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Growth and Transformation on the Path of Intention

I accept that whatever is not aligned with my intentions emerges for my own growth and transformation.”

This is one of the most provocative statements in Resonance Repatterning in my opinion.

So what does this actually mean?

The intention in this system is something you want, however, you do not have it. This can include the flow of energy, ease of communication with others, health goals, business goals, or life purpose. No matter what area of your life you seek to experience positive change, resonating with growth, and transformation on the path of intention contributes to your overall wellness and well-being.

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Different from saying affirmations several times a day, and making your intention a demand on the Universe to give you what you want, this actually means that the journey you take from where you are in the present moment to create a new perspective, skill set, and opportunity is a process. In this process, there is the opportunity to experience your life in a new way while on the path towards your positive intention.

Here are 5 ways to create greater harmony and balance in the process:

  1. Move Inward: Meditation is beneficial to conserving and rejuvenating your vital essence, spirit, and life energy. It also creates space for you to access your connection to Source. By closing your eyes in meditation, you bring your awareness inward and support your spirit while expanding and connecting to your inner light. It is through this inner light that you are able to discern and create new possibilities in the world where you live on a daily basis.


\When you sit in silence or move into quietness you are better able to listen to the rhythm of the universe within your own being. Making space to listen to your inner self and any wisdom that comes from this practice will allow you to recover life energy from constantly listening to the buzz of a busy life or listening to the frequencies of technology and the bombardment of the information that drains your energy.

By moving into stillness without speaking, you are able to create greater harmony and balance in your breathing. While talking, you breathe out more than breathing in. It is important to experience full and relaxed breathing to recharge and energize your life for your positive intentions no matter where you are or what you are facing. At the same time, the messages you receive in the process are timely invitations to take the next steps with your life.

 Acknowledge the underlying need in your intention:    I once heard a presenter speak to asking the Universe for something specific. For example, “ Universe, I need a coat because the winter is going to be really cold.” You wait for the coat to show up, yet, you do not get the exact coat you want or in the time you would like. Meanwhile, walking down the road, you find a blanket. The lesson is that the underlying need for warmth and health might be right there in front of you all the while.

Will you pick up the blanket and wrap it around you and express gratitude? Or, will you pass the “coat” by feeling disappointed and annoyed staying in the frequency pattern of lack and frustration?  If you resonate with being warm or receiving support and understanding, you will notice increasing clarity on your journey with what matches and does not match this need in ways that you might not even begin to imagine to create greater inner freedom and well-being.

3, Take the Lesson and Use It: Even if you’ve experienced challenging experiences in your life, these times and situations can offer higher lessons for your life today. Learning from times in your life when you might not have had as much awareness or ability to respond to something due to your age or development allows you to reconsider, revision and repurpose the experience in the present. Use your feelings to inform your awareness. Your frustration, fear,   and annoyance can be signals to love your self more. While doing so you are realigning your values to your current life needs. It’s a spiritual journey based on your core essence energy aligning with that which will create an inner dialogue that deepens your ability to connect to the wisdom and messages from your own life allowing you to move beyond where you have been stuck or felt blocked. Many times resources, people, and messages show to offer you an insight into your life that you would not have realized without them. These meetings give you an opportunity to experience new aspects of yourself while expanding your ability to ground and nourish your new way of being.  

Synchronistic meetings are like mirrors that reflect something of ourselves. If we want to grow spiritually, all we have to do is take a good look. Synchronicity holds the promise that if we want to change inside, the patterns of our external life will change as well.” ~Jean Shinoda Bolen                                                                                                                                       4. 4. Let it Go and Let it Be: Sometimes in the journey of creating your positive intention, there is also the need to acknowledge what you need to let go or let be in your process. Perhaps there is an internal conflict, belief, or emotional state connected to how a new way of being will affect your relationships with others. Maybe a new way of being is such unfamiliar territory that you need support and resources that you do not yet have access to in the moment.

Letting go of what no longer serves a purpose, of a situation or relationship that has kept you from a greater expression of your True Self is simply a chapter of a book in your life completing, not ending. You learn from each part of your life and experience through life like a spiral of learning that continues to build on earlier experiences. As you let go of negative imprints from your past, you will find that you face choices that question your commitment to your journey. And, there is also the possibility of the need to allow some emotions, situations, and conditions to just be so they can be lovingly acknowledged, to be embodied and transformed to create positive change.

5. Make the Commitment and Ask for Help: Resources for your journey might include working with someone who has expertise in an area that you are moving towards experiencing or achieving. Whether it is business, health, emotions, or spiritual well-being, there are possibilities for a new awareness that will build the bridge to greater understanding. Asking for help allows you to build that bridge more easily between where you are now and your new possibility with greater commitment, support, and perseverance.

Accepting what you are unable to change in the moment and allowing guidance to come from asking for help spiritually or emotionally can also create greater acceptance of the divine plan in your life so you can live your life and spirit purpose with more serenity, ease, and sense of fulfillment in your journey.

Kimberly Rex, MS is a certified Resonance Repatterning, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist, Wellness and Well-being Life Coach who works with people by phone, Skype, and proxy in this time of COVID.

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