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Frequency: Change the Present by Changing Your Resonance with the Past

One of the fond memories I have during the time I was in training as a Resonance Repatterning® practitioner was when some of the students gathered in a hotel room after a training day to watch the movie, FREQUENCY, a science-fiction story of a father and his son connected by radio signal frequency over time who change the past and the present by working together through a ham radio.

The concept of re-framing your past to impact and benefit your life in the present based on changing how earlier experiences affect your experience of life in the now happens in every Resonance Repatterning® session.

Everything in the Universe is energy and registers vibration or frequency. This is information that can be accessed. You experience this in color, light, sound, movement, breath, fragrance, and energetic contact with others and the world you live in.  In fact, you are experiencing the energetic frequency dance of both particle and wave, light and sound 24/7. This means that your back pain, your joys, your business stress, and your emotional connections to life have a frequency. This includes your voice, emotions, the rhythm of your heart, the flow of blood through your veins, and the flow of life energy through your body-mind system. 

Today, using frequency to heal is more than science-fiction.  There are many healing therapies that work with frequency including the Rife Machine and variations that have a sequence of frequencies for certain physical issues. Other healing technologies include brainwaves, medical Qigong, subliminal recordings, laser technology, and is even used in surgery.

In a Resonance Repatterning® session, specific natural frequencies of color, light, sound, movement, breath, and energetic balancing are matched with your body-mind system’s needs by getting access to information from your organs, muscles, tissues, and glands connected to your Autonomic Nervous System through a Resonance muscle-checking protocol. Your heart beats on its own, your skin heals after you are hurt, and you blink on your own and breathe without having to consciously think about it happening. So, having access to this information on the unconscious level in this allows your system to report like an EEG or EKG on your life information.

The Resonance Muscle-Checking system gives a read-out of where your life energy is dedicated, interrupted, or blocked,  A session checks for the exact frequency, time, and level needed from the information in your body-mind field at the unconscious level. You are designed for success and self-healing. Knowing this begins the process of returning your life energy back to a more ideal flow for healing and restoration.

Because life is energy in motion and you experience life through emotions directly, a session works with emotional, mental, physical, and core essence material. This information is stored in your body-mind system as a map of your life’s experience that fit together like puzzle pieces. When checking for where your energy is dedicated, a session works to build more self-awareness and opportunity for creating greater HARMONY and balance of frequency interaction within your experience of life. This builds the path to more conscious choice in your personal and professional relationships, health, and sense of well-being.

Unresolved or unfinished life energy patterns from the past have an impact on your reactions or responses long after an event or situation takes place. This can show up in your attitudes, beliefs, and sense of orientation to time and space, as well as having an effect on your breathing patterns, posture, and quality of life energy you experience. It can manifest over time as depression, worry, frustration, fear, exhaustion, and/or grief. When your life energy is dedicated to unresolved or life-depleting material, your resonance with it continues to create the same life patterns. In fact, your brain becomes hardwired through these repetitive patterns for habitual patterns of reaction, beliefs, attitudes, and the lens through which you experience life.

An earlier experience can make its presence known in relationships, business, health, and energy levels happening now. It broadcasts its inner message through a repetitive pattern or emotion that doesn’t seem to resolve. However, it is the earlier experience that holds the key to unlocking the information needed for healing and restoration. It is the root or place where your resonance changed.

An example of this might be that you experience difficulties in business related to challenging co-workers. You find that even if feel like you communicate well, or try to protect yourself in the situation,  it creates internal conflict and anxiety, guilt, or depression. In a session, you might discover that at an earlier time in your life that you saw parental conflict that did not resolve or felt out of control, that you might have been criticized in school, or that you were prenatally taking in the conflict your parents experienced. Whatever the source, it is the puzzle piece that contributes to unlocking the key to self-awareness, and understanding and helps in building new neural pathways and patterns for greater harmony. 

What if you could feel more empowered in facing challenging situations or choose a new way to experience a relationship? How would it feel to be more present with what is happening at the same time, and feel more at ease?

Resonance Repatterning® sessions benefit you in working with the underlying storage of frequencies from the past to harmonize you with your new intentions for positive change in the present by matching the exact frequency channel for communicating and unlocking the potential for creating new patterns of life energy. Getting to the underlying problem gets to the deeper message stored in your body-mind system. Like your immune system signaling your body to heal, your body-mind system signals you with feelings, thoughts, and repetitive patterns to get your attention. 

When you listen to the signals, you can take the information to create positive change, and begin to focus more on the present you would like to experience naturally and easily. When you are more present, you are better able to get access to wisdom, creativity, and steps for new possibilities!

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