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Fall: Inspiration and Letting Go

As fall takes up residence in our lives in the Northern Hemisphere with cooler weather and leaves falling from trees, it’s important to acknowledge this impact on our personal lives with these changes.

On the Chinese Five Element and Meridian Wheel, Metal Element is the Official for this time of year. In Chinese Medicine, each element and meridian has importance related to physical, emotional, mental, and spirit levels. The Metal Element Official speaks both to inspiration and letting go.

Metal Element on the physical level deals with the Lungs and Large Intestines. The lungs, of course, connect you to the air you breathe and that which inspires you in your life. Each time you exhale, you release and let go. The Large Intestine allows you to let go of what doesn’t nourish your body. On the emotional and mental levels, it also works with the energy of acknowledging your regrets openly and honestly so you can move on in life.  Of course, this can be something
that is needed at any time of year.

Inspiration: Lung Meridian

Lung Meridian is about inspiration. Trees are the lungs of the planet.
. Lung Meridian asks the question, “What inspires you?” What keeps you connected to your spiritual source?” “What do you value?” as well as “What keeps you from realizing you life and spirit purpose?”

Where there have been injuries to self-esteem, confusion, or feeling cut-off from life due to grief, trauma, loss, or depression, Metal Element supports you in experiencing greater self-worth, respect, and a greater sense of value for your life’s experience.

Lung Meridian helps you realize that everything has an innate perfection in your journey through life for your expansion and conscious spiritual evolution. As an example in nature, you see the trees letting go of leaves as the temperatures change and the light diminishes. Yet, what you might not readily perceive is that underneath this seeming death process is the greater purpose of preparation for rebirth. The leaves are actually being pushed off by the new leaf buds forming for the spring!

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”
~Fred Rogers

Letting Go: Large Intestine Meridian

Letting go allows your body-mind system to heal grief, trauma, and any residue of earlier experiences.
Large Intestine works with letting go of that which no longer serves your life. So how do you let go of issues that might have placed your emotions on a merry-go-round or stopped you from moving forward in your life?

The Reptilian Brain, the part of your brain whose purpose is to help you survive works by looking for events, features, and images that remind it of earlier events where you might have experienced stress. When you have not processed or moved through experience to create calm or resolution in your body-mind system, it is important to focus on looking at these issues to create new possibilities. What we resist, persists.

 Your Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous System will register stress responses that become imprints or triggers for future events, emotions, or responses to situations. When your system is reminded of an unresolved earlier situation, your unconscious responds to in the present as it did in the past with all the stress, emotion, and physical reaction of the unresolved issue.

The benefits of resolution, forgiveness, and moving on include updating your response to situations, better communication between all the systems of your body, new insights, responses, and more choices for your life experience in the present. This can happen through accessing the unconscious material that your nervous system reports through the muscle-checking system in Resonance Repatterning. Your nervous system is connected to every muscle, tissue, organ, and gland. Your body is a map of your life’s experiences.

Working with consciousness science, breath, fragrance, movement, light, sound, and energetic balancing, a Resonance Repatterning® session allows you to let go of the non-coherent patterns to create new coherent pathways for resolution and inspiration. This makes experiencing life anew more than a possibility because your system no longer resonates with the impact or residue of the earlier experience. By letting go of the old, you make way for more inspiration and life energy for your positive intentions. You are making space for a new way of living your life!

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