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How Resonance Repatterning Gets to the Heart of What You Need

Resonance Repatterning® gets to the heart of what you need to experience positive change in your life by working with the information within your body-mind system. Because your Nervous System is connected to every muscle, tissue, gland, and organ in your body, the resonance muscle-check is a way to access both conscious and unconscious material within your life.

The Resonance Muscle-Checking process can be done in-person, by Skye, phone or proxy .

Through the process, it is possible to record where your current life energy is dedicated through your resonance with the frequency of limiting beliefs, thoughts, attitudes or focus based on your experiences, family patterns, and responses to stress in your system. This is done by identifying the area, specific time and location of levels.

Identifying Area

In a session, the resonance muscle-check reveals three levels: general, specific and umbilical for where specific life energy is stored. A general muscle-check refers to accessing your body-mind system globally. A specific muscle-check refers to accessing a particular place in your body-mind field such as an organ, system (ie. Meridian or Chakra, respiratory, digestive, etc., gland, vertebrae, senses, eyes, neurotransmitter, or a specific place in your energy field).

Establishing Time

When working with a specific check, it is important to check for the root or heart of the information for when it originated. By doing so, your system has the opportunity to address the issue from the source where the energy was constricted or interrupted. The disruption in your life energy has had an impact on how you think and respond to life. Through muscle-checking it is possible to identify pre-natal information, birth process, post-natal, or any time within your life where the information related to the work you have brought to the session is related. Family Systems is part of the work in Resonance Repatterning, and, in these specific repatternings, the process identifies specific generational origins of patterns that impact your life based on the muscle-checking process with genogram charts (Example: 4 generations back on Father’s side related to a sibling. You do not need to know the name of an ancestor, however, the relationship to patterns in your life is stored in the DNA that came through them. When this information is included in the session, it works with the root of the material needed for transforming your life in the present.

Locating Specific Level

When working with a specific muscle-check, disrupted energy is addressed at the following levels.

1. Physical Level: In Chinese Medicine, Jing and Chi are the most important aspects of your health. Primary jing is inherited from your parents, while acquired jing is acquired from the energy derived from nutrition, exercise, sleep, and healthy habits. Jing is experienced through its function and effect. It can be observed through the physical health of your muscles, hair, brain function, fertility, skin, eyes, function of your organs and system, strength, resistance, vitality, and energy levels.

Jing is concentrated energy, and chi is dispersed energy through air, breath and vital energy throughout your body-mind system.

2. Mental Level: Thought patterns create neurotransmitter responses. Reinforcing limiting beliefs and carrying negative attitudes about life embed pathways in your brain-heart-gut pathways that reinforce your perception of how life is playing out in front of you. The neurotransmitters created between what you think, what you feel, and how you respond are communicated throughout your body. Your Brain allows you to observe, problem-solve, make decisions, memory input, association, and meaning to your experience; response to stress with the fight, flight, freeze or rest.

3. Emotional Level: Each of your organs is associated with emotion. The kidney, home of Jing essence is negatively impacted by your resonance with excessive fear. Your liver is impacted by anger. Your heart is impacted by hate or overexcitement. Your stomach is impacted by worry. Your lungs are impacted by grief. Your large intestines by congested emotion of feeling stuck, and so on.

This is the OFF position for the muscle checking process. When you are OFF for a statement, you are either not dedicating life energy to that belief, thought, or issue, or not resonating with it.

4. Spirit Level: In Chinese Medicine, the word, Shen, refers to the core essence of your being. Shen is the manifestation of your life and related to your emotional and mental activity. In sessions, this shows up as working with what motivates you in your life influencing the direction and actions you take. This relates to your life purpose and sense of interaction with your inner world, relationships, and the outer world. So whether you are inspired to work with animals, advocate for the environment, write a book or wish to live mindfully, this is directly related to this level.

Umbilical muscle-checking gives a read-out on core life energy. When checking at his level, it taps into where there is no information or toleration. This can often be due to generational patterns, prenatal or family patterns, or in response to trauma, shock or abuse that created difficulty in embodying the information for healing. When working with generational or family patterns, it is often material that belongs to a parent that was internalized by the client. In order to bring this information into coherent and loving conscious awareness, it is vital to building core life energy to work with the process of creating discernment and support for updating your body-mind system.

This is your personal invitation to allow the information stored within your body-mind system to create new possibilities in your life. You are wired for success and wellness. Your system reports to you wherever you feel pain whether that be on the emotional or physical level. Resonance Repatterning sessions get to the heart of what you need to build and restore your vital life energy so you can dedicate more life energy to your positive intentions for your life.

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