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Healing and Opening through Resonance Repatterning


Open Heart, Full Heart, Strong Heart, and Clear Heart

 Resonance Repatterning® has a number of sessions that focus on healing and opening your heart. Fire Element emerges as the gateway to the kingdom of your Heart. It is an opportunity to move through places in your life where you are stuck in the area of discernment, connection to others, or feel a need to experience more joy, love and vitality in your life. This can show up in your personal physical heart health, relationships, business interactions, and view of life on a daily basis. 

Just as the heart has four chambers, there are four aspects of the heart related to creating emotional, mental, spirit and physical health. These four aspects focus on creating coherent health for your heart, the seat of the Supreme Controller in Chinese Medicine that rules the kingdom of your body through the heart, emotions and mind with compassion, clarity, discernment, love and truth.

Yin or Ministerial Fire Element Meridians

In every kingdom there is governance whether this be a king, president, emperor, etc. And, every ruler needs guidance, support and advising. In this case, it is the minister that enhances clarity and discernment for the overall good of the kingdom.

Clear Heart: When there is clarity in your heart, the flow of energy feeds and nourishes your body-mind system. You are nourished by your inner gifts, and take guidance from this insight. This, in turns, creates the essential central feeling of trusting yourself and creates the value of resonating with trustworthiness in your relationships through discernment. In Chinese Medicine, the Small Intestines Meridian is known as the sorter, to absorb what is essential for the body and mind. If knows what to take in and what to reject.

Confusion or doubting your inner needs and wisdom can lead to the inability to act, create isolation and disorientation as to what is nourishing for you in your life. Substituting or compensating for unmet needs with de-energizing actions, foods, self-talk, habits and addictions make life feel more complicated. This leads to a greater sense of depletion.

Open Heart: An open heart allows connection, love, and ability to experience the present with broad vision. It allows you to hear and see what is available, and allows you to absorb beauty and possibility. When your heart is closed, it is a signal that you are not feeling safe or trusting of life. When this is so, it is more difficult to experience life completely. This means that you feel unable to take in life fully including breath, nourishment, positive touch and positive bonding with others.

The Shen Spirit in your Heart creates stillness, intelligence, peace, calmness, and compassion that leads to clear perception. It allows you to remain connected to the core essence of you are in your own heart, and to connect to the Shen Spirit of another. In this way, healing can happen. (Heart Meridian)

Yang or Sovereign Fire Element Meridians

In order to function well in life on all levels, it is important to come from your center so you can respond to life, and be present to your relationships, business, and life.

Full Heart: The full heart experiences gratitude and builds this practice into daily living in whatever is seen, experienced, heard, and felt. The Heart Protector is about the circulation of blood physically, and pleasure, joy, and love in your day-to-day life. When your heart is full, you are magnetic and attract the possibility for connection.

When your Heart Protector Meridian energy is out of balance, you are more likely to feel disconnected from others, with a lack of safety and trust. You face relationship. life and your goals half-heartedly. You feel out of balance with your inner self, and this shows up in the world physically as being more disoriented and accident-prone.

Strong Heart: The word, heart, in Spanish is corazon.” The Latin root “cor” is integral to the word courage. In this way, courage is directly related to the heart itself. Courage is more than acting in a way that implies confidence, decision, or assertion. When courage comes from the heart, it is informed with peace instead of conflict. The heart responds rather than reacts to internal fear of fight, flight, or freeze. The response is from the core of self instead of a perception of what the other person or the situation is demanding. Choice and freedom arise from internal connection to your needs considered and personal boundaries intact so you can speak your truth activated by the Triple Heater Meridian.

4 Rules for Life

Making space and time is a way of making an appointment with yourself. It allows you to reconnect to your center, to be able to listen to your inner wisdom, and to consider choices.  In this way, you are able to listen more deeply and get in touch with the ministerial aspect of your heart.  Meditation, writing in your journal, taking a walk in nature, or talking with someone you trust are all ways to connect with your inner Shen Spirit so that you can act from the place of sovereignty.

Radiating Resonant Heart

Here is an opportunity to continue on your healing path to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being with monthly healing modalities and repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

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Kimberly Rex, MS

Kimberly Rex, MS  is an Advanced Resonance Repatterning practitioner, Master Wellness and Well-being Life Coach, and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist.

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