Mar 11, 2018

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From Dreaming to Bathing in Inspiration

At the beginning of this year, I had a dream that included my brother that I could not ignore. After spending time with the meaning, it encouraged me to find ways to integrate short and simple practices of inspiration for the body-mind system using life-energizing words, natural fragrance and images.  In this way, it becomes easier to  build positive life-energizing activities into your daily routines that take you from dreaming to bathing in inspiration.


These soaps include life-enhancing words like, “Love, Gratitude, Grateful, Thankful, Blessed, Inspiration, Happiness, Joy and Abundance.”  Research has shown that these words actually change your neuro-chemistry to create more peptides to inspire, support and nourish your body-mind system. Fragrance goes right to your emotional brain to create connections to life-energizing memories while doing so.



Some of the soaps include symbols inside them that can become long-term reminders of your intentions for new possibilities including hearts, stars and other shapes tailored to your needs.

Want to start bathing in inspiration?


Get in touch with Kimberly to find out how to begin your process. If there is a special word or affirmation you would like to have created, I can do that.  These soaps are also available for purchase individually, or  in quantity at a wholesale price.  Contact me at or call (360) 739-0162 to order.





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