journey to transform into gathering all the energy and resources needed for your process for new possibilities.  As you move forward, ask yourself, “In what ways do I discharge my energy?”      In what way(s) might you rebuild your energy instead of depleting it through excess, avoidance, quarreling, spending too much time on an activity, overworking, lack of whole foods, lack of sunlight, negative thinking and feelings focused on an unresolved issue?


Resources can be both external and internal. The underlying need for new growth, change and the flowering of spring requires optimism and choices based on creating a higher energy state of coherence. Resonating with new possibilities might also bring with it fears that you lose something in return. You might fear losing someone, a friend, time, support for your life the way it has been, or even your past identity or way of being.

Aligning with activities, thoughts, beliefs, and support systems that nurture new possibilities will involve new connections, as well as changing the places in your life where you have depended on old patterns. It may be that you need to create new habits, activities, foods, relationships, and patterns to expand your tolerance, view of life, and compassion for yourself and others in the process.

One activity that supports positive change is daily stillness. Tuning in to the innate wisdom of your body-mind system through mindfulness will support you in getting in touch with inner wisdom for decision-making, problem-solving, wellness, and ingenuity in the process of making change by keeping the channel of your inner life energy flowing.


The sentient beings in the forest where I live both balance and harmonize this ecological community. It is always a wonder to see plants rise from the soil after a few months of brown sticks in the dirt. Some plants naturally return, while others, need to be planted anew.

This winter, I planted crocus bulbs in hopes to see them rise long before spring arrived. Due to the energy need of the squirrels in this forest, and the yummy taste of these bulbs, only one crocus survived.

While shopping recently for a housewarming gift for a friend, low and behold, I found some mini-irises to replace them. You see, my inner need was based on flowering color in my garden. They are now blossoming in the dug out holes the squirrels provided in their search for food. Instead of being angry, I am feeling grateful for the give and take in the process that is much bigger than my own individual needs only.


One of my favorite statements in Resonance Repatterning is “I accept that whatever is not aligned with my intentions emerges for my own growth and transformation.”

This statement speaks to the process of change directly from the place of accepting that there may be unexpected complexities and need for acknowledging feelings, thoughts, and decisions over time in the process of making positive change. Acceptance over anger can create new possibilities that you are not yet aware of in your consciousness. The infinite pool of conscious awareness can and will work with and through you when you are in the flow of conscious mindfulness and coherent presence to the moment.

A few years ago when certifying as a Life Coach, I was reminded of this important lesson. I was on the telephone for my final evaluation with the teacher for certification. When I got off the phone, I was so excited about making this milestone, that I called my parents. There was no answer on the phone. I kept calling. Finally, I reached my stepfather on his cellphone. He reported to me that my mother had just been taken to the Emergency Room and that she had had a heart attack. This event happened during the time I was on the phone for certification. I had “big” plans for working as a coach, writing a book for publication on, etc; however the need to be present for my family took precedence. That summer, I spent time with my mother who was in and out of the hospital several times.

 During that time I found myself needing to ground my energy in my garden to deal with my own fear, anger, and grief over what was happening to my mother.

I was able to use Resonance Repatterning® and modalities from training for Jin Shin Jyutsu, Polarity Therapy, and Aromatherapy to support her in the hospital. It gave me the opportunity to be an advocate for alternative therapies over the increase of multiple medications that proved to have a negative impact.

In the process, under all of it, was the realization that this time “interrupted” was actually creating specific and necessary healing in my family system. For more on this, please read:

The follow-up on this was an increasing thirst for studying plants through aromatherapy and herbalism as it also provided personal solace, grounding, and healing over time for all involved. Today, I have completed Aromatherapy certifications and continue my path with herbalism as part of my practice as a Resonance Repatterning practitioner.

The process healed many things in the way of my growth as a person on a spiritual journey, as well as opening doorways in my family for healing on so many different levels including reconciliation between lost family members, forgiveness, and love. Today, I now look at seeming obstacles as profound signposts with meaning and purpose for creating positive change.

sunflower looking down1


When you feel as though you have been slowed down on your path by some seeming challenge, complexity, or obstacle, this is an invitation to remember that the Universe is creating space for a conversation, higher learning, or possibility. Everything in the universe can be used for learning and growth. 

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