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It’s About Time



Life depends on time and timing. This can be a bit tricky in spots. Time as Chronos is a relational experience with your life in regards to the meaning you give it for schedules, daily appointments, seasons, and rites of passage. This is encased within the value you give each of these time periods, however, there is also a place for the natural rhythm of time and timing playing out in your life on a daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute measure.

Timing is an essential element related to how your organ systems interrelate, and how you deal with your life through the lens of setting an intention, taking action steps, prioritizing, decision-making, focus, and completion.

How you plan your time is important. This can be related to starting a project, completing or letting go of some situation in your life, or making time for a relationship or something that needs attending.

Sometimes, there is resistance in planning or taking action. This can be directly related to the habitual pattern established within your Triune Brain related to your Limbic Brain (Emotional Brain) and Pre-Frontal Cortex. Stress plays a major factor in defaulting to the Limbic when you are attempting to plan, take action, or complete a project.

It is more comforting to shift out of planning into an activity that provides “pleasure” over logical-sequential activity. You are wired for this as your Limbic System has had much more time in evolutionary time than the Pre-Frontal Cortex.

Procrastination, or delaying the process of planning, focus, and decision-making based on needs to perform certain tasks. In this TED video, Tim Urban uses caricatures for the Pre-Frontal Cortex related to the planning or decision-making executive function brain, Limbic System ( Monkey Mind ), and Amygdala (Fear or Anger) parts of the brain.

Spring on the Chinese Five Element Wheel works with this area of timing as being most prominent for growth, optimism, and vision with Wood Element. Looking at your life with greater focus, foresight, planning, setting goals, and discerning good timing is relative to the places in your life where you have unresolved anger, a sense of need for retribution, or blame. This decreases vital energy and optimism for your positive intentions.

These combined will not allow your Limbic System to move into the Pre-Frontal Cortex to plan or make decisions as easily, thus keeping you in the well-grooved neural pathways of resonating with non-coherent belief that there is no time or space for creating new possibilities.

According to Chinese Medicine, when your Wood Element is unbalanced and out of harmony, you might have a tendency to be late, not be able to meet deadlines or time frames. It’s important to know that this speaks to a need from within that is asking for support.

Resonance Repatterning® sessions support shifts within to create transformation in how you experience life, and how you meet life so that you gain more optimism, empowerment and regain your natural rhythm and timing both for Chronos and Kairos creating new possibilities for your positive intentions.

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. ~Rabindranath Tagore

Our perception of time can change based also on Kairos, or spiritual time. When you resonate with healing or moving through a situation with support, and with a sense of commitment to growth and transformation, time seems to transcend the boundaries of logic.

This said, it is not without desire, aim, and positive action towards new beginnings or resolution of an issue over time that creates positive change.

Mindfulness plays a major role in translating Chronos into Kairos time through your interpretation of what is happening. Where there are deadlines, Chronos is at work. When you are grieving the loss of a loved one internally or moving through an emotional process, Kairos is predominant.

There are places of timelessness that cannot be measured by ordinary values assigned to a clock. Time can speed up or feel extremely slow depending on your perception of a situation.  The difference is within the context of assigning a particular time or agreement about time, as well as opportune time such as, “What time is dinner?” (Chronos) and “Is it time for dinner?”

   The inner workings of your being depend both on Chronos and Kairos.  The need to value both in your human experience are vital. With that in mind, consider the emotional workings of your life, and your response to what is happening in front of you.

Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to relieve stress and allow greater presence for both in this world. Moving more into the present is a gift that allows you to experience being in tune and in rhythm with the natural cycles of your life. Making time for this on a daily basis is essential for your wellness and well-being. If you haven’t yet, it’s about time!

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