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Everything is Energy, and Energy is Everything

Everything is energy, and energy is everything! Your body-mind system is receiving and transforming energy. The natural energy from the sun is converted into the food you eat, and then mobilized by your body-mind system in your emotions, thoughts, actions, and relationships. On a daily basis, you take in color and sound through your senses at specific frequencies (rates of energy vibration).

You experience this in your response to the color of flowers or choice of clothing. You can feel it in your response to music, or through the tone of someone’s voice. You respond to body language and movement. Everything has a frequency. This means that even your business arguments, back pain, joys, fear, and decisions are translating energy. You are absorbing and radiating energy/frequency all of the time.

Let’s take a movie you’ve seen on the big screen that created a strong response. I know I can’t watch a film without moving, laughing, tearing up, or giving meaning to it. How about a movie like JAWS? This is a movie that changed my life even from a long time ago. Before the movie: I enjoyed everything about being in saltwater. After the movie: I have not dared to swim in salt water again. Did it influence my thoughts? My feelings? My actions? You bet! I can still hear the warning music in my brain. The highly charged emotions that I experienced from it created a reaction well beyond the short time in the theater.


Everything is Energy

In the same way, you respond to light, image, and sounds by creating a record in your mind. These frequencies are given personal meaning by comparing incoming information with what is already stored in your system. According to Bruce Lipton, we are being bombarded by frequency information at a rate of 4 billion bits per second. Less than 10% of that information is processed consciously. That means unconscious or unresolved material has a strong impact on your response to life.

Memory patterns create belief filters in your brain. Your conscious mind leads with the response to information. However, your automatic behavior and habitual responses are managed by unconscious beliefs and expectations. It’s literally watching and responding to the same movie over and over again with similar characters, themes, plots, and outcomes!

You are impacted over time by the response you had in your early development through your family’s beliefs and attitudes about life. Any highly charged feeling or event that remained unresolved in your life impacts your system’s response to the present. Your mind continues to filter your need to resolve the past. This leads to repeating patterns in life that affect how you experience life through your emotional, mental, and physical energy patterns. Your resonance (vibratory energy pattern) is what you experience in the world on a daily basis.

Energy is Everything

The Good News: You are wired for success and self-healing. Your body is a map of your life’s experience. This information is stored in your body-mind system in muscles, tissues, organs, and glands stored at the frequency level. The unconscious material of your body can be read through applied kinesiology like an EEG or EKG. This means that your muscles give information regarding where over 90% of that unconscious material is stored.

It’s what you do with this energy that changes your experience of life. If you feel like you are in a movie that continues to pull you into the same life-de-energizing outcome, the choice comes when you decide to write a new outcome or see the opportunity in your life for a change.

Accessing this information is only the beginning. Awareness leads to resolution and reclaiming more life energy for the present. I just noticed a film with similar content to JAWS in the theaters now entitled, PIRANHA! My response to the ad on was updated. First, I know I would not choose to overload my body-mind system with an adrenaline cycle to stimulate an endorphin stress response to build upon the already loaded stressful material in the world today. Second, I have learned natural ways to create endorphin responses through energizing and calming activities to enhance overall needs for balance and harmony. And, third I know that my fear of swimming in the saltwater was in reaction to fear, not reality.

I am able to make different choices today to edit and influence my responses to life that benefit my overall sense of well-being. In essence, it is creating a new movie, experience, and response in positive life-enhancing ways!

You can do this with any life situation. Through the process of Resonance Repatterning®, you take an active role in shifting the plot from fear to more ease, optimism, and empowerment. The frequency energetics of issues, intentions, underlying needs, feeling responses, patterns, and projections beneath the surface hold the key to transformation and opportunities for growth.

How are they transformed? Natural frequencies of color, light, sound, movement, fragrance, breath, and energetic balancing allow your body-mind system to become more conscious. You can then update material to experience new neurotransmitter connections to create coherent frequencies of calm, optimism, love, and joy. This empowers you to experience the greater potential for choice and new possibilities.

I’d like to invite you to continue to create greater integrity in your wellness and well-being with Windows to the Heart Repatterning. Get 5 calming activities pdf Ebook when you sign up for our FREE monthly Newsletter and Exclusive Re-pattern Your Life Events

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