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Faith, Hope and Wonder Essential for Change

Faith, hope and wonder are essential in the process of making change.  The way you think about this prospect is important in how you experience life this year. Desiring it to happen, hoping it will happen, and living in a sense of wonder and faith about it happening are all important to consider in the process.

1) Desire: We’ve all experienced great desire for something whether that be a relationship, job, new home, car, clothes, etc. These desires can be goals, and they can also be thoughts filled with expectations that convey feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear. Desires are really pointing to the deeper roots of your experience at the core or heart of what your life is telling you. And, from this perspective, they can also serve to bring calm, inner  peace, as well as curiosity and adventure.

2)Hope: Notice how often you use this terminology on a daily basis. ” I hope it doesn’t rain.”  or “I hope he’s going to call.” How does this make you feel? Does it help you feel more at ease or in tension?  It is good to hope that things happen, however, it is also disappointing when it doesn’t over and over again. This thinking can potentially engulf you in the problem instead of a solution, leaving you feeling disappointed if your hope or desired outcome doesn’t manifest the way you expected.

3) Faith and Wonder: Faith and wonder create a more neutral ground for experiencing the guidance, clues and synchronicity present in accessing calm and serenity instead of undue stress or pessimism bound by inner messages that are filled with fear and stress. Living life from the point of faith and wonder offers the opportunity for choice. This frees up more energy to experience life at the moment and not from knee-jerk reactions to feeling out of control. When you change how you go through your day with the perspective of wonder, you are more centered as the observer. This is different from activating the radar from the past coming from a place of fear and expectation. It allows you to more easily let go of the outcome, and to stay centered in a greater sense of collaboration with and connection to life as it is.

“Don’t wish for it to happen. Don’t wish for it not to happen. Just watch it happen. Let the wonder of life unfold.” ~Susan Jeffers, PhD

Applying This to Your Life

As an example, try the following two statements: “I hope I get a raise.” and “I wonder if I will get a raise.”   When you hope something is going to happen, the emphasis is truly on the other person, in this case, your boss. When you wonder if you will get a raise you are free to consider your own values in the situation. Whether you receive a raise or not, the inner dialogue is one based on your inner guidance to respond. In this case, you might choose to stay in your current job, get an insight about details, timing, or take a leap of faith to get a new job.

  Wondering within  allows you to notice how you feel and to stay in touch with your inner feeling and responses. Noticing how we feel about the situation in regards to your true underlying need for security, nurture, respect and love, the need to do your best, go beyond your limits, or the need for purpose, meaning within are all places to explore that goes to the quantum level of subtle change that matters. Every situation in life is an opportunity for learning: your health, relationship, job, communication, your feelings, grief, loss, and pain. Taking the learning starts with getting in touch with the process of observing where you are stuck. Facing your resistance to a situation is different from blaming and criticizing others. Wonder coupled with faith offers the opportunity to look within through the lens and teachings of the habits and patterns in your life today.

Visualize by asking  yourself, “What would my life be like if I had a job where my needs for appreciation, respect, and nurture were met?” ” I wonder what my life would be like?” ” I wonder if there is a different way to see this or do this?”
Can you feel the shift in these words? They move you from feeling like a victim to a person who is seeking guidance, inner truth, and understanding. Visualizing what it would be like starts building the bridge to new possibilities. Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with  I have a dream,envisioning is a strong tool for wonder whose door is kept open through dedication and action over time.

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

  Taking action is a powerful tool coupled with intent and vision. The emotion of meeting an underlying need with even one small action and unhesitating commitment carries energy for the journey on the staircase. This energy influences and brings a sense of invitation or wonder to your emotional brain. Taking action brings wonder to your results-oriented brain. Staying in wonder allows the Fight-or-Flight Brain to move beyond the restricted areas of the patterns of the past by resolving the blocked energy from the past. Know that as you take action, your intent and motivation will also bring up what needs to be transformed as a way to
keep harmony and balance in your process. Keeping a sense of wonder and faith throughout the process creates more beneficial and positive change that matters over time.

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